Musings of a CAPA Alumna by Dee Liang

Jan 2, 2015 7:04:00 PM / by Irene Kanthan

Meet Dee Liang, a CAPA Florence alumna who will be sharing her post-study abroad world with us in a monthly CAPA World column. 

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What’s up? I’m Dee! 

I am ecstatic to write for CAPA World and to share my experience with you from the perspective of having studied abroad with CAPA. I went to Florence, Italy during Summer of 2013. 

Before, during, and after my Florence days, I was lucky enough to gain some travel ethos by visiting other parts of Italy and traveling around Europe. Hands down, some of my absolute favorite memories in my 22 years of existence occurred during that time. Through my musings, I hope to be a valuable resource and rhetorician to prospective/current study abroad students and travel enthusiasts alike. With the immeasurable impact that studying abroad and traveling has had on me, I’m just trying to spread that love and fight the wanderlust bug. In a nutshell, I just graduated this summer (2014) from the University of Colorado Boulder after studying Communication and Digital Media. Through my studies, I’ve cultivated a passion for learning as well as creating digital content; I currently work as a digital communications gal and do some social media work between the cities of Boulder and Denver. 

Outside of following hashtags and managing content, I dance on two professional teams, vie for the title of World’s Coolest Big Sis, and give my love of coffee some TLC via barista-ing at my neighborhood coffee shop. You’ll also find that I am a foodie, along with many other things as I geek out about my adventures in the coming posts. 

You can also find me on Instagram, Twitter and writing in my happy place. 

Links for each post will be listed here so bookmark this page!    

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