Make London Your Classroom

Explore and thrive in this global center for the arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional services, tourism, and transport and one of the world’s leading financial centers.

Quick Facts:

  • Largest City in Europe
  • First 3 Times Olympic Host City
  • Word's Most Visited City
  • Over 300 Languages Spoken
  • High Ranked Tech Ready City
  • Home of 4 World Heritage Sites
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Picture yourself exiting a Tube station into London’s bustling historical streets, having access to innovative fashion, art, and technology, exploring world-class galleries, tasting a Brick Lane curry, and studying abroad at CEA CAPA’s London center inside two Victorian townhouses. With a bit of preparation, this can become your reality. CEA CAPA’s team of study abroad experts and travel enthusiasts are excited to help you on your way, making sure first that you know how to study abroad! With a checklist in hand, going from considering what your life could look like in England to actually experiencing the energy of one of the world’s most diverse cities will seem much more achievable.  

First, there will be some admin: application forms, applying for a passport, chatting with your advisor and considering an internship, among other things. You’ll want to plan a budget to make sure you have enough pounds to last the duration of your study abroad adventure. Think about scholarships and any other finance options available. Once you’re accepted, it’s then time to think about what to pack. Then hop over and look at our blog for solid budgeting tips from our finance team, a list of helpful apps and inspirational London stories. 

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Why London

Why London? Why not? With three of the top 10 museums and galleries in the world, 857 art galleries and 170 museums total (most of them free), 786 movie screens, 200 West End theatre shows, 300 music venues, 250 annual festivals, 800 bookshops, four UNESCO heritage sites and more live comedy than any other city in the world, it’s safe to say you’ll never be bored.  

 The incredible diversity in London (over 300 languages are spoken here) seeps into every aspect of life. Cultures from around the globe influence everything mentioned above as well as the food, which has a lively scene developed far beyond stereotypical fish and chips. Creativity and innovation that result from this global community shine through in fashion, tech and business too. There are vibrant markets, international street art talents, and what seems like endless neighborhoods to explore. London is one of the world’s greenest cities, with streets steeped in history, a lively soccer scene and internship opportunities in just about any industry you can imagine. If that’s not enough, all of Europe is right on your doorstep, a short flight away.

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You could eat your way through the whole world while studying abroad in London: Ethiopian, Turkish, Peruvian, Polish, Canadian, Vietnamese, Indian, Russian – you name it and there’s almost always somewhere to eat it. The global community has added layers of interest to London’s food scene and British cuisine has also grown up significantly in recent years. You can still find those traditional English fish and chips shops, menus serving pie, mash and eel, delicious Sunday roasts with all the trimmings and 3-tiered plates of sandwiches, scones and cakes for afternoon tea. You can also find cereal cafes, cat cafes, crossushi, cronuts, rainbow bagelsunicorn cupcakes and 70 Michelin-starred restaurants.    

 If you’re eating out, you’ll have no shortage of options with thousands of places to eat in the city. CEA CAPA London staff are happy to share recommendations and you’ll find top picks from CEA CAPA alumni on the blog too. Plus, London’s many markets with fresh and affordable ingredients make cooking as a student easy.

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Culture & Activities

Walking around one of the world’s most photographed cities can feel surreal. There’s Big Ben, the London Eye, Saint Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge. And that’s just a few landmarks you’ll spot on a stroll along the Thames. But the deeper you look the more London will give. See the Rosetta Stone in the British Museum or take an after-hours candlelit tour of Sir John Soane’s Museum. You can admire the artwork in Tate Modern and the National Gallery, but also weave your way through the art-covered streets of East London. See a West End performance or experience the Secret Cinema night. Take in a concert at the Royal Albert Hall, and support up-and-coming bands playing tiny local venues in Camden. Lounge in Hyde Park on a sunny day or take a boat down the river to discover the Victorian palm house at Kew Gardens. See the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, but also take part in the smaller cultural festivities in the city like Diwali in October. Attend a soccer match to see Chelsea play Arsenal, but also enjoy a night of playing shuffleboard at the London Shuffle Club. We could go on and on…

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Scholarships & Finance

There are many different types of scholarships, grants and finance options to explore that can help you reach your goal of studying abroad in London. CEA CAPA’s predeparture staff will guide you in the right direction so you can decide which opportunities are best suited to your personal situation and find out how to apply.  

