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Meet Alyeea Turner: Official CAPA Dublin Remote Blogger Summer 2021

Jun 20, 2021 12:00:00 PM / by Alyeea Turner

A blogger profile pic of Alyeea TurnerMeet Alyeea Turner, an official CAPA Dublin remote blogger for Summer 2021:

University: Michigan State University
Major:  Apparel and Textile Design
Study Abroad Location: Dublin, Ireland
Internship or volunteer placement: Ruth Graham Illustration

What are you most excited for during your study abroad semester?
The thing that I am most excited about is being able to obtain more work experience related to my major. I am also excited to complete a global internship.

What are three of your hobbies and interests?
My hobbies are reading, relaxing, and listening to music. My interests are fashion, food, and obtaining knowledge about various cultures.

What’s one personal goal you hope to achieve while abroad?
One personal goal that I would like to achieve during my CAPA program is to improve my research skills regarding the fashion industry. I would like to achieve this goal because I feel that it would greatly assist me in the start of my occupation as a fashion designer.

What’s one professional goal you hope to achieve while abroad?
One professional goal that I would like to achieve during my CAPA program is to expand my resume. I feel that it is beneficial to expand my resume because it could potentially assist me in receiving a job prior to graduating this December.

What can we look forward to seeing in your blogs?
My blogs will mostly cover how to adjust to working in a new environment. I would also like to discuss how to work with people of various cultural backgrounds.

Anything else you’d like to say to people reading about you for the first time?
I would just like to say thank you for taking the time to read my blogs. I have always enjoyed writing, and I am happy to blog for you all during the semester!

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