What Classes at CAPA Barcelona Are Actually Like

Oct 19, 2018 2:59:00 PM / by Maya Crawford

In this week's post, Maya goes through the details of her class schedule, field trips, workloads, and expected attendance, explaining what academics with CAPA Barcelona are actually look like. 

A lot of times when people think about studying abroad, they are only picturing themselves traveling, going out, and experiencing new things in their chosen country. While this is a big part of studying abroad there, IS actual studying that you will be doing! The good thing about CAPA is that all the classes are held at the CAPA center in the middle of the city, so there is no getting lost finding your classes across a huge campus or any confusing language barriers.

Currently the Barcelona program is unique in comparison to other CAPA programs. Since it is fairly new, the overall program size is small. One pro of the size is that it gives us a large amount of one on one time with professors. Courses feel more like discussions than lectures, and they are filled with activities, debates, and LOTS of field trips. A big focus in our courses is learning how to accept and embrace new cultures, and how that can be implemented to other subjects. The many field trips we take give us a chance to take what we are learning in the classroom and apply it to the outside world.

Building in Raval, BarcelonaA Building in the Raval Neighborhood of Barcelona

Classes are held four days a week and are about an hour and fifteen minutes long. They give us Fridays off so that we can travel over the weekends and/or make up hours for our internships that day. Some common misconceptions of studying abroad are that the classes don’t mean anything, that you don’t have to go, etc. In reality, attendance is VERY important. The attendance policy is similar to that of most home campuses, and they do expect you to attend classes every day. The good thing is the classes are super different from home and are actually fun, sometimes we don’t even feel like were in class and are learning while simultaneously enjoying our time together!

Bunkers Del Carmel, BarcelonaFrom our field trip to Bunkers Del Carmel.

The classes I am currently taking are Spanish Architecture, Intercultural Management, and the Global Internship Workshop. Architecture is a really fun course because we get to look at a bunch of different structures and buildings in Spain made by famous artists like Gaudi, and then go field trips to visit some of the sites we’ve learned about in class. Intercultural Management teaches us about understanding other cultures, and how we can apply our knowledge and willingness to learn to the business world.

Maya Crawford with Scenic View of BarcelonaMe looking at the view of Barcelona from Bunkers Del Carmel.

The last course (which is my favorite) is the Global Internship Workshop. This class is exclusive to only students with internships and we have it once a week with my favorite professor, Anna. She helps us navigate through being part of the Barcelona professional world and gives us many tools that we can use at our internship locations! A few students and I have 6 credit internships, which requires more hours at our locations and a few extra assignments. However, Anna is so amazing about making sure we’re able to get everything done without being too stressed out. Our professors make sure we are learning but still have enough free time to enjoy our experience without having to worry about an insane pile of assignments. So even though there IS real studying while studying abroad, you still have a lot of time to experience your chosen country and more!

Raval NeighborhoodMotorbikes parked in the Raval Neighborhood of Barcelona.

Thanks, Maya!

Maya Crawford

Maya Crawford is an official CAPA blogger for fall 2018, sharing her story in weekly posts on CAPA World. A Business Administration major at  University of Massachusetts Lowell, she is studying abroad in Barcelona this semester.

Maya's journey continues every Thursday so stay tuned.


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