Interning in a Unique Industry: My Time With FoodFaith

Jun 6, 2017 2:30:00 PM / by Julie Ritz

CAPA_SkyleeLawton_Sydney_Headshot.pngSkylee Lawton is an official CAPA blogger for summer 2017, sharing her story in weekly posts on CAPA World. A Public Relations major at SUNY Oswego, she is studying abroad in Sydney this semester.

In this week's post, Skylee tells us about her internship at FoodFaith, and how it differs from what she expected.


Update on my adventures in Sydney: I started my internship with FoodFaith on Monday, June 29 (Australian time). I don’t know how many times I have said that it is nothing like what I had imagined. I work as a public relations and event planning intern for my boss, CEO Judy Friedlander. To give a little context, FoodFaith is a nonprofit organization that utilizes environmental sustainability and food practices to achieve religious and social cohesion. I never really expected to be in this industry, but I think it’s really helping me to push my creative boundaries.

CAPAStudyAbroad_Sydney_Summer2017_From Skylee Lawton Internship 3.jpg
Photo: o
ne of the views from an office at the corporate bulding

Judy Friedlander is nothing short of an incredible woman. She’s strong-headed, caring, persuasive and incredibly intelligent. She is a mother of two and she treats me and the other intern Haley as if we were her “visiting children” who just so happen to work for her. I am honestly lucky to work my first internship with her as I am learning so much more than I thought I would.

She has taken Haley and I on trips both before and after work to places like Balmoral Beach, and a national park and she’ll tell us interesting facts or stories about Australia. We drove on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and drove around different smaller areas surrounding Sydney for some gorgeous views. Judy also stops for any dog so we can pet it and supplies us with an abundance of food and coffee. This is all from week one.

Things here are more laid-back. Like I said in my last blog post, I don’t think people really have as much stress as most people put upon themselves back home. With the people I work with at least, there is a similar importance on work and deadlines as there is on personal time.

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Photo: my boss driving us under the Sydney Harbour Bridge

I think my favorite part about work was learning how much I love the corporate lifestyle. We work in a corporate office in Sydney Harbour every Tuesdays. I love the clothes, the sights, the style, and just the feeling of it. I definitely want to end up in a work environment like that.

Actually, when I was packing for my internship, I was very nervous because I was only told to dress “smart casual”. The only paying job I can attest to on my resume is my time as a dance teacher’s assistant. I relied a lot on my mom for help to pick out the right clothes. I mostly switch between a skirt or pants and a blouse or a dress. I also switch between my black flats and small tan closed-toed pumps. The weather here currently is not far off from what I get at home in the late summer or early spring. Even though it is a little chilly, I am either inside or I move around a lot so I am not that affected.

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Judy brought us to a public library one day to work and it was so much prettier than any other library I've seen

I was recently talking to my boss for the Make-A-Wish internship I’ll be doing after I am finished with CAPA and go back home. She was very interested to hear what I was doing and felt nervous for me that I may get bored after such an experience. I am excited to take what I am learning here back to my other internships.

The past week has gone back and forth on being too quick and too slow. Five more weeks to go!

Thanks Skylee!

Skylee's journey continues every Wednesday so stay tuned.

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