How to Make the Most of Your Time at School

Aug 25, 2016 1:30:00 PM / by Julie Ritz

IMG_1050.jpgWords by Julie Ritz, Marketing Assistant at CAPA The Global Education Network.

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Think about what a typical day looks like for you: wake up, make breakfast, chug a coffee, go to class, find time for lunch, do homework, go to work, scarf down some dinner, more homework, potential shower for the first time in three days, maybe do laundry, MUST watch new Game of Thrones—are you overwhelmed yet?

There are times we all wish we had 25-hour days or eight days in a week, and feel like we still won’t have enough time to get everything done. With such hectic schedules and busy lives, it’s hard to imagine time for anything else. That means it’s impossible to study abroad, right? WRONG! It’s important to realize that making time for yourself and the things you enjoy is vital to a successful college experience.


Studying abroad will get you off your campus while allowing you to maintain everything you do in your daily life. It’s a common misconception that studying abroad is impossible for people with certain majors or limitations. Especially those on medical or engineering paths who feel that their schedules are very rigid with little wiggle room. But, if you save your electives or liberal arts requirements for a little later on, you can easily take these courses abroad. If it’s not an option to save those courses for later, consider going abroad as a sophomore instead of as a junior.


This is all not to say that it will be a perfect transition. You’re going to have a tight schedule, especially if you add an internship. But if that internship gives you practical experience in your field or can count as credit towards graduation, you’ll already be saving time for when you get back home. If you’re really worried about not being able to go abroad for a semester, consider a summer study abroad instead to get extra credits or make it work with your schedule. The biggest thing to ask yourself is, if you’re going to be doing all of these things anyway, isn’t it worth it to do them in an environment where you can learn to thrive in new and different ways?


What you have to remember about studying abroad is this: the reward of the experience you’ll have will always outweigh the stress you’re bound to feel anyway. Nobody said college was easy, but just by taking the step to receive a higher education, you’re already committing to tackling any challenges that come your way.

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