How to Seize the Endless Opportunities of Study Abroad

Dec 14, 2018 2:32:00 PM / by Lorenzo Corazzin

After completing a semester abroad in Sydney, Lorenzo shares what he learned about how you can make connections and the most of the opportunities abroad. In his final post, he also talks about why he decided to stop over for some new adventures in Thailand before flying home.

My CAPA program in Sydney finished over a week ago and I have been trying to make my way back home, but not without new adventures. As a little reward for completing my hard earned requirements and working out a successful semester, I decided to take a week-long trip to the tropics on the way back to my country. I spent three days in Bangkok and another three days in Koh Chang, an island south of the city, at the border between Cambodia and Thailand. I can for sure confirm that I had the relaxed and quiet time I was looking for as I’ve gotten myself detached from the school-work routine and into vacation mode.

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Post-Semester Thoughts for Those Looking to Study Abroad

Dec 12, 2018 9:11:00 AM / by Martyn Megaloudis

What you get out of your study abroad experience is solely based on your expectations. As Martyn reflects on a semester abroad in Sydney, he encourages students to consider these 2 important points: understanding the pros/cons and doing your research for a great semester abroad.

Studying abroad in Sydney has been an incredibly interesting experience, and one that has gifted me memories I will do well to never forget. I’ve spent the last few months describing my own journey through a semester abroad, and I have really tried my best to get my personal journey across in 500-1000 words. The only thing that I can offer now that I’ve returned home is not personal tales, but advice for the next wave of students considering a study abroad program. As someone who was a little cautious about going abroad, I completely understand the hesitation to make such a commitment. Everyone’s process of deciding to go abroad is different, so I’ve tried to whittle mine down to a few personal thoughts into two broad points.

Here are some thoughts that I’ve grown into throughout this semester.

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What Studying in London Has Helped Me Learn About Myself

Dec 11, 2018 10:22:00 AM / by Maisie Haney

On the topic of personal change, realizations, and music, Maisie takes a moment to tell us what she has learned about herself over the course of her semester in London. 

There is no doubt in my mind that I will return home a changed person. This is what is called a "cliché", but it is also what is called the truth. In a mock interview for my internship class, I was asked if other people might notice these changes. I said I didn’t want to think about that.

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Time Flies: Reflecting on My Semester in Sydney

Dec 7, 2018 10:38:00 AM / by Lorenzo Corazzin

In one of his final posts, Lorenzo reflects on his growth after studying abroad in Sydney. As the people and city continue to inspire him, he also shares some takeaways and benefits that'll help you with your journey to this global city.

My experience in Sydney has just ended, and I am currently about to head off to the airport to hit my next destination on the way back home. Three months back at school can go by very fast, but three months studying abroad will go by without you even noticing it. It makes sense: when you are having fun and enjoying what you are doing, time flies. It seems like yesterday that I had arrived and unpacked everything. I think it felt the same way for almost all the people in the program; everybody was shocked in the past few days realizing those were the last we would have in Sydney.

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A 5-Stop Tour of London's Goldhawk Neighborhood Where CAPA Students Live

Dec 3, 2018 6:00:00 PM / by Genevieve Rice

See what living in London could look like while you study and intern abroad! Genevieve takes us on a tour of the Goldhawk neighborhood where CAPA students live and shows us 5 of her favorite spots to frequent. Here's everything you need to know about where to run, study, and shop in Goldhawk.

I looked at the syllabi for the different CAPA classes to see which ones would interest me. I explored CAPA's London Institute main page, and I pinterested London (obviously an accurate representation of the city), but what really made up my mind on this program was the CAPA blog posts that I read.

This may be because I personally enjoy blogs as their format appeals to my imagination, but the post that really stood out to me and made the coming semester feel so much more real was a past blogger's tour of their apartment. So, I thought that I would return the favor and give a tour of my neighborhood, Goldhawk, for anyone out there who is reading these blog posts in order to gain a better understanding of what their abroad experience could look like in Goldhawk.

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An Interview with Another CAPA Sydney Student About His Experience Abroad

Nov 23, 2018 9:37:00 AM / by Lorenzo Corazzin

CAPA Sydney blogger Lorenzo catches up with his classmate Ethan for an interview about his experience, travels, and semester abroad away from Pittsburgh. They also chat about what excursions to expect with CAPA Sydney, how surreal New Zealand is, and why you should study abroad.

In today's post, I'll be interviewing my classmate Ethan and share with you the amazing stories he has from CAPA Sydney and his travels around the region. Ethan is a senior studying supply chain and marketing at the University of Pittsburgh, graduating next May.

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On Study Abroad in Sydney: A Conversation With Program Coordinator Laurence Braude

Nov 21, 2018 4:16:00 PM / by Martyn Megaloudis

Martyn opens up about his study abroad and cultural experience in Sydney in this conversation with Laurence Braude, Program Coordinator at CAPA Sydney. He also reflects on what it's like to adapt to living on the other side of the world, the insights and differences between the East Coast and Sydney, and how Sydney exemplifies friendliness and openness.

For this week’s blog post I had a conversation with Laurence Braude who is a Program Coordinator here at CAPA Sydney. I’ve transcribed most of our conversation (for everyone’s sake, I tried to remove all of the “likes” that I say), and it’s definitely a bit of a read so strap in! We touch on a few topics from adjusting to a new culture to the difference between the U.S and Sydney. I hope you enjoy reading this conversation as much as I did actually having it. Without further delay, let's jump in!

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What No One Tells You about Studying Abroad in Buenos Aires

Nov 21, 2018 2:08:02 PM / by Claire Shrader

Having noticed that there aren't as many travel tips available for Buenos Aires than say...London, CAPA Alumna Claire Shrader shares her recommendations for those interested in studying abroad in Buenos Aires. 

When you go to London, they tell you to eat the fish and chips. When you go to Spain, they tell you to enjoy the paella and book the cheap RyanAir flights around Europe. So, then, what must you eat, do, and explore in Buenos Aires? I’m here with a few of the best.

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My Cultural Jenga

Nov 19, 2018 9:35:00 AM / by Genevieve Rice

In this week's post, Genevieve reflects on being a third culture kid and how that plays into her study abroad experience this semester. See how she grappled with fitting in and standing out, as well as finding herself right at home in London.

Usually, it’s the small things that make the tourists stand out in a crowd. The slow pace at which they walk, the constant checking of the map on their phone, or voices that are just a hair too loud. The cultural blunders that they commit are not normally odious, but they label the tourist as someone who doesn’t belong. The obvious not-belonging of these travelers is something that they rarely seem to notice or care about. However, for me, it is something I have always wondered about. How much have I stood out in a crowd this semester? Londoners can tell I am American when I speak or make a glaring cultural blunder, but when I am walking to and from my internship or class, what do they think? I can usually spot an American a mile away in this city, so can they spot me that easily?

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Why London is a New Experience for All Five Senses

Nov 16, 2018 9:15:00 AM / by Christopher Halka

In this week's post, Christopher talks about why London is unlike any city in the world and how you can observe and experience the city with all of your senses. He also details what it's like to orient yourself in London and pay attention to the daily sights, smells, sounds, and more!

During my time living abroad, I have been situated in one of the most global, bustling, hyperactive cities in the world—London. It is evident through my plethora of different experiences that the time spent in London is unlike any other and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. As humans we find that we learn and pick up on traits very quickly if we are attentive and are using our senses to help us get accustomed to our surroundings. In this post, I am going to give you on a first-hand account of my experience of what life is typically like in London.

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