Introducing CAPA's Official Bloggers & Vloggers for Spring 2019

Jan 7, 2019 2:23:48 PM / by Jessie Gibson

We’re very excited to introduce and welcome our team of official bloggers and vloggers for Spring 2019!

Each of them will receive a grant accompanied by an explorer fund while they are abroad to help them generate their semi-weekly stories here on CAPA World. From pre-departure thoughts through their reflection upon their return to the States, we will watch the stories of these students unfold as they learn about their host country, explore and discover the real city beyond stereotypes and expectations, interact with locals, focus on their academics and complete internships.

So who are they and where are they going?

Meet CAPA's official bloggers & vloggers Spring 2019



Victoria IrraA student at Riverside City College in California, Victoria majors in Interpreting. With soccer as one of her top 3 interests, she plans to explore Camp Nou, FC Barcelona's home stadium, while in Barcelona. She is excited to jump into a new culture and country, while gaining more confidence in speaking Spanish fluently. Learn more about the dynamic city of Barcelona and the Catalan culture in her videos as she experiences the expected and unexpected on her study abroad journey this semester!

Look for Victoria's posts on CAPA World semi-weekly and bookmark her author feed to stay-up to date on her posts. 




Shivani PandyaA Bioinformatics major from the University of Pittsburgh, Shivani is heading all the way to Buenos Aires this spring. She is ready to be thrown out of her comfort zone, so we can expect her to show us glimpses of the city through her experience. As she strives to hold a conversation in Spanish with locals, she's also looking forward to understanding workplace norms and adapting to them while in Argentina. Shivani believes that Buenos Aires is truly a wonderful place, so she will make an effort to tell us more about this city and its culture—things you may not be able to google about!

Look for Shivani's posts on CAPA World semi-weekly and bookmark her author feed to stay-up to date on her posts. 




Emma AulenbackEmma is a Sociology major at University of Massachusetts Amherst. While she loves her life on the UMass campus, she admits she's thrilled to also experience campus life abroad. She'll be blogging her way through Dublin this spring, making it her goal to document her journey of change as well as capturing the vibrancy exuded by the city and its locals. She'll be sharing how to stay in the present and enjoy the moment, the process of studying abroad and uprooting your life to another country, and how taking this risk (to study abroad) will pay off!

Look for Emma's posts on CAPA World semi-weekly and bookmark her author feed to stay-up to date on her posts. 




Daniel ArnabarHeading to Florence this semester is Daniel, a Marketing major from University of Pittsburgh. This opportunity will allow him to be fully immersed in the Florentine culture as he aims to fulfill his goal of communicating fluently in Italian. Daniel will be observing the insights and differences of the city as he shares with us his stories of what Florence is really like and the small things that are a part of life in the city, while showcasing his impressive photography skills.

Look for Daniel's posts on CAPA World semi-weekly and bookmark his author feed to stay-up to date on his posts. 


Oriana GarciaA Marketing major with a certificate in Digital Media at University of Pittsburgh, Oriana will be heading to Florence this semester. Her interests include art, food, and fashion. Speaking of food, she will be partaking in local cuisine and filming it in her vlogs so you can get a visual taste while she explores the city. While in Italy, she'll be sharing how she finds cool locations and views, how to travel on a budget, what her classes are like, and a day in the life of a study abroad student!

Look for Oriana's posts on CAPA World semi-weekly and bookmark her author feed to stay-up to date on her posts. 


Brielle SaggeseBrielle is a student at Indiana University majoring in Media Advertising. She believes that "college is what you make of it" and has tried many things to fulfill her expectations of THE college experience. Next on her list is studying abroad in Florence during her senior year! Brielle comes from a big Italian family but wants to take the extra step to expand her knowledge of the country and its culture. Before she rounds out her study abroad experience and goes into a creative marketing career, she'll be capturing her life in Florence on our Instagram TV channel. Stay tuned to see how she funded her senior year abroad and what budgeting skills she has learned along the way!

