Making a 3-Course Italian Meal from Scratch

Dec 15, 2022 9:45:00 AM / by Taylor Jenkins

Are you hungry for some Italian food? Taylor and several CAPA students went to a My Global City cooking class and made three courses of food from scratch! Put your chef hat on and get into the culinary mode with us.

If you come to Italy and don’t take a cooking class, you are doing it wrong! CAPA offers a My Global City Italian cuisine cooking class event for students to participate in while studying in Florence and the experience is a must!

The class took place at Chefactory and we made three courses: an appetizer, entree, and dessert. We started making the dessert first, which was a chocolate cake (my favorite part of the meal). Then we made our appetizer, which was a potato souffle; it had an interesting taste because of the nutmeg we added. Finally, my favorite part of the entire class was getting to make fettuccine from scratch. We made the dough and got to cut it in a pasta machine, which I now need for my apartment back in the US. We also made two different sauces for the pasta: a meat sauce and a regular pomodoro sauce, which was my go-to since I don’t eat meat.

The chef walked us through each step, which made it super easy to replicate the meal ourselves. Through this event, I got to meet so many fellow CAPA students that aren’t in my weekly classes. 10/10 experience that you have to take advantage of! So, grab some friends or go alone and enjoy this learning experience.

@capastudyabroad Join @tayllorjenkins at this Italian cooking class! Come hungry because we make three courses; each gets better than the last. #florence#eataly #food ♬ original sound - capastudyabroad


A pasta machine

Using a pasta machine after making the pasta from scratch.
2 students holding freshly made pasta in a cooking class

Holding freshly made pasta!

Thanks, Taylor!

Taylor Jenkins

Taylor Jenkins is an official CAPA Florence TikTok vlogger for fall 2022, sharing 
her story in frequent videos on CAPA World. A Marketing major at University of Pittsburgh, she is studying abroad in Florence this semester.

Taylor's journey continues all semester so stay tuned.

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