Hear from 7 CAPA Students About their Internships in Shanghai

Jul 14, 2019 1:35:00 PM / by Absa Samba

If interning is part of your study abroad plans, then you should read this compilation of student profiles from Shanghai! These rising juniors share what they do in their roles, how their interests align with the internships, and the important lessons they're taking away from each experience. 

In my first blog post, I briefly mentioned my internship and what I do at Atelier QiaoMai (SynArt Company). This week I bring you the various student internships in Shanghai this summer through Champlain College and CAPA. I discuss with seven of my peers about what their internships are like, their roles, and one takeaway they would like to share with you. Here is what they do and what they have to say.

Mariama M. Jallow (MJ), Sophomore

MJ at Wavemaker under GroupMHere's MJ at Wavemaker.

MJ is an intern at Wavemaker under GroupM. She works with the strategy team to help clients grow their businesses by doing research and using data and media. Trying something different can be challenging but trying it anyways and keeping an open mind can make it all exciting and worthwhile. MJ sums it up in these words, “Being a social work major, interning in a media corporation was bit challenging at first but getting more comfortable with the strategic team has taught me that my options are wider than I thought”.

Erik Carlson, Sophomore

Erik Carlson on a usual work dayErik on a usual work day.

Erik interns at Wavemaker PLUS, which he describes is a company inside a company. The PLUS department is where Wavemaker works with its more prestigious clients. Erik, however, works with the French fashion brand Chanel department of the company. As a campaign strategy intern, Erik is mostly analyzing data in client markets. He works directly under his supervisor and has meetings with her every day for new assignments, or to look over his current work for feedback. At his internship, he is learning how to utilize his Excel skills and deals with graphs and data sheets. “I spend a lot of my time on PowerPoint, creating easy-to-read slideshows that work to explain complex information in the simplest ways. My supervisor also allows me to shadow her during important briefings and meetings that will define the direction of which PLUS and Chanel will be going in over the next year.”

Madison Brumbelow (Madi), Sophomore

Madi and Lauren both interns at Capgemini InventMadi and Lauren both interns at Capgemini Invent.

Madi is an operation/support team intern at Capgemini Invent. Madi's day-to-day tasks include editing photos and videos as part of the employee branding initiative and creating graphics. In addition, she has been working on recruitment tasks such as screening CVs and resumes, and picking out candidates to move forward in the application process. As Madi puts it, "I really enjoy the people I work with, and it is exciting to learn new things every day!"

Evan Goldstein, Sophomore

Evan presenting for the English Corner at CapgeminiEvan presents the English Corner for his colleagues at Capgemini.

Evan works as part of the human resources learning and development team at Capgemini, a French multinational company in Shanghai. Each day, Evan is given different tasks, but for the most part he does and enjoys doing his own creative work. These tasks include making PowerPoints, making corrections to people’s grammar and punctuation, designing courses to improve future English practices like writing business emails and so on. “I’m hoping that I can motivate and bestow confidence in coworkers in learning how to excel in using the English language to their benefit,” he added.

Sadie MacKinnon, Sophomore

The Street to the Small Apartment housing UnTour FoodsThe street to the small apartment housing UnTour Foods.

Sadie MacKinnon is an intern at UnTour Food Tours. Sadie does different things to contribute to this small company—from researching foods for foodie flashcards, helping with writing and formatting blog posts, trying out new restaurants, competitor analysis, to UX analysis and other small projects. When she arrives at work at 10 AM, she spends her mornings doing food research and then works on one or two small projects until the end of the day. Sometimes when she gets off work at 5 PM, she goes out to restaurants to research and try some dishes before reporting back about it to her supervisor. Doing a social media-, content-, and research-related internship work was something she anticipated, but she is also learning a lot especially about Chinese food, culture, and language. Sadie is interested in starting a small business in a new country and this internship allows her to learn just how to do that. “I’m so happy to be interning with UnTour—it aligns with my interests in tourism, food, and education, as well as a great place to learn about every aspect of running a small business. I’m working in a three-room apartment with the founders of the company, so I see firsthand almost everything that goes on. Plus the food is a great bonus!”

Alana Baker, Sophomore

Alana Baker Intern at MindshareAlana at Mindshare.

Alana is a strategy planning intern at Mindshare. In her role, she helps develop brand strategies, creates and edits PowerPoints for the strategy team, and analyzes marketing data. Alana believes this internship is more tailored for a marketing major, however, she still has the ability to develop new skills. She has improved her writing and analytical skills. “It wasn’t what I expected, but it’s truly been a great experience and has given me great insight into international business”.

Kohle Feeley, Junior

Kohle Feeley at his internship, Mitre 10Kohle Feeley at his internship with Mitre 10.

Kohle is a third year management and innovation major at Champlain College. Kohle interns at Mitre 10, New Zealand's largest home improvement and DIY company. He works in the global sourcing office here in Shanghai as the packaging coordinator intern. On the daily he works with his team to receive packaging details and product descriptions from suppliers, and then design the packaging to meet the brand guidelines for Mitre 10's proprietary house brands. As a non-graphic design major he remarks, “I want to go into the retail industry, and being in this role has helped me to gain a better understanding of the supply chain and processes that go into bringing a product to market.”

Thanks, Absa!

Absa Samba


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