Understanding CAPA's New Online Study Abroad Programs

Apr 15, 2020 10:45:00 AM / by Stephanie Sadler

Looking to have a meaningful global experience this summer and earn credit? Learn more about CAPA’s new flexible and engaging online study and intern abroad program options. 

Even if you cannot travel “IRL” this summer, you can still earn credit and gain global experience this summer through CAPA’s new online study programs!  

Engage in a rich, global experience remotely, take courses taught by CAPA faculty from across our global cities; satisfy your wanderlust through our virtual My Global City events; and gain the educationalpersonaland professional benefits of a global experience.


We understand that right now the global situation feels too up in the air for many to commit to a summer study abroad program. This is why we created programs to help you make the most out of your summer and give you the flexibility to take globalized courses from anywhere in the world. Through our online learning platforms and remote intern placements, you can earn credits from our US-based schools of record and intern with a business or organization in another country 

Our innovative Globally Networked Learning technology enables students and faculty across the globe to connect remotely and work collaboratively. Engage with other CAPA students on projects and presentations, participate in cross-cultural discussions for comparison and analysis, and access guest lectures by speakers around the world. Don’t want to take classes but still want to intern? We have another option that will suit you perfectly. 

Read on to learn more about our various online program options and remote internships available this summer.  

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Online Summer Session II: July 6 - August 14, 2020
Application deadline: June 6, 2020

Online Global Cities Programs 

Engage in a meaningful international experience remotely through CAPA’s Online Global Cities programs in Barcelona, Florence, London, and Sydney. And unlike our traditional study abroad programs, you don’t have to choose just one location—mix and match one, two, or three courses from any of our participating centers and get a truly globalized experience. 

Choose courses from a range of disciplines such as art history, business, finance, history, marketing, political science, writing, and urban/global studies 

 Photo 5 - Introducing CAPAs New Online Study Abroad ProgramsPhoto courtesy of Andrew Neel. 

Online Summer Session I: May 26 - June 19, 2020
Application deadline: May 12, 2020 

Online London Global Cities Program 

Choose from a range of thematically focused, fully online courses taught by our highly experienced London faculty and earn 3 or 6 credits. Courses are available in:

  • Child Development in a British Context       
  • Comparative Healthcare Systems
  • Global Perspective on Nursing and Midwifery History  
  • Global Perspectives on Human Rights in Action
  • Wrongful Conviction

CAPAStudyAbroad_Dublin_Fall2016_From Katerina Russo - Aydali Campa Interview2

 Online Criminal Justice: Wrongful Conviction Program 

Designed for students interested in pursuing a career in law or criminal justice, CAPA’s Wrongful Conviction program is led by Justin Brooks, the founder of the founder of the California Innocence ProjectExplore issues of wrongful conviction and human rights, and look comparatively at the criminal justice systems in the UK and US and earn 3 or 6 credits.  

We have two courses available on this program: Global Perspectives on Human Rights in Action and Wrongful Conviction. Read more on those here. 

Choose one or both courses and earn 3 or 6 credits. 

Online Global Health Program 

Learn about health practices from a global perspective and explore different factors through history that have influenced development and current clinical practices in the UK and US and earn 3 or 6 credits. You’ll also address questions surrounding universal healthcare.  

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Enhance Your Summer Courses with a Remote Global Internship 

Enhance your experience in a way that is directly connected to your future career and earn additional academic creditAs with our in-country study abroad programs, our online Global Cities programs offer the option to add a 3-credit Global Remote Internship. If you aren’t interested in our more robust Global Cities programs but still want to intern, we’ve also developed an internships-only option where you can complete a 3-credit remote internship combined with our online Global Internships Course 

Our pre-placement orientation and Global Internships Course will help you build personal and professional skills with lessons designed to teach you how to navigate this changing global landscape from a professional perspective. 

In a world where virtual workplaces are becoming more important and globally connected, this is the perfect opportunity to gain relevant hard and soft skills to help your resume stand out this summer. 

Introducing CAPAs New Online Study Abroad Programs - Photo 6Photo Courtesy of Joey Csunyo.

CAPA’s remote summer programs will give you the opportunity to build your resume and have a world-class globalized educational experience no matter where you are this summer – even if that’s your childhood bedroom. And who knows? If conditions improve by July, you can bring your remote CAPA program with you on any last-minute personal travel plans you make. All you need is your laptop, webcam, and a Wi-Fi connection (just be aware of those time differences 😉).  

Take the first step toward your online summer abroad experience today:

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