Hear from 7 CAPA Students About their Internships in Shanghai

Jul 14, 2019 1:35:00 PM / by Absa Samba

If interning is part of your study abroad plans, then you should read this compilation of student profiles from Shanghai! These rising juniors share what they do in their roles, how their interests align with the internships, and the important lessons they're taking away from each experience. 

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Inside My Data Analytics Internship in Shanghai

Jul 11, 2019 12:43:38 PM / by Lauren Girard

Want to know more about what it's like to intern in Shanghai? Lauren gives us all the details of her Data Analytics internship with CAPGemini, a French company with offices in Shanghai. From her commute to her daily tasks, the view from her office, and a chat with her coworker, Lauren shares what she is gaining from this experience!

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7+ National Days of CAPA's 7 Global Cities

Jul 1, 2019 10:48:00 AM / by Jessie Gibson

We have a roundup of some of the important and celebrated days in our global cities! Find out the history behind each National Day and how the locals recognize them. Some are steeped in tradition, while others are commemorated differently. Be sure to take note of the dates as well, you might just get to experience it while studying abroad!

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3 Tips to Help You Develop Cultural Competence and Adaptability in Shanghai

Jun 29, 2019 10:34:00 AM / by Absa Samba

It's the summer for learning and improving yourself! Absa has moved and lived in several countries over the course of her life, and she is approaching her time in Shanghai with curiosity, openness, and intentionality. Take a quick dive into how you can be culturally competent by being proactive in a new environment (with a completely different language) like China.

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How I Found a Home Away from Home in Shanghai

Jun 28, 2019 11:01:00 AM / by Imani Wilson

With a semester abroad behind her, Imani writes about her experience with integrating as an African American in Shanghai and finding a home away from home. She gives us an honest look at her challenges and successes, and how attending the Black Expo in Shanghai came at the right time during her study abroad journey. Read how she's doing after being back in the US with some final advice on how to challenge yourself out of your comfort zone.

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Expectations vs. Reality of My Semester in Shanghai

Jun 22, 2019 10:44:00 AM / by Imani Wilson

Sometimes expectations won't go as planned when reality comes around; but part of being in a new environment is pushing yourself to adapt to change. In this week's post, Imani opens up about speaking in Mandarin, making friends, and missing food from home. She also shares with us about her overall progress over the semester and how she was able to bring out the best parts of herself while studying abroad in Shanghai.

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Here's What You'll Find Exploring Shanghai's M50 Art District

Jun 19, 2019 4:52:29 PM / by Lauren Girard

In this week's episode, Lauren takes us along to experience a unique side of Shanghai - it's M50 art district. Accompanied by other CAPA students and a guide for this My Global City tour, see what to expect from the most artistic side of this Global metropolis!

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How Interning in Shanghai is Already Changing my Perspective

Jun 14, 2019 11:24:00 AM / by Absa Samba

Known for striking a balance between history and modernity, Shanghai serves as a good place to explore a new culture while navigating the language barrier. Through her internship in Shanghai with CAPA, Absa Samba, a Freeman Grant Scholarship recipient and Champlain College student, has been able to learn more about the Chinese culture and city infrastructure. Check out why she's determined to keep an open mind and grow more as an individual this summer!

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First Impressions and 3 Tips for Those Studying Abroad in Shanghai

Jun 5, 2019 11:39:57 AM / by Lauren Girard

In her first episode of the summer, Champlain Abroad student Lauren Girard shares her background for how she was able to study abroad in Shanghai, her first impressions/things that surprised her about Shanghai, and 3 pieces of advice she has after her first few weeks in this Global City! 

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Meet Lauren Girard: Official CAPA Shanghai Instagram TV Vlogger Summer 2019

May 18, 2019 10:25:00 AM / by Lauren Girard

Meet Lauren Girard, an official CAPA Instagram TV vlogger in Shanghai, China for Summer 2019:

University: Champlain College
Major: International Business with minors in Data Analytics and Digital Marketing
Study abroad location: Shanghai, China
Internship or volunteer placement: TBC


What are you most excited for during your study abroad semester?
I am most excited to try new foods while in Shanghai!

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