Experiencing Gaucho Culture and Other Adventures During a CAPA Excursion to Estancia Don Silvano

Jun 7, 2019 11:03:00 AM / by Shivani Pandya

From horseback riding to zip lining, these CAPA students had a whirlwind of an experience at Estancia Don Silvano in Argentina. Shivani lets us know what else the group got up to during this excursion outside Buenos Aires. Hint: it involves food and dancing!

For one of our global city excursions, we visited Estancia Don Silvano. We took a bus there; the ride was about an hour long. It was nice having a day to travel outside the city. Although I love staying in the center of Buenos Aires, I really appreciated that we were able to go somewhere more rural for a bit.

Estancia Don Silvano RanchAt the Estancia Don Silvano gaucho ranch.

We got there and right away were able to eat some super yummy empanadas. They had meat and corn empanadas to try, which were warm and tasty. Afterwards, we were given a few hours to do whatever we wanted around the ranch before it was lunchtime.

horseHorseback riding was our first activity on the ranch. I have never ridden a horse before.

The first thing we decided to do is go horseback riding. I have never ridden a horse before, and neither did a lot others in the group. The person who was in charge literally just told us to get on a horse and kind of just got ready to go out and all of us kind of just looked around like “wait…what??” There was no, “Okay, so make sure you do this” or “don’t do this” which we were hoping for. Also…horses are pretty large animals. I mounted my horse and was pretty nervous when he kept moving around and I could not communicate with him or do anything if something went awry. Once we started moving, it was not as scary since we were all going on the same trail and all the horses were walking slowly, but it definitely was still pretty nerve-wracking. It was the most scared and relaxed I’ve felt in a while—a weird combination for sure.

ropes courseMy turn on the ropes course.

Afterwards, a lot of us started the ropes course, which ended in a small zip line. The ropes course was really fun and difficult at times to complete. The zip line was a great end to the whole course, too. Everyone who completed the ropes course would stand at the bottom and cheer, try to high-five the person on the zip line, and take videos of the rest. We were laughing and motivating the others and it ended up just being so wholesome and so great.

dancersWatching a showcase of Argentinian dances while we eat.

The asado we had after was a really cool experience. We sat at long tables filled with food, while waiters and waitresses came around with different meats, grilled vegetables, and bread. There was a couple dancing typical dances of Argentina, such as tango and cuarteto. Everyone was cheering and watching while eating. There was also a very talented singer who sang different songs from Argentina, as well as songs from countries each group was from. We even got up at one point and the dancers taught us some tango steps and such.

We were also able to see a few individuals racing with their horses while learning random fun facts about the gaucho customs. It was entertaining and also cool to learn about some of the random information I did not know about their culture.

lunchEnjoying lunch with our group from CAPA!

Overall, the day at the ranch was not only full of food, but we all seemed to have a really great time and see dances other than tango in Argentina for the first time. Learning more about the gaucho culture was also really interesting and it made me feel like I was actually learning more about the real customs and culture of the region.

Overall: a great day!

Thanks, Shivani!

Shivani Pandya


Shivani Pandya is an official CAPA blogger for spring 2019, sharing her story in weekly posts on CAPA World. A Bioinformatics major at University of Pittsburgh, she is studying abroad in Buenos Aires this semester.

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