What to Expect from Your Home Away from Home in Dublin

Oct 6, 2019 11:15:00 AM / by Ellie LaFountain

As you prepare to go abroad, you'll likely have a lot of questions such as: "What might my housing situation look like?" In this blog, Ellie provides an inside look at her Dublin apartment, from the roommate matching process to the included furnishings and kitchen appliances.

Hi everyone! For today’s blog I am going to be discussing the housing situation that we are provided with at Griffith College while studying abroad in Dublin. I know that before I actually got to Dublin, one of the things that I was most curious about was where I was going to be living! I had no idea what the dorms would be like in Ireland, so it was hard for me to even imagine what to expect. I had so many questions ranging from how many people I would be living with to what I needed to bring along with me from home. Hopefully this blog can help you feel a little bit more prepared and informed on what to expect when you arrive.

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall 2019_Dublin_Ellie LaFountain_GriffithCollegeexteriorGriffith College is in a great area.  There are a lot of great restaurants and shops within walking distance!

Let’s start from the beginning. Once I was accepted into the CAPA Dublin program I received many emails with information for me to fill out.  One of the forms that I had to fill out was a survey that asked some pretty basic questions on what my living style was. The purpose of this was to match me with a roommate who was compatible with my preferences. Of course it is always a little stressful being matched with a random person, but this survey paired me with Kayla, who I get along with quite well! I really believe that CAPA did a great job matching pairs together, as I have not yet heard of anyone having issues with their roommates here. 

Kayla and I share an apartment with two other girls, Caroline and Jennifer. The apartment consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a common kitchen area with two small couches and two coffee tables. The apartment also comes with some basic appliances and cutlery if you opt into a small fee which I highly recommend. Griffith College provides each apartment with a mini fridge, mini freezer, microwave, tea kettle, one pan, two small pots, and a cooking tray.

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall 2019_Dublin_Ellie LaFountain_OurKitchen At first it was really hard to figure out where to put everything in here, but over time we created a system that worked for the four of us!

One of the most difficult things for me coming from living on campus at my college was realizing all the small things that we needed to go out and buy ourselves. Since I have a meal plan at Ursinus, I never need to cook! So, the first week we were here we went on a lot of different shopping trips. Some of the small things that we purchased as a group were hand towels, dish soap, a SPATULA (this took us days to find!), a sharp knife for cutting vegetables, and some plastic bags. I am extremely glad that CAPA had us get to school a week before classes began because it gave us time to get all the things we didn’t realize we would need. One of the most common (and most important) things that almost half of the CAPA students forget was a towel! Even though these things might seem small and unimportant, it really did add some stress to our lives the first week in Dublin as we really had no clue where to go to find all the random things we realized we either forgot or figured would be provided.  

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall 2019_Dublin_Ellie LaFountain_OurDecorationsThe apartment allows for some room for us to hangout and have friends over!

On a more fun note, the apartments are pretty spacious so that allows room for visitors. The CAPA students are also spread out over the buildings, so that gives us the chance to meet new people instead of just sticking to what is familiar!  Some people also choose to decorate their apartments and rooms to make them their own. Even though we are only here for a little more than three months, it is still nice to have some things that make you feel at home!

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall 2019_Dublin_Ellie LaFountain_LivingRoomThe girls down the hall from us (also in CAPA) brought a fun tapestry from home for their living space!

In closing, the housing here in Dublin is much different than it is from me at Ursinus, but I have grown to really enjoy it. Each week I am here I figure out a better way to do something; such as arranging our living space or figuring how to fit 4 peoples’ food into a mini fridge. My experiences with our housing and apartment have taught me a lot about myself and the way that I want to live in the future which I am quite thankful of.

Thanks, Ellie!

Ellie LaFountain


Ellie LaFountain is an official CAPA blogger for fall 2019, sharing her story in frequent posts on CAPA World. A Media & Communications major at Ursinus College, she is studying abroad in Dublin this semester.

Ellie's journey continues all semester so stay tuned.

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