Look for Brielle's posts on CAPA World semi-weekly, follow us on Instagram to be notified when her episodes air, and bookmark her author feed to stay-up to date on her posts. 




Sarah MaiLondon will be home for Sarah this semester! She'll be taking us to historical sites around the UK, going to museums, and soaking up the excitement of living in a global city. As she studies and interns abroad this semester, her goals are to welcome new challenges and get comfortable traveling alone. Sarah is an English and Art major at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and looks forward to ultimately finding the humor in her daily life and sharing it with us—be it through her observations or own experiences, expect to learn a few things with a laugh! 

Look for Sarah's posts on CAPA World semi-weekly and bookmark her author feed to stay-up to date on her posts. 


Emma DinnersteinMeet Emma, part of our very first vlogging duo with her best friend Kailey! She is a Political Science major at Clark University and will be in front of the camera to show us around the exciting city of London and adapt to the British culture. She'll be sure to try everything once (and cross it off her list). She also wants to sharpen her professional skills and put her minor in Art History to work while interning abroad at Rosemond Art Group. Keep an eye out for a full picture of what London and the study abroad experience is about through their vlogs. 

Kailey McIlwrathKailey will be joining her best friend Emma (since week one of college) in London as part of CAPA's first vlogging duo! She's a Screen Studies (Film) major from Clark University and is thrilled to be putting her magic to work behind the camera and at her internship with Patchwork Productions. We'll be following along as she explores London and films new experiences weekly. She hopes to inject some entertainment while sharing her vlogs of studying and interning abroad in this global city. Will we hear some of Kailey's dad jokes? Stay tuned!

Look for Emma and Kailey's posts on CAPA World semi-weekly and bookmark their author feed to stay-up to date on their posts. 


Kendall HoytThe beautiful landscapes and architecture in Europe were a big draw for Kendall to study abroad in London. She hopes to take all opportunities thrown her way and make them a vital part of her adventure abroad. Kendall is a Communications major from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. During her semester in London she plans to expand her resume and experience through an international marketing internship at beauty brand Duck & Dry. From seeing what a day in the life of a student and intern in London is like to meeting different types of people, let Kendall be your guide this semester!

Look for Kendall's posts on CAPA World semi-weekly, follow us on Instagram to be notified when her episodes air, and bookmark her author feed to stay-up to date on her posts. 




Imani WilsonImani will bring us into her Shanghai study abroad experience through written stories and her camera lens. She's a Mathematics major at Hood College who enjoys watching anime on Netflix, building robots and sets for plays, as well as listening to music. We'll join her as she picks up different Chinese dialects, tries new food, networks with people in the STEAM fields, and learns about Chinese architecture. As Imani acclimates into the culture of Shanghai, you can look forward to her perspective on the fun cultural insights and differences abroad.

Look for Imani's posts on CAPA World semi-weekly and bookmark her author feed to stay-up to date on her posts. 




Kara DavisKara is currently pursuing a major in Sustainability with minors in Business and Landscape Studies at Arizona State University. She is in for an adventure in Australia this spring through CAPA with visits around the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Bondi Beach, Sydney Observatory, Blue Mountains, and Taronga Zoo. She'll be documenting her personal growth and development abroad, including how to achieve it through your own experience. Through her internship, she hopes to improve the way she communicates ideas. Get ready to follow her quest this spring! 

Look for Kara's posts on CAPA World semi-weekly and bookmark her author feed to stay-up to date on her posts. 


Elizabeth WestermeyerAlso blogging from Sydney is Lizzy, a Business Management major and Biology minor from Providence College. She'll be interning at the Leukemia Foundation in Sydney this semester. Living with Cystic Fibrosis, Lizzy wants to make the most of her study abroad experience and also share with you what it's like to travel with chronic illness. From experiencing a new city with beaches close by, to eating as a foodie abroad, and learning how to really embrace the NOW, follow along with her journey this spring!

Look for Lizzy's posts on CAPA World semi-weekly and bookmark her author feed to stay-up to date on her posts. 

Thanks everyone!

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