Finding Inspiration at Dublin's Culture Night

Sep 27, 2016 5:30:00 PM / by Stephanie Sadler

CAPAStudyAbroad_Dublin_Fall2016_Katerina_Russo_Square_Profile.jpgKaterina Russo is an official CAPA blogger for fall 2016, sharing her story in weekly posts on CAPA World. A communications and political science major at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, she is studying abroad in Dublin this semester.

In this week's post, Katerina talks about her experience attending Culture Night which helped her get to know the city and its history a bit better.


The city of Dublin held its annual Culture Night this past Friday as an overwhelming amount of venues and locations hosted many different amazing events throughout various parts of the city. Myself and a few other CAPA students started off the night by walking into the city center where along the way we had the chance to pop into a few cute little galleries, many of which exhibited work that was very particular to or inspired by Dublin itself. You could find local artists sitting around enjoying a beer as people would come through admiring their work and asking the artists questions about it. This was all very uplifting to hear being talked about and made us imagine the kind of inspiration that could come from living in such a culturally diverse and vibrant city such as Dublin.


As we continued on our way, outside of Christ Church Cathedral we stopped to grab a bite to eat from one of the many wide ranging food vendors that were posted outside. It was really satisfying to be able to just sit down for a bit and watch all of the different people bustling through the city and others who were happily enjoying Culture Night for themselves. After enjoying our food and a bit of coffee, we started to make our way through Christ Church Cathedral where we were immediately greeted with beautiful sounds from the choir that was performing inside. The architecture inside of the cathedral was truly stunning and getting to go through the tour at night made it feel especially exciting and fun.


We then continued our way through the city and headed over to the Dublin Castle where RTE had organized a variety of cultural music, theatre, and poetry performances. We were fortunate enough to catch an amazing song performed together with an orchestra and listened as the announcer described how this particular portion of the performances explored the idea of a modern day revolution in Ireland. Moving onward towards the Temple Bar area, we stopped in a few more galleries and museums, all of which proudly boasted its relevance to Irish culture and heritage through photographs, videos, artifacts, and other pieces of artwork.


It was such an amazing experience to see the city become so alive and for everyone to put on incredible events for free in order to celebrate the rich history of Dublin along with the rest of Ireland, especially during my first week in a new city. It was also really helpful in enhancing my general knowledge of the city in terms of navigating my way around, especially considering some of the other places we didn't quite make it to that I’ll be sure to check out at some point during the rest of my time here.


I’m looking forward to beginning the "Analyzing and Exploring Global Cities" class where I’m excited to learn even more about Dublin and the many distinctions that is has developed throughout history and the challenges that it currently faces now. Culture Night was really able to open my eyes to all that Dublin has to offer and I cannot wait to keep exploring and discovering new things about this beautiful city.  

Thanks Katerina!

Katerina's journey continues every Tuesday so stay tuned. 

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