On World Water Day and Interning For the Cause

Mar 22, 2017 12:30:00 PM / by Julie Ritz

haley mahan profile-298277-edited.pngWords by Haley Mahan, a CAPA Spring 2017 student in Dublin, in honor of World Water Day.


For the past two months I have been interning with Wells for Zoe, a small yet incredible non-profit organization based dually out of Dublin and Malawi. Wells for Zoe installs pumps in villages in Malawi in order to bring clean water to people who would typically have to walk extremely far distances for contaminated water. These pumps, along with rainwater harvesting and dam technology, make clean and safe water easily accessible for communities. They also open new doors for endless opportunities because with clean water so much more is possible. Wells for Zoe works with community members in Malawi in sustainable agriculture, micro-credit schemes, and education for girls and women.

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My favorite aspect of Wells for Zoe is how the organization works alongside community members to help them make their plans and hopes for their communities into realities. I do social media work for Wells for Zoe and work at the organization’s charity shop, Well Well Well once a week. Well Well Well, where purchases support the mission of Wells for Zoe and World Water Day, is a source of much of the funding for the organization and is run by a dedicated and passionate group of volunteers alongside founders John and Mary Coyne.

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I have greatly enjoyed working alongside these people and witnessing their selflessness in helping their mission. I am extremely grateful that CAPA placed me in this internship as I think Wells for Zoe is an amazing organization from which I will gain valuable knowledge not just about their mission, but also about how I can translate their operations and insight into my future career.

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My learning process with Wells for Zoe has been aided by the Learning through Internships course offered by CAPA. This course provides practical and useful knowledge about adapting to new environments and interacting successfully in a professional environment. Overall I am excited and thankful for this opportunity to work with and learn from Wells for Zoe and to enhance my knowledge through CAPA.

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Thanks, Haley!

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