National Pasta Day: 4 Study Abroad Food Experiences in Florence

Oct 17, 2017 10:30:00 AM / by Irene Kanthan

No matter where you study abroad, food will always be an important part of your experience. It's always good to learn about each country's delicacies and appreciate how they're made. For National Pasta Day, we've compiled 4 food experiences our students have had with pasta on their study abroad program in Florence.  

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1. First Week Finds: Fantastic Food in Florence

After CAPA alumna Marte Eggleston's first week in Florence, she followed her foodie instincts and explored the local grocery stores to see what they had. There were some similarities to the grocery stores back home, but to her surprise she found numerous types of pasta—more than she expected!


2. Accomplishing a Lifelong Dream: Cooking Pasta from Scratch in Florence

Marte was also able to complete a personal mission while studying abroad: she made pasta from scratch! From food prep to cooking in a professional grade kitchen, Marte learned how Italians cared deeply about their food and how vital it is to their culture.


3. Behind the Food: An Interview with a Florentine Pasta Maker

During his study abroad in spring 2017, former CAPA vlogger Emmanuel Rodriguez interviewed a local pasta maker in Florence to hear all about his craft. Catch a glimpse of fresh pasta being made!

4. Remembering Florence: Fresh Homemade Pasta

Emily Kearns studied abroad in Florence during spring 2015 and came back home with lots of memories. Whenever she craves for a taste of Italy, she brings different pasta recipes to life! See more in her monthly column on our blog.


The food you taste and the experiences you have will always remain with you after your study abroad. It'll most likely come in handy whenever you're in need of a delicious meal or looking to recreate your favorite dish for family and friends!

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