Meet Anderson Wray: Official CAPA Sydney Blogger Summer 2019

May 18, 2019 10:27:00 AM / by Anderson Wray

Anderson WrayMeet Anderson Wray, an official CAPA blogger in Sydney, Australia for Summer 2019:

University: Arizona State University
Major: Accountancy
Study Abroad Location: Sydney, Australia
Internship or volunteer placement: BIS Oxford Economics - Economics & Business Intern 

What are you most excited for during your study abroad semester?
Immersing myself in a completely new culture and gaining an understanding of what life in Australia is like.

What are three of your hobbies and interests?
Fantasy football, reviewing movies/albums, and thrift shopping.

What’s one personal goal you hope to achieve while abroad?
Becoming well-versed with the public transportation in Sydney.

What’s one professional goal you hope to achieve while abroad?
To find a way to be useful in an office setting where I am completely unfamiliar and inexperienced.

What can we look forward to reading in your posts?
My thoughts and observations on small-scale subtleties between American and Australian life.

Anything else you’d like to say to people reading for the first time?
It may take me a while to get there, but I can assure you that everything I write has a point.

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