Top 10 Experiences in London Town Thus Far

Nov 2, 2018 11:17:00 AM / by Christopher Halka

Now more than halfway through his semester in London, Christopher reflects on his 10 favorite experiences he's had thus far.

As we have reached the halfway point of the semester I feel that for my next blog post would be a great idea to list my top ten experiences in London Town thus far, in no particular order.

1. A Royal Sighting 

CAPAStudyAbroad_London_Fall2018_From Christopher Halka - Sighting of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at WestministerThe Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their way out to a charity Event

Starting off with my experiences my first and possibly most memorable experience was when I happened to stumble upon the newlyweds of Essex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The experience occurred on my second night in London while meandering about in Westminster. They were departing from a charity event when me and three of my friends happened to catch them at the right time. One of the most random and unplanned experiences, makes it my personal highlight of my trip.

2. Attending an Arsenal Football Match at Emirates Stadium 

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall 2018_London_Christopher Halka_arsenal football matchArsenal Football Match

For my next experience, I am recounting my time when I watched my first ever soccer match when I attended Arsenal vs West Brentford. Being my first ever football match it was quite the experience and definitely lived up to the hype. Arsenal ended up winning 3-1, and I still can vividly hear the roar of the crowd after the goal was scored.

3. My Financial Accounting Internship at London Edition Hotel

Next on my list is the time spent working at my internship site, the London Edition Hotel. Working as a finance accounting intern I am tasked with assisting the finance team in their daily activities. My internship makes my schedule busy five days a week, but I am very glad I made the decision to intern because I am gaining very valuable insight and relevant experience.

4. Staying at a 5 Star Hotel for Free

Employee Experience Breakfast at Berners Tavern at Internship Site--London Edition HotelThe employee experience breakfast at Berner's Tavern, 
located at the London Edition Hotel (my internship site).

My next experience would not have been possible if I did not intern at the London Edition Hotel. As part of my orientation I was privileged with the ability to spend a night in a five star luxury hotel for free. The night’s stay included free room service and was very memorable, as the whole experience was truly magnificent. It still is to this day is the best night's sleep I’ve ever had.

5. Going to the BBC One Radio Live Music Festival

Chance the Rapper at the BBC One Radio Live Music FestivalChance the Rapper on Stage.

My next memorable experience was when I attended the BBC One Radio Live Music Festival at the O2 Arena. After hearing and reading about so many great performers having played at the venue I thought it’d be a great idea to check it out for myself. I saw two of my favorite Artists: Chance the Rapper and Pusha-T perform live (both for the first time!). Having the ability to purchase general admission seats for cheap, further enhanced my experience and has made me appreciate my time here.

6. A Class Trip to the British Gallery Michael Jackson Exhibit

British Gallery Michael Jackson ExhibitMichael Jackson Portrait Exhibit at the British Gallery

My next experience comes from my time during my class British Pop Culture. As part of our curriculum we explore a different part of London every other week, followed by lecture in the classroom to synthesize our experiences. In this particular week, we explored the British Gallery and were able to see portraits of Michael Jackson. Seeing so many different and famous paintings gave me new insight into the type of person he saw himself as. As a class we were able to get the tickets for free as provided by CAPA which I am very grateful for having that experience.

7. Touring Abbey Road Studios

CAPA Students Recreating the Infamous Abbey Road Album CoverRecreating the Infamous Abbey Road Album Cover

Following the same topic, another memorable experience in my Pop Culture class was when we toured Abbey Road Studios. As the Beatles are British Icons that have forever cemented their legacy as one of greatest musical groups of all time. Touring Abbey Road Studios and seeing where the Beatles took the iconic album cover picture made me feel like a little kid waking up on Christmas morning. It's been something I’ve been wanting to do my whole life and I now have the recreated picture to show for it.

8. Touring the Inside of Buckingham Palace

Up next was one of the most magnificent experiences I’ve had the privilege to experience. Me and my flatmates toured Buckingham Palace while the Queen was out on vacation for the end of the summer. Unfortunately I could not take any pictures inside the Palace because it was prohibited. But every single piece of artwork/design/detail was truly one of the most magnificent things I've ever laid my eyes on. Everything was covered in gold and highlighted different parts of British history, from their time as the Imperial Superpower that ruled all parts of the globe.

9. Seeing Stonehenge

CAPA Blogger Chris Halka at StonehengeMe At Stonehenge

My next experience recounts of the time when the CAPA Program went and toured Stonehenge. It was very interesting to finally see the infamous structure in real life During my time there I kept thinking to myself how could have people but this over five thousand years ago. Although Stonehenge ultimately wasn’t one of the things on my list that I wanted to accomplish going into the semester; I am very glad I had the ability to see it for myself.

10. Touring Greenwich and standing on the Prime Meridian

And finishing up the list is from when my Exploring the Global City Class went on a walking tour of Greenwich and saw the Greenwich Observatory. I thought it was very funny to tiptoe across the Prime Meridian Line and theoretically be in two different places at once. Having the ability to learn about the history surrounding the Prime Meridian and Greenwich being the World's first observatory was very interesting.

I hope you enjoyed my top 10 list of my experiences in London thus far and will continue to follow along me with my experiences for the rest of the semester!

Thanks, Christopher!

Christopher Halka

Christopher Halka is an official CAPA blogger for fall 2018, sharing his story in weekly posts on CAPA World. An Accounting major at Siena College, he is studying abroad in London this semester.

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