Top 10 Travel Blogs You Should Read

Sep 19, 2017 8:30:00 AM / by Regan Charie

Before you go abroad abroad it’s great to read up on travel stories from where you’ll be heading. It may highlight the best restaurants or museums, but in general, blogs providde great insight into a culture. There are thousands of travel blogs online, sp we’ve narrowed it down to the top ten you help you learn valuable information about new countries before you arrive.

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1. The Blond Abroad

Kiersten, like many other travel bloggers, left her high paying job to chase her dreams. She now travels around the world posting blogs and videos to her site, providing travel advice and consultation to people all around the globe. Her photography is fantastic, and she has been to some incredible locations.

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2. Roam Magazine

Although Roam was founded by two sisters, it has now branched out to accept photos and blogs from other travelers. Instead of following a concise story of a couple or family, Roam Magazine if more of a collection of various travels from around the world. Their stories cover near and far, with a massive variety of content and photos. Each is detailed and intricate, and provide great insight and opinions into the largest cities and the smallest villages.

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3. Nomadic Matt

Matt Kelper is more of an author than a blogger and has written many books over the years. All of his publications are based off trips he has taken, and are fantastically informative. Many of Matt’s guides provide insight on how to travel on a budget, and how to break the stereotype that traveling the world costs millions and isn’t worth the high price.

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5. WanderingEarl

After Derek (whose middle name is Earl) went abroad in 1999 and fell in love with traveling, he couldn’t return to a “normal” job. He has been traveling ever since and been posting blogs on his website. Recently, Derek has been posting more videos to cater to new trends. He also boasts a section of his website title Travel Resources, where he lays out a whole bunch of websites and books from a wide range of topics. Whether you need help with gear, accommodation, travel insurance, or anything in between, Wandering Earl is a fantastic resource for all your travel needs.

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5. Amateur Traveler     

Chris Christensen is the creator of Amateur Traveler and he focuses on podcasts. Currently, the website has posted over 560 podcasts, each with a unique them and guest speaker. Over 400 destinations have been highlighted, and his podcasts have been downloaded more than seven million times. The numbers alone speak highly of the podcast, however the website also provides many great resources such as packing advice and booking tours.

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6. The Savvy Backpacker

This travel blogger has a website much like their name; very savvy. The website design is fantastic, and easy to navigate. They post city guides and have a goal to help their readers travel around Europe without spending too much money. Although it isn’t exactly a blog, the writers have traveled extensively and do so much research about their topics that the value of the website is incredible.

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7. Two Monkeys Travel Group

Two Monkeys is a great resource and blog for those looking to travel the world. They have valuable resources that will save you time and money while traveling. Started by a couple who recently got married, Two Monkeys post fantastic blogs about recent trips. They often highlight the best things to do and see in a city, and use their abundant travel experience to recommend the do’s and don’t of a particular region. Together, in just about four years, the couple has traveled to over 70 countries. Individually, the Monkeys have been to many more nations as well. Talk about experience!

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8. Lost with Purpose

Alex and Sebastiaan are a couple who travel to the less traveled parts of the world. They post blogs and helpful resources on their website, which is beautifully designed and very user friendly. As mentioned, they rarely travel to the big cities that everyone aspires to see. Instead, the couple prefers to go the more remote locations that aren’t as popular. They focus on many countries in Asia, and provide a fascinating viewpoint.

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9. Roads and Kingdoms

This phenomenal website has vast numbers of blogs and resources that would be helpful to any traveler. The food and drink section of this website alone is not only visually appealing, but valuable. You can learn so much about the food and drink of many cultures from this page alone. This is only a small fraction of what the website offers. There are sections of politics and culture, in addition to helpful tips like packing and much, much more.

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10. Camels and Chocolate

Kristin has been all over the world and for over 10 years she’s been posting content to her blog. There is a wealth of information, ranging from – you guessed it – camels to chocolate. With 83 locations to read about, and multiple posts per location, the amount of content on this website is simply fantastic. Whether you want to read about eating in a big city, or a remote island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this blog has you covered.

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Happy traveling!

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