How I Made the Decision to Pursue a Remote Global Internship

Feb 9, 2021 10:00:00 AM / by Savanna Nolau

See how Savanna Nolau prepped for a whirlwind of a semester in her first post on the blog. This Suffolk University student will be remotely interning in London while based in sunny Los Angeles. She walks us through her pros and con(s) list on taking this leap and preparing for a new start.

Choosing to study abroad is a hard decision, but when your experience is going to be remote, it can be even harder. Luckily for me, CAPA made my choice easy. Through CAPA, I was matched with an internship in my field of study, and I will earn class credit through the Global Internship Course. It was obvious the pros outweigh the cons.


1. Internship Experience

For me, this was the most obvious. At my university, I will be receiving class credit for my internship. That means I am making progress towards my degree while also gaining real-world experience pertaining to my studies and interests. The credit I am receiving is not elective credit, but rather credit that counts towards the completion of my degree. Degree completion and real world experience–what more could you ask for!

2. A Streamlined Internship Process

In the past I have had trouble looking for and applying to internships, but CAPA streamlines that process. My advisor helped me polish my resume and write a cover letter that would impress employers. In addition, they matched my profile (skills, interest, and experience) with a company where the relationship would be mutually beneficial. I will be interning with Young Citizens based in London, England.

3. Support and Guidance from Pre-Program to the End of the Semester

The help from CAPA does not stop with the application process. Through the semester I will be taking a weekly class to discuss my internship. In this class I will meet my peers and we will be able to help each other thrive in our respective placements.


1. The Challenges of Remote Work

The only con I see is I will be working with my company through online platforms. Though, after a year of online work, I can confidently say we have figured out efficient ways to overcome most of the barriers that are presented by remote work. And, after speaking with my internship site supervisor, we have discovered that the time change works in our favor. It is upsetting that I will not be in the great city of London, but once again, the opportunity of being able to garner real world experience is what is most important.

After considering the pros and cons, I realized that pursuing a Remote Global Internship with CAPA for the spring semester made the most sense for my personal academic goals. My home university in Boston, Suffolk University, made students aware of the CAPA program at the same time as other study abroad programs, but committing to go to a different country last fall seemed too risky.

Working remotely was the only con I could come up with, but I also classify it as a benefit because it makes the possibility of living anywhere more accessible. Instead of living at home or in Boston, I have decided to sublet an apartment in Los Angeles where I will complete the semester in sunny weather. After fall semester, I knew I needed to be in an environment where I could get away from screens once my work is complete. So, in preparation for this semester, my best friend and I set up our lives in California and drove 70 hours from Massachusetts to the Golden State.

Along the way, we stopped at Carlsbad, White Sands, Arches and Grand Canyon National Parks.

Enjoying the sand dunes at sunset after six hours of driving. Enjoying the sand dunes at sunset after six hours of driving.

Under the most recognizable arches in Arches National Park.
Under the most recognizable arches in Arches National Park.

Our first view of the Grand Canyon from the side of the road.
Our first view of the Grand Canyon from the side of the road.

While on the road, I was working with a CAPA staff member to facilitate a meeting with my internship site coordinator. At times I felt overwhelmed by the world of professionalism and doubted my decision to take part in this program, but after my first interview, my nerves were put to ease. Now, I am more excited than ever to start working for Young Citizens!

Thanks, Savanna!

Savanna Nolau

Savanna Nolau is an official Remote CAPA blogger/vlogger for spring 2021, sharing her story in frequent posts on CAPA World. An International Relations  major from Suffolk University, she is remotely studying abroad and interning in London this semester.

Savanna's journey continues all semester so stay tuned.

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