What a Typical Day in My Life Looks like During A Summer with CAPA Barcelona

Jul 18, 2019 11:19:00 AM / by Grace Pyron

Grace opens up her study abroad diary to show us the days that make up her summer abroad! She tells us what her usual weekday is like with classes, an internship, and everything in between. She also shares how she meets her daily goals, traverses the city (for food and coffee shops), and unwinds with her roommates.

In this blog post, I am going to walk you through what my typical weekday looks like in Barcelona.

10:30 AM
My first class is at 12:15 PM so I normally don’t start waking up until around 10:30 AM. This is something that would probably never happen in the US, especially on a weekday. I take my time getting up and make sure I have everything ready for a long day.

My Morning Walk To ClassMy morning walk to class.

11:30 AM
It’s time to head to the bus stop. I prefer taking the bus because it is normally less crowded and not as hot, especially during the summer.

12:15 PM
My first class is at the CAPA center on Rambla Catalunya. I normally get there around 12 and have some time to talk with my professor and some other students. Sometimes we go on walks to different parts of the city and our teacher Toní tells us about the history of each neighborhood.

1:45 PM
My first class, Analyzing and Exploring the Global City, ends at around 1:45 PM, and by then there is only one thing on my mind: food. In Spain, people don’t normally eat breakfast (or if they do it is something small like a croissant or donut), so lunch tends to be the largest meal of the day. Sometimes I will go out to lunch with some fellow CAPA students or I’ll head to the cafe across the street to work on homework. At around 3:15 PM, I pack up my things and head to my next class at the seminari.

Toni Teaching The Class During A Field Trip To The Gothic QuarterToni teaching the class during a field trip to the Gothic Quarter.

3:30 PM
My intercultural management class starts at this time in the beautiful seminari. Our professor Laura teaches us all about the different cultures living in Barcelona and how they interact. Sometimes she takes us on field trips too. There are some days when both classes walk around the city and by the end you are ready for a long nap.

Intercultural Management Class with LauraIn my intercultural management class with Laura.

5:00 PM
My class ends and my school day is over. I was lucky enough to get an internship where I work mostly online so during this time I’ll either head home or head to a coffee shop to work on some things.

9:00 PM
Dinner in Spain happens much later than the US. If I am eating at home, I will usually start cooking at around now. If I am eating out, I will look around and see what looks good that day.

Talking With My RoommatesPost-dinner routine: chatting with my roommates about our day.

11:00 PM
After dinner, my roommates and I will normally sit around the house and talk to each other. We’ll often share a bottle of wine and talk about our plans for the weekend or whatever crazy thing happened to us that day.

12:00 AM
This is normally my quiet time. I like to go in my room and watch movies or catch up on any work I wanted to complete that day. I will normally go to bed around 2-3 AM so I have enough sleep before waking up the next morning. If I have any meetings the following morning, I’ll try and go to sleep earlier but normally I will just end up sitting in bed and watching Spanish TV shows on my computer.

Thanks, Grace!

Grace Pyron


Grace Pyron is an official CAPA blogger for summer 2019, sharing her story in weekly posts on CAPA World. A Global Studies major at Arizona State University, she is studying abroad in Barcelona this semester. 

Grace's journey continues all semester long.

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