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Spring Break Part 2: Sorrento, Capri and Rome

An American Walks Into a British Trump Rally...

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The Top 5 Cultural Celebrations in Argentina

Deal or No Deal: Bargaining in Shanghai

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Burgers, Books, and Borges (but Mostly Just Wandering!)

Participating In and Consuming News as a Journalism Major

Spring Break: Venice and Florence

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The Idea of Africa in Study Abroad

Having a GANZO Family in Florence: An Interview with Eileen Klawitter

A Walk Around Puerto Madero

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Moments in Marrakesh: Spring Break in Morocco

On World Water Day and Interning For the Cause

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Good Food? An Interview with a Pasta Maker

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A Day in My Life Abroad: Valkyrie Speaker

A Trip to Estancia Don Silvano

Interning Abroad in Dublin with Non-Profit Wells for Zoë

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Dealing With Homesickness Abroad

A CAPA Love Story: From Students to Spouses

Outside the City: Exploring Ireland’s Villages and Countryside

Break Week Trip to New Zealand

A Homestay Tour in Buenos Aires

Top 10 Useful Apps for Studying Abroad

Asia's Global Cities

A Review of London Theater Productions

Traditional Music in Ireland

An International Identity Crisis

Vacations Abroad: Assimilating to Another Culture

Top 8 Cultural Celebrations in China

A Trip to a Soccer Game and a Lesson on Identity

A Healthy Vegetarian Meal Abroad

Service Learning Abroad: How Helping Others Helped Me

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A Parent Interview: Give Your Children the Ability to Fly

Arrival in Recoleta, Buenos Aires

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Emily's Top 5 Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow

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Why We Should Teach the Bible

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DIY Green Screen How-To

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Dublin: Celebrating Two Cultures Through Food at the US Ambassador's Residence

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Vlog: A Trip to Sydney's Featherdale Wildlife Park & The Blue Mountains

Connecting Global Cities: Is it Asia's Century?

On Being American in London

Emus and Wallabies and Roos, Oh My!

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Official Bloggers & Vloggers, Summer 2017 (Up to $400 Grant)

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Finding Reassurance on a Journey to London

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Studying Abroad Means New Food, New Hobbies & New Goals

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Returning to a Place I Already Know I Love

Understanding Dublin through Art

10 Travel Resolutions for 2017 [or 10 Ways to Travel Differently]

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Introducing CAPA's Official Bloggers & Vloggers for Spring 2017

The Ever-Changing Cityscape as it Defines the Space We Learn In

A Very Merry Homecoming

A Tale of Two Lakes: A CAPA Shanghai Excursion to Hangzhou

Vlog: A Final Tour Around London & Coming Home

Maddie's Top 10 Bucket List for Shanghai

What Returning to My Hometown Means to Me

Beyond an Intern: Feeling Like a True Employee Abroad

Why You Need to Study Abroad

CAPA's Got Talent - in Shanghai: An Interview with Tomas Hlinka

Vlog: How I've Changed Since Studying Abroad

Connecting Global Cities: Key events of 2016

The Illusion of Fear: Reflecting on a Semester in Shanghai

Farewell to London & 5 Reasons to Study Abroad

A Letter to Future Study Abroad Students

Krista's Top 10 Bucket List for Dublin

CAPA Dublin: 5 Cafes Close to Campus

How Volunteering Abroad Led Me to Find My Passion

10 Myths About Italy & What It's Really Like

Vlog: Preparing to Return Home from Study Abroad

Seeing the World Differently After Studying Abroad

What to Expect from Classes in Shanghai

Vlog: Thoughts on Being Home Again

A Day in the Life of a CAPA London Student

Homecoming & Reverse Culture Shock

What to Pack for a Fall Semester Abroad in Dublin

Commencment and My Final Days in London

10 Ways to Make Life More Awesome

Advice for Prospective Study Abroad Students

Fine Dining in Florence

How to be a Part of the Local Community Abroad

Finding Family in the Italian Countryside

Vlog: How to Prepare for an Interview

Reflecting on a Study Abroad Semester in Sydney

Exploring Hangzhou: China’s Paradise

Top 10 Struggles of Studying Abroad in Florence

Travel: A Weekend in Oxford, England

Vlog: Looking Back on a Semester Abroad in Sydney

Adulting 101: 10 Money Saving Tips from CAPA's Finance Team

A My Global Education Trip to Belfast

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Why It's So Important to Let Your Child Study Abroad

A Step-by-Step Guide to Train Travel in Italy

Vlog: Saving Money the End of Your Study Abroad Trip

On The Importance of Study Abroad Friends

Studying Abroad & The Power of Perspective

Stretch Yourself: 10 Recommendations to Make Your Shanghai Trip Worth It

Why We Travel

Embracing Two Volunteer Opportunities in Florence

7 Things To Do For Free in Dublin

10 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Vlog: A Look Around London's Sky Garden

