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Aug 20, 2019 10:00:00 AM / by Stephanie Sadler

Beginning in Spring 2020, we’re launching a brand new series of study abroad programs that allow you to directly enroll with five universities in countries across the globe. You’ll live and learn exactly like a local, be able to complete required courses in your major, and be deeply immersed in student and campus life.

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You can choose to study abroad for a semester or a summer, and in locations as diverse and exciting as Spain, Ireland, England, and Australia.

Curious? Let’s take a closer look.


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Terms: Spring, Summer, Fall

Universitat Pompeu Fabra is a trilingual university, which means while you’ll have the opportunity to hone or learn the Catalan or Spanish languages, you’ll have an equally successful experience if you speak only English.

With “its feet in Barcelona and its head in the world,” and the highest percentage of international faculty of any university in Spain, you can expect not only a Catalan and Spanish experience, but a very European, and fully international one. In fact, 43% of faculty were either born abroad or have international teaching experience.

While you’re there, you’ll learn among some of the brightest students in a very cosmopolitan city. UPF is ranked in the top 1.1% of universities in the world, and 11th best young universities by Times Higher Education. Academics will be demanding but rewarding, with courses as varied as Hispanic & European Studies, International Business, Engineering, and Biomedical Sciences.

You’ll be able to choose between living in a shared apartment with other CAPA students or in a homestay with a local family, enjoy the lifestyle of being on a truly urban campus in the center of Barcelona, and take time to appreciate the food, music, sports, and sandy beaches while you’re there.



Terms: Spring, Fall

Maynooth University is Ireland’s fastest growing with more than 11,000 students from 90 countries, and Maynooth itself is the only college town in the country. You’ll truly be able to integrate into Irish life in a small, yet very lively and friendly community where locals and students coexist.

Part of the University of Ireland, Maynooth recently ranked in the Times Higher Education’s “Top 50 Under 50” and is recognized among the top 400 universities in the world. Not only do they have the only anthropology and Chinese studies departments in Ireland, you’ll also find a wide variety of classes to choose from across many topics, including Theology, Business, Irish Heritage, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science.


When it comes to student living, all study abroad students are guaranteed housing on campus. You’ll have the luxurious experience of living in a single room with your own ensuite bathroom. In 2019, Maynooth became the first university campus in Ireland to receive a prestigious Green Flag Award for its green space, so it’s a beautiful and environmentally conscious place to live too.

There are more than 100 campus clubs and societies to join and lots to explore in the historic, thriving market town of Maynooth. It’s located on the fringes of Dublin too, so global city life is also just a short train ride away.


Queen Mary University Photo Option1

Terms: Spring, Fall

Queen Mary University is one of the only self-contained campus universities in London, so you’ll have the comfort, safety, and security of campus life with the rest of the sprawling city just beyond the campus gates.

East London, where Queen Mary is located, is one of the most colorful, diverse, and spirited corners of the city, bursting with energy, graffiti-splashed walls, vintage shops, independent cafes, galleries, bustling markets, and lush green spaces.

Queen Mary is a member of the prestigious Russell Group (the Ivy League of the UK), and is an active research university. You’ll have close to 1,000 classes to choose from, including Sciences, Psychology, Literature, History, Film, Politics, and Computer Science. Plus, because you’re on a campus, there are strong support services for academics and for life beyond the classroom.

When it comes to accommodations, you’ll live in a single room, on campus, in a shared apartment with four to nine other students. Your flatmates will be a mix of full-degree and study abroad students, local and international. You’ll also have access to over 100 clubs and societies, as well as facilities across the University of London system, of which Queen Mary is a part.

With 162 nationalities and students from 115 US colleges and universities represented on campus, Queen Mary is ranked 25th worldwide for international outlook; you’ll feel at home here, but also have opportunities to make friends from around the world.


UTS_FEIT Building_exterior by night from Central Park_Photographer And

Terms: Spring, Fall

The University of Technology Sydney is right in the heart of the city, on the edge of the Central Business District. You’ll find yourself at on a vibrant, buzzing, tech-enabled campus with award-winning buildings and sustainable design.

Academics are top-notch too. Times Higher Education ranked UTS as the top university in Australia under 50 years old and the 10th best young university in the world. Many of the academic programs at UTS, like Nursing, rank among the top worldwide, and they have a wide range to choose from, including Economics and Finance, Fashion Design, Journalism, Creative Writing, Engineering, Computer Science, and Sports.

You’ll live on campus, integrated with other students, and enjoy a full social calendar, recreational sports teams and an elite athlete program, a huge range of clubs and societies, an opportunity to volunteer through the SOUL Award program, and both free and low-cost activities that will help you discover and explore Sydney. You’ll also have a strong support network, counseling, and medical care on campus.

UTS believes strongly in innovation and entrepreneurship, and they’ll encourage you to take advantage of many of the free resources and events that allow students to engage with these values.


With each of our new direct enroll programs, you’ll be able to take advantage of activities, events, and support services provided by the individual universities as well as Comprehensive Pre-Departure Support, Orientation, Welcome and Farewell events, access to the CAPA My Global City Calendar, and CAPA Emergency Services, including the CAPA Guardian App.

In the coming months, we’ll be sharing a series of blog posts that take a deeper dive into the academics, campus life, and overall experience you can expect at each of these universities, as well as the vibrant local areas surrounding them.

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