Introducing CAPA's Official Bloggers & Vloggers for Spring 2022

Jan 19, 2022 10:00:00 AM / by Cara Pizzorusso

We’re very excited to introduce and welcome our team of official bloggers, vloggers, and TikTokers for spring 2022!

Each student will receive a grant accompanied by an explorer fund while they are abroad to help them generate their stories here on CAPA World. From pre-departure thoughts through their reflection upon their return home, we will watch the stories of these students unfold as they learn about their host country, explore and discover the real city beyond stereotypes and expectations, interact with locals, focus on their academics, and complete internships.

So, who are they and where are they going?

Introducing the Spring 2022 Bloggers and Vloggers



Stephen DwyerStephen is a student from University of Massachusetts-Amherst, double majoring in operations & information management and sports management. He will be studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain this spring semester. This will be his first time in Europe, so he intends to explore and embrace all that the Barcelona community has to offer—from food to history to beaches. He also hopes to sponge up as much as he can during his CAPA program and level up professionally. Expect insights on what it's like to live, study, and intern in Barcelona!

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Harrison NagelHarrison is an accounting and finance student from the University of Minnesota. This semester, he'll be in a world away from his own in Barcelona. Having spent some time in Peru, he anticipates taking every moment to explore a new city and share stories from his adventures in TikTok videos. Another thing he's looking forward to? His International Finance Class! Travel along with Harrison and take in all the views of his global trots.

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Kevin DelaneyKevin is an accounting and management information systems major studying abroad in Dublin this spring. This University of Minnesota student hopes to experience and share the Irish culture with new and old friends. He enjoys running and playing sports, so he hopes to golf and also establish a running route around the city. Join him as he expands his outlook on life through study abroad.

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Chris ReidyChris is a junior at the University of Miami studying economics. He is ecstatic to be studying in Florence for the semester and cannot wait to experience the historic culture in the Cradle of the Renaissance. Although there is so much to look forward to, Chris is most excited for the food and history he will experience throughout his time in the CAPA program. He looks forward to sharing some of those experiences with you all!

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Avalon AloiaAvalon studies strategic communication and journalism at the University of Colorado Boulder in hopes of becoming a fashion journalist one day. She is thrilled to have the opportunity of a lifetime to live in Florence, Italy and plans to explore outside of her comfort zone by trying new foods, seeing new places, and meeting tons of new people. Besides focusing on studying, Avalon also wishes to expand her dream of fashion writing by learning and embracing how fashion is expressed abroad. Follow along to see her tips and tricks as she studies and travels throughout Italy!

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Karenna TraylorKarenna is a junior marketing and data analytics major at the University of Colorado and will be studying abroad with CAPA in Florence this spring. She is beyond excited to spend the next few months exploring Florence's life and culture, especially the food. She is excited to get familiar with the city and find hidden gems that she will share with you through her vlogs. Get familiar with Karenna and Florence!

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Van LeVan is originally from Vietnam and is currently studying at Hollins University. She is a math and economics double major with a huge interest in traveling. London is a dynamic and diverse city, totally opposite to the small town she is living in right now, so she is very excited to enjoy a semester there. Besides interning at E2E and studying, she is planning to travel and explore the city as much as she can. Stay tuned for more blogs from Van!

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Jazz WardJazz is a political science major with minors in communications and retail merchandising at the University of Minnesota. She will be interning at the Independent Academic Research Studies International Institute (IARS) and taking three classes about Political Science, Communications, and one class on Witchcraft in London! She is incredibly excited to review and try new coffee and tea shops, restaurants, and explore the city.

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Aditi SridharAditi studies film production at the University of Pittsburgh and will be studying abroad in the CAPA London Film Program this semester. Aside from studying British cinema and film production as well as documenting the London landscape, she’ll be trying out food at as many restaurants as possible and finding places to shop. She’s excited to be more than a tourist in London and show you the wonderful opportunities and adventures that London has to offer!

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Thanks everyone!

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