Inside Italy: A Study Abroad Alumna’s Insight

Mar 18, 2015 5:04:00 PM / by Irene Kanthan

Meet Mary Jane Dempsey, a study abroad alumna and member of CAPA staff who has spent a significant amount of time exploring Italy during her studied, her travels and while living and working there. 

- – -

What do Frank Sinatra and I have in common? We are both from New Jersey. While the Garden State is beautiful, I love exploring and traveling to new places.

During my undergraduate career, I studied both at the Università per Stranieri di Siena and SHC Italy Center. In Italy, having been awarded a Roebling scholarship, I engaged in research on second generation Italians and citizenship laws. For this project, I received an Undergraduate Research Award from the Forum on Education Abroad and presented my research to an audience of 1,300 professionals at the Forum’s 2013 conference in Chicago.

After completing my BA in History and International Relations at The College of New Jersey, I moved to Bologna, Italy where I worked as the Student Life Assistant for an American study abroad program.

In September 2014, I moved to London to pursue my MSc in History of International Relations at the London School of Economics. When I am not in lectures or at CAPA London's front desk, I enjoy baking, exploring the city's museums and watching old films.

Each month, I will post my insights on discovering a lesser explored side of Italy…and gelato recommendations.

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