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Increasing Access to Study Abroad Through the ASU-CAPA Scholarship

Nov 15, 2021 10:08:00 AM / by Cara Pizzorusso

CAPA has partnered with the Arizona State University Student Success Center to provide study abroad scholarships since 2019. Learn more about the initiative and this semester's ASU scholarship recipients.

Since 2019, CAPA has been partnering with the Arizona State University Student Success Center to offer a scholarship opportunity that furthers our commitment to increasing access to our programs abroad. This scholarship program is available to full-time ASU freshman and sophomore students of high financial need who actively engage with mentoring through the Student Success Center.

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Caption: The fall 2021 scholarship recipients.

About the ASU Student Success Center

The Center is an award-winning resource center that offers a variety of peer coaching services to enable students to thrive in and out of the classroom. Coaches work with students to ease the transition to college life and provide advice on everything from academics to scholarships to getting involved on campus, and much more.

The ASU Student Success Center motto is the right person at the right time can change a life. Global Education programs are often a life-changing experience for students. Therefore, we hope this scholarship can demonstrate how the right program at the right time can change a life, too.

— ASU Student Success Center

About the Scholarship

Each year, 10 students are selected to receive a scholarship in the amount of $3,000 each, which is applied as a discount off the program price. Recipients can apply the scholarship to fall or spring semester CAPA programs in Barcelona, Spain or London, England. Students have 4 semesters to use the award.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must be Arizona residents of high financial need who have a minimum GPA of 2.8 and are in good standing with ASU’s Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Additionally, applicants are required to be actively engaged with Student Success Center coaching, show evidence of campus or community service, and demonstrate resilience through their essay questions in the application. View more details about eligibility requirements here.

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Fall 2021 Scholarship Recipients

The fall 2021 recipients of the scholarship represent 6 colleges across 3 ASU campuses. The students are high performing with an average GPA of 3.77. Additionally, they all have a specific idea of how study abroad connects to their academic or career goals. Without further ado, let’s meet the scholars and hear why they are committed to studying abroad!

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Natalia Arredondo, Sophomore, Psychology, BS
Barcelona - Spring 2022

As an aspiring clinical psychologist, one of my professional goals is to acquire more treatment skills and knowledge that might not be very common in the U.S. Expanding my knowledge and skills will allow me to be better prepared for my future profession.

Moriah Beardslee, Sophomore, Early Child & Early Child Special Education, BAE
London - Fall 2022

Studying abroad will show me different aspects of children’s education in another country, which I can consider based on my observations. I would pay this forward by sharing my experiences with fellow educators and give them insight on aspects of education that we may want to change or adapt.

Ezequias Fuentes, Junior, Interdisciplinary Studies
Barcelona - Fall 2022

The way I would love to pay it forward is to share my experiences and lessons learned with the next generation that can benefit. If I am ever in a position to be able to help a student pay for an opportunity like this, I will no doubt help them make this dream come true. I would be the mentor I wish I had as a kid.

Patricia Garcia, Sophomore, Film (Filmmaking Practices), BA
Barcelona - Spring 2022

Studying abroad will renew my passion for learning and make me want to continue to see more of the world, understand different perspectives, and be a better member of my own community.

Jessica Gonzalez, Sophomore, Journalism & Mass Communications, BS
London - Spring 2022

The lessons I will have learned from this positive and enriching experience are ones I will want to share with anyone who will listen. Paying it forward at ASU, the place that gave me the opportunity to study abroad, would be my first priority after getting back and I aspire to be a Peer Advisor with ASU Study Abroad.

Alyssa Lizarraga, Sophomore, Psychology, BA
Barcelona - Spring 2022

Studying abroad will allow me to expand my horizons to new perspectives of not only seeing the world, but also how to shape my stories. Personally, I have a love for words, symbolism and culture, making study abroad a matching piece to my life’s puzzle.

Abigayle Luma, Sophomore, Political Science, BS
Barcelona - Spring 2023

I want to be a lawyer and elected official one day, and studying abroad will give me a deepened understanding of the world and open my eyes to different political structures in other countries.

Ahmani Mejia, Sophomore, Political Science, BA
Barcelona - Fall 2022

After studying abroad, I will share my experiences with younger individuals to help motivate them to seek knowledge of different cultures. Humanity needs more individuals devoted to compromise and cultural empathy; therefore, young people can build a culture of respect towards those of different backgrounds, and make the world more whole

Stephanie Moreno-Garcia, Sophomore, Marketing (Digital & Integrated Marketing Communications), BS
London - Spring 2023

I plan to use this experience to see life through the eyes of others. One of the simplest rules we can follow is to treat people with kindness and we can start this by acknowledging the idea that we all come from different backgrounds, experiences, morals, and beliefs and that itself deserves respect and admiration.

Bailey Pechinski, Sophomore, Biochemistry, BS
London - Spring 2023

Studying abroad will allow a visual learner like myself to see the extraordinarily vast and different possibilities and perceptions of life and the world. As a freshman college student, I believe that progressive change is vital in achieving true reform. Not only will a study abroad experience change my perceptions of the world, but it will also give me inspiration to better my community.

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