Interview: Life As A CAPA Blogger in Sydney

Nov 28, 2018 9:03:00 AM / by Martyn Megaloudis

Get to know what it's like to blog for CAPA while studying abroad! Martyn interviews fellow Sydney blogger Lorenzo, who shares how immersing yourself in a new city and culture, as well as writing and taking photos actually contribute to your content creation skills and professional experience. See what advice these two bloggers have in store for future creators!

For this week’s blog post, I interviewed fellow CAPA blogger Lorenzo Corazzin. He’s the other half of the blogging force for this semester in Sydney. I thought it would be interesting to get our perspectives of the CAPA blogger experience and how that affects a semester abroad. There’s not much to say before the actual interview but I do want to preface that Lorenzo writes some amazing blog posts and you’d be denying yourself if you didn't check them out here.

Without further ado, enjoy our conversation!

Martyn Megaloudis: How do you feel blogging affects your experience studying abroad?
Lorenzo Corazzin: Being in Sydney gives me a chance to take more pictures and get more creative ideas while I explore the city, and it's also good—not necessarily like a journal—because you have to write about specific topics but it lets you look at something deeper that you probably wouldn’t have before.

CAPA_Lorenzo Corazzin_Sydney_SquareLorenzo Corazzin blogs from Sydney this semester.

MM: But you traveled a lot so compared to your experience in Sydney or Hong Kong in the summer, did you find that you were more inclined to, say, take photos, or as you mentioned going out for more stuff just because you have to do that for the blog?
LC: I feel like CAPA just helps with the outings that they organize. But I do definitely take more pictures than I do in other cities because sometimes I like to soak in the moment, but here I kind of have more incentive to take additional pictures. I do think it’s good, though the downside is I don't have much memory on my phone but it’s fine.

MM: Yeah , I feel you. Sometimes I’ll catch myself in places and be like, “Oh, you gotta take pictures.” Like I was at Manly two weeks ago and I just thought, “Oh, you got to catch some pictures for the blog.” It just catches you every now and again. What would you say has been your favorite blog post so far?
LC: Ooh, that’s a tough question.

MM: Oh, yeah. There’s been so many.
LC: Honestly, I would say definitely one of the interviews. I did one with Richard, who works at CAPA Sydney (you can find that interview here) and another one I did with our suitemate Ethan (you can find that interview here).
It’s always cool to hear what someone else is thinking, because I already know what I’m saying and I already have a bunch of perceptions about Sydney.

MM: Yeah, I feel like especially with the CAPA staff.
LC: Yeah, definitely. They have a different perspective in terms of experience.

MM: So, why did you decide to become a CAPA blogger?
LC: I think it’s kind of in line with what I wanted to do at the time—I wanted to get started to create more content or just get used to writing articles. Just creating content, in general, is good for the industry I want to go into—marketing. To be any kind of marketer, you need to produce content—any kind of content. Especially things like videos or content such as podcasts, audio, writing, and visuals. Producing content gives you experience that can help you. I feel like even if you’re a software engineer, it could help you. It’s just how people perceive influence nowadays. We’ve shifted our gaze toward the internet and social media, and producing content allows you to be visible there.

MM: Especially with marketing, portfolios, even if it's SEO stuff, is it a lot of what have you done lately? I feel like CAPA blogs are a good idea for more creative roles, at least like advertising jobs you can be like, “Oh, I [wrote] blogs.”
LC: Yeah, it shows you can make content on your own.

Blackmores Bridge Sydney
Blackmores Bridge.
Photo credit: Lorenzo Corazzin

MM: It also shows that you have a voice too. So, would you say that you learned stuff for your career from CAPA?
LC: For sure. As you've just said, it’s something that you can talk about in a job interview easily—it wouldn’t be my main war horse.

MM: Yeah, you aren’t going become a travel blogger.
LC: Honestly, yeah. You never know, I could become a travel blogger. Actually, before, to get into CAPA's blogger/vlogger program, you have to show that you have your own blog. So, I actually made a blog about a couple cities that I visited.

MM: Yeah, it’s a rollout because you got that blog which led to the CAPA blog, which will lead to who knows what. So, other than that intro blog that you just mentioned, have you ever done this kind of way of blogging?
LC: Hmm, not really in that kind of way, but I’ve written a newsletter for a company I used to work for. For another company I used to do content research, so it’d be finding sources for this article we want to talk about or create a structure for the newsletter. But then I went on to doing the actual newsletter. That’s pretty much it. That said, for the internship in Sydney I’m actually writing press releases and producing content like that. I’m getting experience with the general skill of content marketing, copywriting, or blogging. I’m definitely getting a lot better and being a CAPA blogger helped me with that process.

MM: Yeah, I’m interested because—at least for me later on—and I’m not saying my first CAPA blogs were rough, but as time went on I found my own style of writing. I, y’know, ended up throwing more jokes in, and—I don’t want to say loosening up—but I began to fit in the way I talk naturally. Do you feel like your written voice has evolved since you started writing these blogs?
LC: I would say in some sort of way, but honestly I put my voice in everything that I write. More than my voice, I would just put my opinions a lot of times and people can agree on it or not, but I just put it there as a suggestion of what I think or why I think that. I’m definitely not shy about it.

MM: Yeah, that’s good... I guess the last thing to ask is for people who are thinking about blogging for CAPA in any capacity next semester. What would be one solid piece of advice that you would give them?
LC: Create an outline of everything that you want to do so it’s a lot easier to find the content, take the pictures, and easily get it out of the way. It’s not a hard job but—

MM: It catches up to you.
LC: Yeah, it catches up to you. When you find yourself at the last minute that you have to write a blog post, I guess it helps your creativity to an extent, but you also want to do a nice project that you could show to some employers. You can prepare in advance and have a nice layout.

Lorenzo petting an animalPetting an animal.
Photo credit: Lorenzo Corazzin

MM: Yeah, those blog topics run out quick. In the beginning I was like, “Oh, I’m good for a semester.”
LC: It seems like at the beginning when they give you the topics, you think, “Oh, I have to write 15 blog posts, and they gave me seven topics”, but they run out quick. You’re gonna want to have your secret card. What is it called?

MM: Ace in the hole, I think? But, yeah, definitely having a plan for the blog posts you want to do helps a lot. Thanks so much for taking the time for the interview, man.
LC: Of course, no problem!

Thanks, Martyn and Lorenzo!

Martyn Megaloudis

Martyn Megaloudis is an official CAPA blogger for fall 2018, sharing his story in weekly posts on CAPA World. A Marketing major at the University of Pittsburgh, he is studying abroad in Sydney this semester.

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