Meet Isha Mahajan: Official CAPA Barcelona Blogger Fall 2019

Aug 17, 2019 10:30:00 AM / by Isha Mahajan

Isha MahajanMeet Isha Mahajan, an official CAPA blogger in Barcelona, Spain for Fall 2019:

University: University of Massachusetts Amherst
Major: Political Science and Journalism
Study abroad location: Barcelona, Spain
Internship or volunteer placement: TBC

What are you most excited for during your study abroad semester?
I am excited to witness the culture that the city of Barcelona has to offer. To explore the architecture, to visit the different photo ops, and to try the diverse cuisine in the city are some of the things I’m most looking forward to during the semester.

What are three of your hobbies and interests?
I enjoy travel writing, photography, and seeing new places whenever I have the time. Being in a new place, trying out new kinds of food, and being in a new culture always excites me. I also listen to a lot of rock music, and I’m a big fan of Chelsea Football Club.

What’s one personal goal you hope to achieve while abroad?
Personally, I wish to become more open to a culture that is not my own. Learning how to absorb and respect this diversity is something I deeply hope to achieve during the semester.

What’s one professional goal you hope to achieve while abroad?
Working in another country. I aim to understand the similarities and differences the work cultures I have and will work in, and I wish to pick up the best skills from both countries to make my working skills more wholesome, diverse, and efficient.

What can we look forward to seeing in your posts?
I’m a passionate photographer, so you can look forward to seeing a lot of photographs along with my writing. My interests are mostly in food and lifestyle, and I can also write a bit about football depending on the situation if there is a pitch available to suit the blog. Some of the topics I can write about would be around famous/special food in and around the city, the ways of navigating the city as a student, and maybe share personal experiences along the way that can also add as helpful lessons for the incoming students. I can even write about traveling to places nearby or activities students can do during their time there like going to nearby towns or other student-friendly programs like Erasmus outings for students.

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