Exploring the Gucci Garden Museum in Florence

Oct 7, 2021 10:01:00 AM / by Alexis Miller

And on Alexis' second day in Florence, the glamorous Gucci Garden Museum in Piazza della Signoria was calling her name. Our newest CAPA blogger talks about her 3 favorite exhibits by the Italian fashion giant.

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As someone who is constantly exploring career options in the fashion industry, the Gucci Garden Museum was an absolute must-see. On my second day in Florence, I headed over to the museum with my roommates. The museum is located right in the heart of the Piazza della Signoria, and its focus is to showcase Gucci’s history and creativity. In this post, I’ll share my three favorite exhibits with you!

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall2021_CAPA Florence_Alexis Miller_Outside

Caption: Outside of the Gucci Gardens.

The Gucci Collectors Showcase

The Gucci Collectors Showcase (Fall-Winter 2018) was my absolute favorite one! This showcase exhibits the quirky attitude, passions, and obsessions of eccentric collectors, from wig collectors to butterfly collectors and much more! As soon as you enter the room, you are filled with questions and primarily, confusion.

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall2021_CAPA Florence_Alexis Miller_Butterflies

Caption: Gucci Collectors Showcase.

The floor and ceiling are mirrors, which creates a special viewing experience. A large case of Gucci Ace Shoes stretches across the middle of the room. After staring in awe of the 420 shoes on display, it was only proper for me to imagine which pair of Ace Shoes I would buy. After a lot of consideration, I’d say my favorite pair would have to be the sneakers with the flames on the side! I would definitely rock these around the city and in class!

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall2021_CAPA Florence_Alexis Miller_Shoes

Caption: My Favorite Ace Sneaker.

In this showcase, there are 182 cuckoo clocks, 1,400 butterflies, and 110 wigs! On the walls, interviews are posted with each of the collectors. A common theme among the collectors’ answers is that each of them believe to have found their purpose in life. It inspires me to find my “why” on my study abroad journey in Florence.

A Quick Trip to Tokyo

The Tokyo Lights Collection (Fall-Winter 2016) is another showcase that you can not skip! Immediately as you enter you are greeted by a sensory overload! The room features bright colors, lights, music, and a giant car. You read that right, a giant car in the middle of the room! This showcase displays the sensory beauty of Tokyo. 

As I stood in the room, it felt like I was in a celebration that provided an immediate serotonin boost. The description of the showcase paints Tokyo as an open and welcoming city, which reminds me of Florence, as I already feel the openness and acceptance of this city so early into my journey.

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall2021_CAPA Florence_Alexis Miller_Tokyo

Caption: Tokyo Lights Collection

The Perfect Nap

Each of the Gucci Garden showcases can be described as an escape from reality, with each one being surreal in their own way. The In Bloom showcase has to be one of the most peaceful showcases in the entire museum. As soon as you enter, you are surrounded by beautiful landscaping and a couch. I'm not going to lie, the couch looked like a perfect place to take a nap after walking through the museum. This showcase inspires you to relax and enjoy the simplicity of life. After all, the simple things in life are the most beautiful.

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall2021_CAPA Florence_Alexis Miller_Couch

Caption: The perfect spot for a nap!

Before leaving the museum, I had to make a quick stop at the Gucci store! After strolling around the store, I stumbled upon a glass container filled with beautiful Gucci hair clips! I know that one of them would look perfect with my fire Ace shoes; a girl can only dream! 

The Gucci Gardens provided me with unique insight into the creativity of fashion. It also gave me a new sense of appreciation for the artistic side of fashion and a fantastic (imaginary) outfit! The Gucci Gardens is an absolute must see when you’re in Florence!

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall2021_CAPA Florence_Alexis Miller_Hair

Caption: The beautiful clips to go with my outfit!

Thanks, Alexis!

Alexis Miller

Alexis Miller is an official CAPA blogger for fall 2021, sharing her story in frequent posts on CAPA World. A marketing major from Ursinus College, she is studying abroad in Florence this semester.

Alexis' journey continues all semester so stay tuned.

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