We do our best make study abroad accessible to everyone and to provide funding to those who need it. Need-based options include CEA CAPA’s own need-based scholarship, the FEA-CEA CAPA Access Scholarship, a grant from one of the colleges or universities who are affiliated with CEA CAPA, and third-party options such as the Gilman Scholarship. CEA CAPA also offers a content creator grant that select students receive in exchange for creating content for our blog about their study abroad experience, a diversity advocate grant, an accommodations fund for students with disabilities and an HBCU grant for students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities. There are also many other study abroad scholarships available that are not direct CEA CAPA initiatives. Research early as they usually require you to apply up to a year in advance. You may also be eligible to for financial aid.


Interning Abroad

Set yourself apart from your peers by interning abroad for credit in the iconic city of London! You’ll develop new skills, learn how to effectively articulate these to grad schools and hiring managers, and positively impact your future career in a country that ranks as best in the world for business (2018). You’ll collaborate with and learn from Londoners in this powerful, world-class city, expand your professional network overseas, gain an international perspective on your field and an appreciation for diverse working cultures and practices in a global city.  

 CEA CAPA’s internship program is well-established with a network of over 2,000 internship sites across the globe in private and nonprofit sectors and in just about every field. We work hard to place you somewhere that fits your academic major, personal interests and abilities. CEA CAPA London Internship placements are available in more than 60 different fields and industries across London! CEA CAPA has established meaningful partnerships with a multitude of corporations and charities on the local, national, and international levels. Internship placements are included in the cost of the CEA CAPA London program, so don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity! Chat with an admissions advisor to learn more about the placement process and be sure to read about other CEA CAPA London students’ internship experiences on our blog.

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Education Abroad

Studying abroad in London doesn’t mean sacrificing quality, credits or academic integrity. CEA CAPA courses and faculty-led programs are rigorous; we run them in strict adherence to the Forum on Education Abroad’s Standards of Good Practice. You’ll play an active role in your own development while you’re abroad, working toward what we call our Student Learning and Development Outcomes (or SLDOs). From personal and professional development to urban environments, our five SLDOs will guide everything you do as a CEA CAPA student. You’ll have plenty of time for fun and exploration too, and those things are also incorporated into (and a very important part of!) the CEA CAPA London experience. One example is our My Global City social events and cultural activities, including tasting a curry on Brick Lane and attending a performance at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. We also take your experience in England from international to global, with collaborative projects that involve working directly with CEA CAPA students in other cities around the world through our innovative globally networked technology.  

See our blog to read our Thoughts on Education Abroad column and take a deep dive into specific areas of academic focus from the perspective of past CEA CAPA London students and faculty. 

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On The Blog


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Katie Cohen Headshot Circle.jpegKatie Cohen, CEA CAPA London Resident Director

Greetings from London! I have lived, studied and worked in this diverse global city almost all of my life and am thrilled to share its rich offers with our students as they are challenged and excited by all it has to offer. Congratulations for choosing to study in a place where heritage and tradition collides with cultural dynamism to create a community that is as unique as it is diverse. We will help you explore a different way of life from your own through intentional activities, and supported enquiry. We will provide you with robust support, and with the framework and tools so that you can immerse yourself fully in your academic experience. Each day of your program you will discover and be challenged, and your cultural competency will develop. We look forward to sharing this with you. See you soon!

The experience of a lifetime awaits.

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When I explored London for the first time, I instantly knew that it was the place for me. I matured so much and learned so much about myself that it made all the effort worthwhile. I can safely say that it was the best semester of my college life.
Jorge Galvez
Clark University