Ten Types of Fatigue You Can Experience in London

Oct 2, 2018 11:31:00 AM / by Maisie Haney

In this week's post, Maisie talks about the different types of fatigue she has begun to experience as a temporary Londoner.

Disclaimer: Lighthearted and fun! These are all true but I love this city, please love it too!

10.  Afternoon Tea Fatigue

Least of the fatigues is the afternoon tea fatigue. Finding a place that is cheap enough. Sitting down somewhere before you realized it was expensive, asking the waiter if you can just have tea. Actually, I would like to see the pudding menu. I didn’t realize the scones were not on this dessert menu. I am so sorry you cleared all of these plates already. These are the things we say, and we become tired of ourselves.

Tea FatigueScoff and Banter cream tea that they do not really offer.

9. Gig Fatigue

London is such a big city, everyone I could have possibly loved or even heard of comes here. There are multiple nights where I have had to pick someone to see, deciding that I could catch the other two artists at other times in my short, peninsular life. There are multiple weeks where I have committed myself to going to four gigs in a row. Ah!

9. Gig FatigueLocal post-punks heroes, Rodents, at the 100 Club.

8. Tube Navigation Fatigue

I think what is really exhausting about the tube is not the figuring-out-where-to-go part, and it is not the walking-up-all the-stairs part. Real fatigue: I will talk myself in circles wondering which door I will use to exit the train, if it is the same door I entered through. I will also think about how no tube is completely alike, each one has a signature look. I don’t know why I do.

7. Goldhawk Living Fatigue

This is very specific to my living situation in this moment. To make a long story short, I would advise that you respect your neighbors when you study abroad and be quiet when you obviously know you should be. If you do this, you will not be eggs-hausted like me (as in we were egged because we weren’t great neighbors).

6. Library Fatigue

The first few days after settling in, I walked for miles and miles finding a library that both physically existed and had a good wifi situation. Everytime I looked for a library it truly would exist no longer. One was now a gallery, the other a gym, and the last a dorm building. I advise that you look up open-late and 24 hour study places on reddit. This web search has maybe saved my butt.

5. Fatigue of the Wallet

Things are expensive. We will always be spending more dollars than we are pounds. Wagamama entrées are around ten pounds. My wallet? They are tired of this.

4. Fatigue Simply as a Result of Walking More Than Usual

To put this simply, I drive everywhere in Orlando. Now, I walk for at least three hours in any given day, and I run up all of the stairs I see. This requires really no explanation, but it is significant.

Sittin' With CowsSittin' from all this tired.

3. Fatigue Caused by British Museum Antics

Ah! - the British Museum. So renowned, loved, revered. I am here to change your mind. I have written countless reflections and papers about the stolen goods inside this museum. Are they really stolen, you may ask? Aren’t these “artifacts” a part of British history? Oh-ho-ho-ho. These artworks are supplemental only to Britain’s imperial history which is honestly nothing to be proud of. Yes, these artworks have been “protected under England’s roof” and would not have survived had they not “collected” or “gathered” them. Cool. Now you can return them. This argument exhausts me always. I am tired of your excuses, British Museum.

Ship MastsI remember being exhausted while taking this photo, ie. relevant.

2. Research Fatigue

To preface this explanation, I will tell you these three things: one, I am an intern at Photobox Group; two, my supervisor has been working on a commemorative Armistice Day project as the 100th anniversary rapidly approaches; three, was going to give me the research necessary to start this project, as we are contacting families of World War I soldiers buried in a particular soldier cemetery. Now that we are all caught up, I want you to know that Ancestry did not give me this research, and I used all of the detective skills at my disposal. In about three work days, I was able to track down a soldier’s niece who died in 2011 and it is unknown whether or not she had children. If this is not fatigue, I don’t know what is.

1. Mall Fatigue

Yes, mall fatigue can be experienced in any location on this globe. It is number one because I was particularly shocked when I visited the Westfield Mall close to where I live. Upon arrival, my friend and I prioritized eating some mall food, and we decided to eat pho (we looked at every food court option and even said on occasion, “This looks delicious, but it simply is not pho.”) In other words, we prioritized our unwell-being.

We went to the store called monki, and it was the only store we went to. We began to feel very tired and attributed this to mall fatigue. I also think we had food poisoning. We considered getting matching overalls, but our favorite items of clothing turned out to be so expensive as is everything. It really is a fun store to check out - they had the basic hip styles that are offered at H&M, Urban, and other shops with a young predominantly femme-identifying market, but I enjoyed my time there and bought some sparkly socks. We left monki feeling unsure about the passage of time, inexplicably exhausted, and nauseous. I feel that maybe you should not eat pho at this mall, and maybe you should get pho from an actual Vietnamese restaurant.

When you’re fatigued like me, listen to these jams:

If you want to wake up:

If you want to remain sleepy: 

Thanks, Maisie!

Maisie Haney


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