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How to Talk About Your Study Abroad Program on Your Resume

Oct 2, 2020 9:45:00 AM / by Guest Posts

Now that you've accumulated all this international experience from studying and interning abroad, what do you do next? Here are 3 useful tips from CAPA Dublin alumna Katie O'Meara on how to spruce up that resume and communicate your value to potential employers.

Sometimes the hardest thing about coming home after studying abroad is telling friends and family members about your experience. This is often because you have experienced so much, and it is difficult to condense a semester into a short answer to the question: “So how was study abroad?”

Katie and Friends Posing as the Florida Gators.My fellow Florida Gators, Gator Chomping in Ireland after the completion of our internships.

However, sharing these experiences to possible employers or student organizations on a resume is the greatest challenge. After studying abroad with CAPA Dublin last fall I had the same problem—incorporating study abroad on my resume. To help students explain their experiences in the best way, I have put together a few tips and tricks!

Tip 1: Include Your New School

On a resume there is a place for some basic information like college, major, GPA, and graduation date, all underneath the education subheading. However, now you have just attended a new international school during your study abroad. Include this here! I like to list this as follows:

Resume Sample 1 - how to list your education

This format allows employers and organizations to see your new experiences first and this extended education will help your resume stand out from the crowd!

Tip 2: Bulletpoints Matter

When describing points of your study abroad experiences it is important to use your resume real estate most effectively. I like to describe things with numerical values and lots of action verbs to help computer programs flag my resume for the most applicable content. This includes discussing how I was involved abroad. So, did you join any student organizations at your CAPA program abroad? Did you join CAPA student council or have an experience that supplied you with transferable skills? Anything like this can and should be used on your resume to set yourself apart.

Here’s an example:

Resume Sample 2 - describing your experience

Tip 3: Internships

Do an internship abroad! This was the best thing that I did while with CAPA! No words can describe how much this experience helped me with my education and building transferable skills for the future. I was able to intern with the Drumcondra Credit Union in Dublin, Ireland thanks to CAPA and it was this experience that helped me to gain an amazing internship this summer with a Fortune 500 company in the U.S.

Building international communication skills and gaining experience in a field that interests you is such a wonderful opportunity that CAPA offers and I urge everyone to take up this opportunity. Through this experience I was even able to attend international finance conferences and learn from some leaders in the field.

When including something like an international internship on a resume, I would urge you to include as much detail as possible in your space. This is because companies may not understand how you were able to work abroad so the more that you can include, the better. Quantitative data is always the way to go as well. This means stating how many people you worked with or including the number of documents you handled in what amount of time. This kind of writing allows you to sell your experience with greater authority and increases the likelihood that your resume will be looked at.

Here’s an example:

Resume Sample 3 - listing your international internship experience

Overall, studying abroad is an amazing experience that you should highlight on your resume to impress your future employers. Only 5% of my 50,000-student university ever gets the chance to study abroad so by including these things on your resume, you are going to stand out and get that dream job!

Me And My Fellow Interns on our CommuteMe and my fellow interns on our commute from Griffith College to our internships across Dublin.

Thanks, Katie!

Katie O'Meara


Katie O'Meara is a CAPA Dublin Alumna. She studied abroad and interned through CAPA in the Fall of 2017.


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