5 Important Skills You Can Gain from Interning Abroad

Dec 10, 2018 10:42:00 AM / by Stephanie Sadler

Only a very small percentage of US students intern abroad. The experience alone can make you stand out from your peers in a pile of resumes once you graduate and will no doubt be a conversation starter in an interview. If you put the effort in and set goals for yourself before you begin, it can be even more than a conversation starter. You will have opportunities to learn some truly important life and career skills that you might not gain in a domestic internship.

Here are just 5 skills (out of many) you can gain from interning abroad.

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How to Take Ownership of Your Personal and Professional Development Abroad

Dec 6, 2018 11:43:00 AM / by Stephanie Sadler

Let’s be honest: studying abroad is an incredible experience, but it’s not an automatic ticket to landing a job when you graduate. Yes, listing an international internship, for example, can make your resume stand out in an inbox full of applications, but it’s not until you learn how to talk about your experience in a meaningful way that your future employer’s ears will really perk up. And it’s not until you take ownership of your experience—by learning how to recognize, pursue, and nurture the skills that are key to your personal and professional development while you’re abroad—that you’ll be able to do that.

One of CAPA’s five Student Learning and Development Outcomes(SLDOs), set for those studying abroad in all of our cities, is a focus on personal and professional development.

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Experiencing My Family History on a Solo Trip to Enniskillen, Northern Ireland

Dec 5, 2018 12:12:00 PM / by Casey Rhode

In this week's post, Casey brings us to Enniskillen in Northern Ireland to witness her family origins and landmarks. She spends the day there and experiences the charm of the town and its people, weather, food, and hospitality.

To some, traveling alone can be a scary thing, but to others it can be liberating and empowering. In my experience I’ve found it’s a bit of both.

I took my first solo trip after a day trip to Belfast with CAPA. I ended up in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. Enniskillen is about a 2½ hour journey west from Belfast. It’s so remote, only one or two buses travel there a day. My Airbnb was located just outside the main city, which is basically in the middle of nowhere. Locating it was a struggle, and thankfully the town has nice people that helped me out, but that’s a different story.

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Highlights from a Trip to Dublin, Ireland

Dec 5, 2018 10:14:00 AM / by Ellen Anderson

In this week's post, Ellen Anderson ventures to Dublin and Howth, Ireland for the weekend and takes us along for the trip. Watch for more of her weekend full of Irish Adventures.

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What It's Actually Like to Spend Thanksgiving with CAPA

Nov 28, 2018 4:58:25 PM / by Casey Rhode

In this week's post, Casey shares how she overcame homesickness and celebrated Thanksgiving in Dublin with activities by CAPA and Griffith College Student Union. She also reveals what she's grateful for during this semester of adventure.

It has been a long, emotional, and fun week here in Dublin. Homesickness settled in as Thanksgiving approached. It was the first time I wasn’t home for a major holiday, and since Thanksgiving festivities aren’t celebrated in Ireland, I had to go to my internship and class. While that was unusual for me, the activities were a lot of fun.

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A Mid-Semester Escape to Naxos, Greece

Nov 14, 2018 12:26:00 PM / by Casey Rhode

In this week's post, Casey heads to Naxos, Greece with her roommate to enjoy a weeklong break filled with food, relaxation, sun, and time by the ocean. Read on as she shares about unwinding in between classes and feeling refreshed before heading back to Dublin!

Lacking Vitamin D and in desperate need of relaxation, going to Greece for assignment week was possibly the best decision I could have made. I walked off the plane and immediately felt refreshed and energized even though I had been up since 3am and on a plane for over 4 hours.

Most people chose to go to London and Paris or even Italy. Nope, not me. I wanted to lay on a beach and let my worries fall away just for a little bit, so Naxos, Greece was the place to go. My roommate and I joked that it was like we were on our honeymoon because of how beautiful the location was.

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From Dublin to Howth: My Favorite Study Abroad Day Trip

Nov 14, 2018 11:05:00 AM / by CAPA Study Abroad Ambassadors

In this post, Grace talks about her favorite day trip that she took during her summer abroad in Dublin.

Of all the day trips I took while studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland, my trip to the town of Howth during the first weekend of the program was by far my favorite. Howth is a quaint fishing town located just a quick forty-five minute train ride north of the Dublin city center. One of my CAPA professors had suggested this spot as a must-see of Dublin because it offers a little taste of everything, including shops, restaurants, the beach, a cliff walk, a castle, and my favorite, fish and chips. 

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5 Travel Tips for Students to Make the Most Out of Their Time Abroad

Nov 9, 2018 4:30:00 PM / by Jessica Kisluk

In this week's post, Jessica shares 5 practical travel tips for you to add to your list—from booking flights to trying new food—so that you can make the most of your adventures abroad! 

This past week was assignment week, which means we do not have classes so we can work on our major semester assignments. Luckily, I got most of my work done ahead of time so I’m headed out to Paris, Amsterdam, and London.

Traveling throughout Europe from Dublin can be cheap, if you do it right. There are a few things I’ve learned and found helpful in order to plan trips.

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Strategizing for Assignment Week in Dublin

Nov 7, 2018 2:30:00 PM / by Casey Rhode

In this week's post, Casey talks about what assignment week is in Dublin and what college life is like during this time, including the projects she has worked on so far!

I’m in shock how fast time has flown by. It is officially midterm time and assignment week. This means there is only a month and a half left of my time studying abroad! For those of you who don’t know, assignment week is a week off for us students. It is supposed to be used to work on midterm assignments that are due the following week. A time where you do all your research and hope it’s enough to get you a passing grade on the assignment.

Not to say assignments aren’t important in America, but they’re way more important here. Between my two Griffith College classes I have a total of five assignments for the entire semester. I have three essays for my Film Studies course, each worth 33.3% of my final grade. For my Visual Communications course, I have two assignments, one worth 40% and one worth 60%. I have no final exams at all this semester. Also, grades don’t go up to 100 here, they go to 70. This means that I need a 40 overall in my classes to pass, or I fail. Talk about stressed, right?

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Experiencing Halloween in the Country that Started it All...Ireland!

Oct 31, 2018 10:09:28 AM / by Casey Rhode

In this week's post, Casey makes the most of being in the country that started Halloween ON Halloween. Read more to hear about the unique ways Halloween is celebrated in the place that started it all, Dublin, Ireland!

Halloween is fun and all in America, but there’s something about celebrating it in the place it originated in. That’s right, Ireland is the original Halloweentown! No, not like the Disney Channel original movie. Originally called All Hallows Eve, Halloween was a time to build huge sacred bonfires, wear costumes usually consisting of animal heads and skins. This isn’t something that is done anymore, it’s more about the funny costumes like being a minion or being Napoleon Dynamite.

Unlike our festivities in America, where little kids go out for candy and adults throw wild parties, some of the festivities in Ireland during Halloween are more centered around tradition. They have festivities like a Mary Shelly poetry reading, the Bram Stoker festival, and a parade with giant spooky floats.

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