What it’s Like Working as a (Remote) Legal Research Intern

May 4, 2021 10:00:00 AM / by Michaela Clarke

Michaela blogs about her experience as a legal intern doing research and case reviews on forensic guidelines. She interns remotely with Networked Knowledge, a team focused on wrongful convictions, in Australia. Michaela shares how this internship aligns with her forensic studies major while preparing her for the job market. 

I have just completed the first month of my Remote Global Internship based in South Australia. My original plan was to complete my internship in person in Dublin, Ireland, but due to travel restrictions, I was given the opportunity to complete a remote internship instead. I can honestly say the experience so far has been exciting, and I am delighted I took advantage of this opportunity.

My "office." The orange book is my textbook for the internship.My "office." The orange book is my textbook for the internship.

CAPA also has a great supporting team. My program manager was essential in calming my nerves before I started my internship. Although, I soon realized I didn’t need to worry, as my internship site supervisor was so welcoming and open right from our first meeting.

For my remote internship, I’m working as a legal research intern for Networked Knowledge with Dr. Robert Moles, a leading expert in wrongful convictions. Dr. Moles is currently seeking the establishment of a Criminal Review Commission in Australia that has been established in the UK.

My internship aligns with my Forensic Studies and Chemistry majors in that my role is to bring my forensic knowledge to help the team understand the forensic techniques used in the individual cases.

A hand and shoe print under blue UV light (I actually took this picture in my forensic science photography class).A hand and shoe print under blue UV light (I actually took this picture in my forensic science photography class).

My internship duties are researching forensic guidelines in the United States and referring similar cases from the US to Dr. Moles for inclusion on the Networked Knowledge website. The best part of the internship is the weekly discussions about the different cases, which I think is really important for improving the individual criminal justice system. So far in the internship, I have improved my research skills and gained valuable skills including networking and legal research. Two other students are participating in the remote internship along with me, and we often meet a day before our team meeting to discuss our views on the cases and the weekly readings.

The Forensic Science textbook that I consult for information.The Forensic Science textbook that I consult for information.

If you’re considering doing a remote internship, one thing you should note is the time difference! During my remote internship, my team and I had to shift our standard meeting times due to the start of daylight savings time. I find that the best way to keep track of everything is to get a planner; it will help your time management.

In addition to the remote internship, I attend the CAPA Global Internship Course to prepare for the job market. The instructors are really helpful in preparing you for working for an international career and in helping you understand the nuances of different cultures. The students in the class come from across the US, and it’s a great opportunity for everyone to get to know one another.

Because we spend a majority of the time attached to the computer in front of a camera, it is crucial to take the time to relax and do things that lower your stress levels. In my spare time, I like to crochet, do jigsaw puzzles, and watch soccer.

Harry Potter Puzzle.Harry Potter Puzzle.

Thanks, Michaela!

Michaela Clarke

Michaela Clarke is an official Remote CAPA blogger for spring 2021, sharing her story in frequent posts on CAPA World. A Forensics Studies major from Florida Gulf Coast University, she is remotely studying abroad and interning in Dublin this semester.

Michaela's journey continues all semester so stay tuned.

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