How CAPA Works with HBCUs to Support Their Students

Feb 20, 2019 1:03:00 PM / by Institutional Relations Team

CAPA’s commitment to diversity extends to personal, experiential, and academic engagements throughout all of our communities. We strive to create inclusive environments for our students that allow them to experience and learn from people with diverse backgrounds, worldviews, and cultural traditions. We view our commitment to diversity as a form of social justice by promoting international education as an opportunity that is available and achievable for everyone.

The HBCU Grant

As part of this commitment to diversity, we developed the HBCU grant program. This initiative provides students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) with an automatic grant to participate in a variety of CAPA programs. Students attending HBCU institutions automatically receive $1,000 toward a fall or spring semester programs with CAPA or $500 toward CAPA’s summer programs. Students receiving the HBCU grant are still eligible to apply for CAPA’s other scholarships such as the Diversity Advocates Grant or our Blogger/Vlogger Grants.

Custom Programs and Individualized Support

Over the past few years the institutional relations team at CAPA has been cultivating deeper relationships with several HBCUs. Before any official partnerships or programs were developed, the team first committed to gaining deep understandings of the unique missions, students, and academic initiatives of each individual institution. This time getting to know each other has been well spent, and we’re excited to kick off three custom programs this summer with the following partners:

Prairie View A&M – Summer in Shanghai

A partnership between CAPA and Prairie View A&M University officially began in 2019. This summer, CAPA will be supporting a 2-week custom program to Shanghai in Summer 2019 for PVAM’s Honors Program. The program will feature a course on language and culture which includes several guest lecturers and site visits. In addition, students and faculty will spend several days in Beijing.

This is the first time that PVAM has worked with CAPA on a custom program, and CAPA is excited to welcome faculty, staff, and students to their new home for 2 weeks in China. As this relationship continues to develop, the CAPA and PVAM teams are discussing ways to continue supporting students’ interest in going abroad through information sessions on scholarships and identifying programs abroad that complement PVAM student academic majors and career goals.

Xavier University – Summer in London

Xavier University and CAPA’s partnership began a few years ago. In 2015, CAPA and Xavier University worked together to develop a custom program to London. In 2018 the blueprint of that program helped CAPA and Xavier revisit partnership and in 2019 Xavier University will be running a two-week program in London featuring a course entitled Explorations in Trans-Atlantic Blackness. The course will explore art, blackness, dramaturgy, and history as it relates to black migration within the United Kingdom – and London specifically – and will help students gain a deeper understanding of how blackness looks across the Atlantic. The program includes a day in Liverpool to explore course-related activities and sites, as well as visits to the Black History Archives and the Museum of Docklands. CAPA looks forward to supporting this program in future summers.

International Slavery Museum - Liverpool The Legacy Gallery, International Slavery Museum, Liverpool, UK. © Redman Design

Spelman College – Summer Programs in Florence & Barcelona

A partnership between CAPA and Spelman College has been over two years in the making, growing by leaps and bounds over the course of the last year. It began with a 2-week custom program to Florence in Summer 2019 featuring a course that CAPA developed in conjunction with Spelman. It incorporates Spelman learning outcomes and was shaped with great input from Dr. Togunde (Spelman’s Associate Vice Provost for Global Education) working in collaboration with CAPA’s academic team. The Globalized Italy – the Case of Florence course is designed to help students analyze and explore the social, economic and political realities of Florence that are frequently unseen and unconsidered by tourist/visitors and to help students understand those issues including questions of representation, gender, power and equality. After the syllabus was sent to curriculum review (and met with solid approval), Dr. Togunde decided to pursue a similar 2-week program in Barcelona for Summer 2019. The syllabus for the Florence course was modified for Barcelona. Assuming all goes well, it’s likely this program will expand to a third location, Buenos Aires, starting in Summer 2020. Spelman also plans to run the same 2-week programs in December 2019 in both Barcelona and Florence.

Collaboration continued as Spelman decided to work exclusively with CAPA for internships for a cohort of 10 students in Summer 2019. This will be a pilot program of sorts and students will be able to choose from Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Dublin, London, Shanghai and Sydney. As this relationship continues to develop, the CAPA and Spelman teams are discussing opening up semester programs to future students. CAPA team members are dedicated to creating programs that support the Spelman student experience and align with the institutions’ desired learning outcomes. Dr. Togunde has seen the CAPA-wide commitment to listen intently to what he knows will work well for his students. Here at CAPA, we are excited to see how this relationship evolves in the terms to come.

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