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Introducing Our Official Bloggers, TikTokers, and Vloggers for Spring 2023!

Feb 17, 2023 1:00:00 PM / by Maria Castello

We’re very excited to introduce and welcome our team of official bloggers, TikTokers, and vloggers for spring 2023!

Each student will receive a grant accompanied by an explorer fund while they are abroad to help them generate their stories here on our blog and social media. From pre-departure thoughts through their reflection upon their return home, we will watch the stories of these students unfold as they learn about their host country, explore and discover the real city beyond stereotypes and expectations, interact with locals, focus on their academics, and complete internships.

So, who are they and where are they going?

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P.S. You can find us on social media at Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.



Ingrid SundIngrid is an Environmental Science, Policy, and Management major at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and is excited to travel, meet new people, try new things, and experience a new culture in Barcelona! Her passion for nature developed as she grew up in Minnesota, and she now hopes to tackle the environmental problems facing our world by working to develop sustainable solutions. While abroad, she is looking forward to skiing in the Swiss Alps, chronicling her experience through the blog, and developing her sense of independence.

Follow along on Ingrid's blog feed to learn more about her semester abroad this spring!


Olivia MooreOlivia a Finance and Accounting major at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, is excited to continue her education while tapping into new experiences during a semester in Spain! She looks forward to spending her time in local restaurants and shops, and is especially excited about her International Finance class and learning about how the financial industry in Spain differs from that in the US.

Come and check out Olivia's journey as she explores a new city!



Maire GeogheganMaire is looking forward to exploring Ireland and learning more about her family and culture as an Irish American this semester! A Geography major from Clark University, she is excited about her classes exploring globalization’s impact on Dublin and gaining more knowledge about Irish history and politics. She also hopes to become more independent and learn how to play golf.

Tag along to see Dublin through Maire’s eyes!


Caitlyn WildeCaitlyn studies Digital Media Communications at Anderson University and is excited to see as much of the world as she possibly can this semester! She loves to create new projects and is excited to share videos about her life as a study abroad student. She also looks forward to understanding Irish culture and traditions through her classes.

Join Caitlyn as she shows us her experiences abroad on TikTok!



JJ KoumagloJessica Juliette (JJ), a Marketing major from the University of Colorado Boulder, is excited to experience a new culture and learn in a different environment this semester. She especially looks forward to exploring the culture and food of Italy. She loves to cook and is hoping to learn how to make a homemade Italian dish from scratch!

Follow along as JJ shares her semester in Florence, from food and funny moments, to hacks for living in Italy, and more!


Arjun ManjunathArjun is looking forward to the independence, self-confidence, and global citizenship he will gain from being abroad. He is a Marketing major from the University of Pittsburgh who is excited to explore himself and figure out his interests during his time in Europe. He is passionate about all things Marketing and thinks studying this topic on an international scale will be eye-opening!

Learn more about Arjun's semester abroad by following along this spring!


Elen KaragulianElen studies Marketing at Lehigh University and is looking forward to an immersive global experience this semester! She is hoping to delve into the world of Italian art, museums, and novels during her time in Florence, along with gaining a better understanding of global markets and growing intellectually and spiritually.

Join Elen as she shares her journey abroad!



Caroline BriscoeCaroline is a Strategic Communications major from the University of Missouri and is excited to go outside her bubble this semester! She is looking forward to meeting people in London from an array of backgrounds and cultures who can add new value and insight to her life. She plans to connect her posts to her personal growth journey while abroad and provide an authentic voice to inspire other students to study abroad.

Stay tuned as Caroline shares her activities in London!


Emma MaloneA Politics and Philosophy major from the University of Pittsburgh, Emma wants to get out of her comfort zone this semester and take classes unique to London and its culture while gaining a more comprehensive understanding of her major. She is excited to attend a Premier League game, explore London’s diverse neighborhoods, and study in a city where some of the world’s most integral political concepts and philosophical thinkers originated.

Stay posted as Emma gives those at home a chance to see what London has to offer!


Cynthia BrownCynthia, an International Relations and Communications major from the University of Delaware, is excited for her second study abroad experience and the opportunity to compare Madrid and London as cities. She also looks forward to learning how to work in a major global city during her internship with a women’s rights organization, as well as exploring and documenting London on her days off.

Look out for Cynthia's vlogs about her semester abroad!



Tyler Harms-SynkiewTyler studies Sports Management at the University of Minnesota and is passionate about traveling and learning about new cultures. While in Australia, he is hoping to meet people from all over the world, go beyond the basic tourist experiences, and have a good internship experience. He also looks forward to the nice weather and exploring nature and sports in and around Sydney.

Tag along to read more about Tyler's time on the other side of the world in Sydney!


Cam AndreaeCam chose to study abroad to increase his knowledge of different cultures by immersing himself in a new city that will allow him to expand his global perspective. A Marketing major from the University of Minnesota who loves to spend time outdoors, he is looking forward to exploring Australian’s wildlife and national parks this semester while also engaging in local sports like rugby and cricket.

Look forward to experiencing all that Sydney has to offer with Cam!

Interested in being an official CAPA blogger, vlogger, or TikToker on your study abroad journey? Learn more about what it takes to apply right here:

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