VIDEO: Tips for Future Study Abroad Students

Anita Chomenko has been CAPA’s Official Vlogger for Fall 2014, sharing her story in weekly CAPA World videos. A Digital Media major at Rider University, she spent the semester studying abroad in London.

This is Anita’s last post as a CAPA vlogger. She’s not quite home yet, but her program has come to an end and she shares a few tips with future students on how to make the most of a study abroad semester. 

A big thank you to Anita from all of us at CAPA for sharing your story with us over the last four months!

If you’re interested in becoming an Official CAPA Blogger or Vlogger during a future semester or summer term, see the scholarship page on for more information on how to apply. 

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Thousand Word Thursdays: Pan Jia Yuan Peddler in Beijing

Each Thursday we will post a photo worth a thousand words from one of CAPA International Education’s global cities and let the image speak for itself. Today, Beijing. 

Photo: Pan Jia Yuan Peddler in Beijing by Lyle Vincent

Thinking about studying abroad in Beijing? Don't miss our top 10 Beijing series!

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Intern Abroad: Organizing an Event in Parliament, London

Words by Mary Kate Moran, a Rollins College student who studied abroad in London with CAPA International Education during Spring semester 2014. Mary interned at Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS), an independent think-tank.

 – – -

As you get ready for an interview to advance your career, the first thing you do is revise your resume so you can present your best self and “jump off the page”. A crucial part of jumping off the page is having an internship in your specific field of study.

While simply completing an internship used to set you apart from the rest of the graduating, job-seeking crowd, it does not anymore. It is important to have something else – another “wow factor” – to include on your resume. This is what made me decide to go to London with CAPA International Education: I was able to gain my wow factor by having an internship abroad, in London.

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Arrivederci, Firenze (See You Later, Florence)

Emily Kyle is one of CAPA’s Official Bloggers for Fall 2014, sharing her study abroad story in weekly CAPA World posts. A UCLA student, she is studying abroad in Florence this term.

In this week’s post, Emily takes a moment to thank the people who have made her study abroad experience in Florence possible.

- – -

The semester is finished. I am currently returning to America, and my head is full of beautiful thoughts from my experience in Italy. I’m sure that Florence is the most beautiful city in the world, and even if the time that I passed there is over, my Italian life will continue without a doubt. Because I was not living there without consequence: I made great friends and became a part of a beautiful family, and these things will surely remain for my entire life.

For this reason, I am extremely thankful. Not everyone has the opportunity to have an experience like this, and this is why I need to thank all of the people who helped me before and during my time in Italy.

First, I would like to thank my parents for everything that they’ve done for me. Without them, this experience would not have been possible. Thank you and I love you!

CAPAStudyAbroad_Florence_Fall2014 from Emily Kyle

Next, I need to thank all of my friends who work at CAPA. Lorenzo, Valentina, Laura, Vittoria, Stefano…you all are really great and it was truly a pleasure to spend the semester under your guidance. You were always patient with me while I was trying to speak Italian, especially at the beginning (surely I made tons of mistakes…also now, I know!). Valentina and Laura, thank you for giving me all of the volunteer opportunities that I was able to take advantage of during the semester—from these opportunities, I learned a ton and I made strong and important bonds.

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Study Abroad: 10 Ways to Spend a Rainy Day in London

You look out the window in the morning and it’s raining. You’re studying abroad in London and still want to make the most of the day ahead. Our local staff have a few suggestions: 

1. SEE A PLAY. With “The Street” – a theatrical space within the CAPA London center – at our fingertips, classes like “Theatricality: Understanding the Possibilities of Theatre” and “Modern Acting” will feature on the schedule of many students. In the city of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, there are plenty of opportunities to see a play whether or not you’re a theater major. In 2013, more than 14.5 million attended a West End show. A National Theatre report showed that almost twice as many people visit the theatre every year in London as watch Premier League football games. Keep an eye on what’s on. You’ll see that with more than 240 professional theaters, there are plenty of shows to choose from if you want to tuck yourself away on a rainy day including a few of the longest running like Les Misérables” and “The Mousetrap”. Read more from a few theater majors who studied abroad in London: Lianne Silano, Julia Lisa, Sally Nguyen and Gabrielle Wilson.

Photo: Stage Door by Matt Gibson

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10 Things I’ll Miss Most About London

Emily McGeary is one of CAPA’s Official Bloggers for Fall 2014, sharing her study abroad story in weekly CAPA World posts. An Arizona State University student, she is studying abroad in London this term.

