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Enjoying the Dunes, Beach, and Ocean in Gran Canaria, Spain

Jul 7, 2022 10:15:00 AM / by Harrison Nagel

What an adventure! A dip in the ocean, fun on the dunes, and a great time by the beach is hard to beat. Harrison shows us how he and his friends enjoyed their break in Gran Canaria, one of the largest Canary Islands in Spain!

As Harrison closes out his time in Barcelona, he shares one of his spring break memories here:

The boys and I spent our spring break in Gran Canaria! We spent a lot of our time in the sea of sand dunes leading up to the Atlantic Ocean. A great location for spending spring break on the beach!

@capastudyabroad An amazing week on the Island of Gran Canaria! All of our time was spent at the beach, in the dunes, and in the ocean! #CAPAstudyabroad #Spain #grancanaria #studyabroad #abroadstudent ♬ original sound - capastudyabroad


Mountainous views of the Degollada de las Yeguas in Maspalomas, Spain

Caption: A mountainous view of the canyon at Degollada de las Yeguas in Maspalomas, Spain.

Two students atop a hill pointing to the Moon in the Dunes of Maspalomas

Caption: Pointing to the Moon in the Dunes of Maspalomas.

Thanks, Harrison!

Harrison Nagel


Harrison Nagel was an official CAPA Barcelona TikTok vlogger for spring 2022, sharing his story in frequent videos on CAPA World. An Accounting & Finance major at the University of Minnesota, he studied abroad in Barcelona.

See more of Harrison's journey in Barcelona, Spain.

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