Official CAPA Vlogger Fall 2018: Daniel Powell - Shanghai

Aug 26, 2018 9:30:00 AM / by Irene Kanthan

CAPA_Daniel Powell_Shanghai_HeadshotMeet Daniel Powell, an official CAPA vlogger in Shanghai for fall 2018:

University: Ursinus College
Major: International Relations and Applied Economics
Study abroad location: Shanghai, China
Internship or volunteer placement: TBC


What are you most excited for during your study abroad semester?
Interacting with the people who live in one of the most global cities on earth—Shanghai. It will be super interesting to uncover all the hidden nuances of the cultures that I encounter.

What are three of your hobbies and interests?
I’m super involved in athletics! At Ursinus, I am member of the cross country, swim, and track teams, so we can count swimming and running as two hobbies. I also love music and enjoy learning songs for on my guitar or, sometimes more rarely, my French horn.

What’s one personal goal you hope to achieve while abroad?
I hope to progress as a global citizen. I have never been outside of the country and have never spent more than a week away from home. I hope to make connections and friends across the world. With this attitude, I hopefully can embody the sentiment of “home is where the heart is.”

What’s one professional goal you hope to achieve while abroad?
I hope to establish connections with organizations that do work internationally. It is a dream of mine to work either as a Foreign Service Officer or a career in the field of international business or diplomacy. Going to one of the most diverse and globally-connected cities in the world is sure to help me start to make these dreams into a reality.

What can we look forward to seeing in your videos?
I hope to provide a firsthand look into the culture, politics and economics within Shanghai. I will be emphasizing the theme of being a global citizen and how to adapt to unfamiliar settings.

Anything else you’d like to say to people watching for the first time?
I hope you enjoy my videos! As the world continues to become globalized, we find ourselves part of a global village. The role that we play in that village depends on how we interact with our fellow human beings. Please watch with an open mind and heart!

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