Why Is It Important to Have Study Abroad Experience?

Jun 29, 2016 8:30:00 AM / by Julie Ritz

IMG_1050.jpgWords by Julie Ritz, Marketing Assistant at CAPA The Global Education Network.

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When you think of study abroad, you probably think of two things: challenging but exciting academics and the idea of simply being in another country.

Now, you wouldn’t be wrong to derive those two assumptions, but did you know that “study abroad” really means so much more?

Why Study Abroad Experienec is Important

You’re not just learning in another country when you study abroad; you’re exposing yourself to new ideas that will help you in your academic and professional careers. Study abroad will allow you to tackle challenges and problems in ways you hadn’t thought of before. You will become independent and self-reliant while navigating new cities, new experiences, new foods, new cultures, and new friendships.


You will also be able to study many different topics that are not available in classes at your home institution. It’s possible that by taking a course you never would have been exposed to at your home institution, you will discover a new found love for a subject unrelated to your major. What’s better than learning about the renaissance while being surrounded by artwork from that period? Or studying indigenous peoples in Australia on the lands they’ve called their own for thousands of years?


If you choose to study abroad during the summer, you can even receive extra credits that count towards graduation. This is great for someone who may be a little behind or off the projected path of their major, or for someone who wants to graduate early.

Studying abroad expands your social network of friends and your networks of professional connections. Your professors will have real world experience, so it is beneficial to speak with them about your interests and see if they know someone high-up in your desired field. If you’re interested in working in your study abroad location after you graduate, these connections will be key to success in finding a job overseas.


Future employers will love your study abroad experience, which will really boost your resume. Studying abroad shows your willingness to take risks and be bold all while learning something new. It could demonstrate your language proficiency if you choose to take an advanced language track. Graduate school admissions will also appreciate your commitment to your education.

Overall, studying abroad will test and motivate you. The amount of opportunities you will receive to further your career are endless, so if you are someone who is ready to get out in the world and start the profession of your dreams, then studying abroad is an amazing opportunity for you.

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