In this week’s post, as she prepares to head back to the States, Emily shares 10 thing she will muss most about London. 

- – -

For my last week blogging from London, I thought I would explain a few of the things that I am going to miss about this amazing city, so in no particular order, here we go!

1. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. This is a huge one for me. Back home, I am still working on getting my driver’s license and have to rely on friends or family when I need to get somewhere in a car. I don’t actually look forward to driving and I’ve always joked that I’d either have to move to a small town so I can walk everywhere or a large city with a good public transportation system. I’ve discovered that the latter works for me. I feel free in London. I can go anywhere I want fairly quickly and on my own schedule.

CAPAStudyAbroad_London_Fall2014_Emily McGeary 10 things I'll miss post

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Interview: Shanghai Local Chris Zhao

CAPAStudyAbroad_Shanghai_Local Interview Chris Zhao 1

Chris Zhao has been living and working in Shanghai for the past two years after growing up in the North of China, studying at university in Harbin and working in Beijing for a multinational company. In the interview below, she shares some of her experiences, why Shanghai is her city of choice and how to get the most out of living there. CAPA’s Director of China Programs, Colin Speakman, caught up with her in Shanghai in an effort to introduce another local from one of CAPA’s global cities.

CAPA WORLD: Chris, thanks for this interview. For many years, your experience was of a colder North of China. How was that?
CHRIS ZHAO: Yes, I grew up in the province of Jilin and moved to Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang Province, to do a degree in Sports Studies. All of these areas are the coldest in China, and Harbin is famous for its winter Ice Palace. We are prepared for the cold and homes are well-insulated. However, it may not be a surprise that when I had the chance to do work experience in the sports area, I chose to work for a golf club in warmer Shanghai in the South.

Photo: Ice Palace in Harbin La Priz

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Exploring Global Cities: Dublin & Semiotics

Samantha Gauvain is an Official CAPA’s Blogger for Fall 2014, sharing her story in weekly CAPA World posts. A Journalism major at Arizona State University, she is studying abroad in Dublin this semester.

In this week’s post, Samantha shows us how she’s been applying the knowedge she’s picked up in one of her classes to the way she observes the city of Dublin every day. 

- – -

Walking down Grafton Street or Clarendon Street in the heart of Dublin city, my heels click against the uneven cobblestone and I stumble a bit before finding my footing; pedestrians cram along the narrow sidewalks and run into the arcade to escape the rain. I’m on a search for a Matcha Latte so I glance at the bottom corners of signs and the far recesses of windowpanes. Nothing. However, while matcha-less, I’ve found some new delight. Not only does this coffee shop sell caffeinated beverages, but the aging signs above the doorways and embedded in the walls suggest that the store also provides gentlemen’s haircuts, shoe repair services, affordable tools, or perhaps the occasional prime cut of meat. Upon searching for a healthier caffeine fix, I have subconsciously analyzed the growth of the city and its former inhabitants. During my daily excursions, I apply what I have learned in my “Exploring Global Cities: Dublin” class.

CAPAStudyAbroad_Dublin_Fall2014_Samantha Gauvain's Semiotics Post

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Interning Abroad in Sydney: The Interview and First Assignment

Words by Sierra Glasscock, a University of Kansas student who studied abroad in Sydney with CAPA International Education during Summer session 2014. Below, Sierra tells us about her internship with a travel guide publishing company.

- – -

“You must be Sierra, from CAPA?” said Chris Harrison. He was to be my supervisor at THE WORD Australia if I did well in my internship interview. I nodded and introduced myself.

“I can always tell the CAPA students by how well dressed they are for their interviews,” he said.

I mean when I got my placement information, it said “smart casual” and I – nor anyone I have ever talked to – knows what that means, so I dressed up.

We went to Café 20, a coffee shop a couple of offices down and conducted the interview. Chris got us coffee, which was a new thing for me since I don’t drink coffee. This was the first time since arriving in Australia when I felt nervous. The nervousness went away when Chris told me he chose me over other CAPA applicants and he said I got the position.

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Thousand Work Thursdays: Dongtai Lu Antiques Market, Shanghai

Each Thursday we will post a photo worth a thousand words from one of CAPA International Education’s global cities and let the image speak for itself.

Photo: Dongtai Lu Antiques Market by Emiana

Thinking about studying abroad in Shanghai? Don't miss our top 10 Shanghai series!

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