Experiencing a Fiorentina Futbol Match Like a True Florentine

Nov 20, 2018 9:17:00 AM / by Connor McGlone

In this week's post, Connor and his friends make their way to see a soccer match between Fiorentina and Roma in Florence. Read on to see how this exciting match turned out and what it was like to be surrounded by passionate locals at this sporting event!  

Ciao, I just returned home from the Fiorentina vs. Roma soccer match in Florence. It was a great game and another exciting event I have been able to attend this semester. I got the tickets with some friends from CAPA. We bought the tickets through a travel agency called “Florence For Fun” and they only cost €30!

Food truck outside the Fiorentina soccer stadiumMy Italian hamburger from a food truck outside the stadium.

The game started at 6pm, however we wanted to get there a little early to walk around the stadium and get some food. The stadium is about a 30-minute walk outside the city center, so we met up and left at 4:30pm. We knew we were getting close to the stadium when we began to hear Fiorentina fans chanting all around us. We got to the stadium area at 5pm so we decided we would get some dinner at a food truck outside the stadium. My friends and I got hamburgers and panini sandwiches. We then decided that since we did not have any Fiorentina gear, we would buy some apparel. We all ended up buying scarfs for only €12. They ended up coming in handy since the weather got cold, and it is a souvenir we can always have to remember our night.

View from our Seats at the Fiorentina vs Roma Futbol MatchThe view of the game from our stadium seats.

We finally entered the stadium about 20 minutes before the start of the game. The stadium was filled and our seats were amazing! The entire stadium was chanting leading up to the game, however we did not know what they were chanting since it was in Italian.

penalty shotMoments before Fiorentina scores during their penalty shot.

The game then kicked off a little after 6pm. It was an exciting first half, each team getting chances and shots at goal. Then, with about 15 minutes left in the first half, a Fiorentina player got tripped up in the box. They got a penalty kick from the play. The whole stadium went silent as we awaited the kick, then as everyone saw the ball go past the keeper and into the net, the stadium erupted in cheers! People were hugging all around us and everybody was jumping up and down. Fiorentina went into the half winning 1-0.

The second half was equally exciting. Again, each team was getting opportunities to score and the game was going back and forth across the pitch. Fiorentina had a few breakaways and opportunities inside the box, and with each shot the excitement of the crowd would rise and then fall at the sight of the goalie saving it. With 5 minutes left in the game, Roma crossed the ball into the box and scored a goal to tie the match at 1-1. The final 5 minutes was filled with shots from both sides, with the crowd gasping at every Roma shot and cheering at every Fiorentina shot. The final whistle finally blew and it was a officially a tie match 1-1.

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall 2018_Florence_from Connor Mcglone_Connor and friends at Fiorentina vs Roma Futbol game-450132-editedMy friends and I sitting together and enjoying the Fiorentina game.

Despite an anticlimactic ending, the game was still filled with excitement. The crowd was cheering for the entire game and the atmosphere was electric. It was also nice because most attendees there were locals from Florence. We were experiencing such a big part of Florentine culture and were surrounded by 30,000 citizens of Florence. I had an amazing time, and I already want to go to another game now!

Thanks, Connor!

Connor McGlone

Connor McGlone is an official CAPA blogger for fall 2018, sharing his story in weekly posts on CAPA World. A Marketing and Supply Chain Management major at  University of Pittsburgh, he is studying abroad in Florence this semester.

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