Observing London's Diversity

Nov 15, 2018 10:30:00 AM / by Mariah Thomas

Mariah Thomas

Mariah is an official CAPA blogger, sharing her story on CAPA World. A Journalism major at SUNY Purchase College, she is studying abroad in London.

In today's post, Mariah reveals her observations about London and its diversity, the areas that celebrated it and what reminded her of home, as well as the cultural differences she noticed.


I decided to study abroad because of the amazing opportunities I knew would come from it. I knew I would be putting myself in a foreign environment that I wasn’t used to. Surprisingly enough, the environment didn’t differ too much from back home. I was surrounded by a diverse environment where some areas were vibrant. In terms of adapting, their work environment was a bit "politer" than what I assume the Americans environment is.

CAPAStudyAbroad_London_Summer2018_From Mariah Thomas - Sitting Under a Floral Structure

My colleagues were not shy of being passionate during their conversations or discussing politics. It was also a usual thing to ask everyone if they wanted “anything to drink” throughout the day. It was a form of politeness I wasn’t used to.

Tower Bridge

In terms of American stereotypes, I believe they think Americans to be a boisterous and loud group of people. Many times when me and the rest of the CAPA students boarded the train to head out, I noticed that we were louder than the others on the train. It seems to be the norm for people not to talk loudly on the tube.

London Bridge

As an African-American, I didn’t feel out of place. At my internship, I did notice that the company had mostly white males, yet the people around me did not take notice to the disfigured numbers. I did notice that like the States, there were more communities that catered to different races.

Getting a Photo with the Tower Bridge

When I went to Brixton, there was a part where it was predominantly those of Caribbean and Latino descent. I also found myself in Chinatown, which was a very vibrant and populated area. The area where the CAPA students stayed in Shepherd’s Bush was also very diverse and was surrounded by a array of shops. Shepherd’s Bush reminded me of my neighborhood and Piccadilly Square reminded me of Manhattan. Everything was similar to me and I was able to compare the different areas to my own back at home in Brooklyn, NY.

Thanks, Mariah!

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