Top 5 Ted Talks to Build Your Confidence

Aug 2, 2016 1:30:00 PM / by Julie Ritz

Confidence is important in so many aspects of your life. From how you handle daily challenges to bigger decisions like what you'll do in your career, it lets others see that you know you can complete tasks to the best of your ability without being arrogant. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else?

5 Talks to Help Boost Your Confidence

You might be nervous and over-thinking what questions someone may ask you as you’re waiting for you interview at your dream job. Maybe you want to join a dance club and feel uneasy when you see how good the other dancers are. You could even be trying to impress someone with an amazing meal even though you don’t cook very often. Feelings of anxiety are prevalent in all aspects of our lives and occur every day. That doesn’t mean we should let them stop us from doing the things we love or want to succeed at.

Whether it’s being more comfortable speaking in front of large crowds or getting over past failures, here are the top 5 TED Talks to get you feeling more comfortable in your own skin:

1. Joe Kowan: "How I Beat Stage Fright"

Boston-based musician and graphic designer Joe Kowan has struggled with stage fright for years, even during open mic nights in front of 20 folk-loving fans. In this TED Talk, he talks about how he's managed to overcome this and gain confidence in playing his songs in front of crowds. 

2. Elizabeth Gilbert: "Success, Failure & the Drive to Keep Creating"

Elizabeth Gilbert of "Eat, Pray, Love" fame talks about how her past as an unpublished writer struggling through rejection letters resurfaces now and again. In her TED Talk, she reflects on why her newfound success - and anyone's - can be as disorienting as past failures and her solution for carrying on through these feelings.


3. Amy Cuddy: "Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are"

Amy Cuddy is a social psychologist who has done extensive research on body language. She takes to the TED stage to talk about how powerful a few simple tweaks can be in altering other people's perception of who you are and how confident, knowledgeable and powerful you are.


4. David Kelley: "How to Build Your Creative Confidence"

This TED Talk teaches us that everyone can be creative even if you don't think you are innately. David Kelly, founder of legendary design firm IDEO, shares his belief that there is creative potential in all of us that can be unlocked which will help us be more routinely innovative in the workplace. 


5. Matt Cutts: "Try Something New for 30 Days"

Software engineer Matt Cutts shares one of his favorite tips for finally doing something you've always wanted to do: Jump in and try if for 30 days in a row. His talk offers us a short and light-hearted lesson on setting and achieving goals in a new way.  

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