Exploring the Street Music Scene in Florence

Gaining Confidence From Exploring a New Culture

CAPA World Blog: 4 Year Anniversary

Dublin: Nature & the City

Innovation Links Global Cities

Exploring Suzhou, China: The Venice of the Orient

Sounds familiar? Roma & Memory

Top 10 Sydney Take-aways

Il Mio Compleanno A Roma: A Birthday Celebration in Rome

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving in London

Vlog: A Visit to Wollongong, Australia

Vlog: Visiting the White Cliffs of Dover, England

Advice for Students Considering a Study Abroad Program

10 Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving Abroad

How an Internship Abroad Can Change Your Career Plans

Lessons from CAPA's Civil Rights Conference

Vlog: Tips for Dealing with Culture Shock

Vlog: Homecoming After a Semester in Buenos Aires

Interning Abroad in Sydney: OASIS

Shanghai Disney: American with an Asian Flair

Civil Rights: A CAPA Student Perspective

Vlog: A Roar & Snore Adventure at Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Observations on Cultural Differences & Stereotypes Abroad

Music, food & Reflection at the CAPA Florence Midterm Dinner

50 Years of Campaigning for Civil & Human Rights

10 Ways to Stay Healthy Abroad

Study Abroad in Dublin: When Families Visit

Vlog: Reflecting on a Study Abroad Semester in Sydney

A Universal Love of Coffee

An Italian Host Mom's Prized Recipes: Pancetta Carbonara & Tiramisu

The Joy of Getting Lost in Your Study Abroad Host City

Vlog: Living on Campus at Griffith College in Dublin

Vlog: Looking Back on a Semester in Buenos Aires

You Can’t Come to China…

Academics Abroad in Sydney: Australian Film & Travel Writing 101

3 Different Internship Experiences in London

Actually Studying when Studying Abroad

Vlog: A Short Trip to Italy

Travel Options: 4 Ways to Get Around While Abroad

Civil Rights in Dublin: An Internship at the Peter McVerry Trust

Vlog: Elizabeth's 10 Favorite Places in Sydney

On Receiving a Special Scholarship that Allowed Me to Study Abroad

Spence's Favorite Havens in Florence

Vlog: Building Friendships on Griffith College Student Union Trips

From CAPA Student to CAPA Staff: Seeing ‘The Other Side’ of Study Abroad

Vlog: Tips for Organizing Travel Visas from Buenos Aires

Observations on the Culture of Sydney

Foreigners in China: A Look at Identity in Shanghai

Vlog: CAPA Sydney's Midterm Dinner Celebrations

10 Best Ways to Spend a Weekend in London

Carrying Anxiety & Depression Abroad

Thoughts of a Fellow CAPA Student: An Interview with Aydali Campa

Vlog: A Weekend Trip to Amsterdam

10 Awesome Hashtags for Study Abroad

7 Lessons I've Learned While Studying Abroad

Vlog: Sydney Adventures with My Sister

On Studying & Interning Abroad in Sydney as a Sport Management Major

Study Abroad in Florence: Expectations vs. Reality

National Cat Day 2016

Vlog: The Best Ways to Keep in Touch While Abroad

Re-Reading the City: Jews and Urban Identity

Vlog: Top 10 Student Discounts in Buenos Aires

Europe & Ancient China: Both in One Place

Travel: A Visit to Cairns in Queensland, Australia

Thoughts of a Fellow CAPA Student: An Interview with Diana Gomez

CAPA's Core Values in Action

Vlog: A Visit to Australia's Gold Coast

Personalized Learning, Cultural Engagement & Academic Rigor in Study Abroad

The 5 Best Podcasts for Travelers

Study Abroad: On Finding Balance Between Work & Play

Vlog: A Show at London's Royal Opera House

Visiting Perugia, Italy, for the 2016 Eurochocolate Festival

A Post Study Abroad Interview with a CAPA Alumna's Mom

Vlog: Study Abroad in Sydney - Tips We Wish We Knew Before Traveling

Vlog: Grocery Storage & Cooking Tips

Planning Global Cities

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Official Bloggers & Vloggers, Spring 2017 (Up to $900 Grant)

Who am I? Exploring My Identity Abroad

Study Abroad in Shanghai: Finding Peace in a City of 24 Million

Vlog: Volunteering in Buenos Aires - Making Pancakes at the Ronald McDonald House

Vlog: Hiking to the Figure 8 Pools in Royal National Park

A CAPA London Trip to Paris: Expectations vs Reality

My Global Education: Secret Florence Tour

Celebrating my Birthday Abroad in Fiji

A Trip to the Local Supermarket in Dublin

Top 5 TED Talks to Inspire You to Communicate in New Ways

A Day Trip to Brighton, England

Vlog: Experiencing a New Culture in Fiji

What Traveling While Abroad Made Me Realize about My Host City

Lessons from a Summer Physiotherapy Internship in Sydney

Vlog: Study Abroad - How to Balance Academics & Everything Else

How I Found Myself While Studying Abroad

A CAPA Sydney My Global Education Event: Featherdale Wildlife Park & the Blue Mountains

Chinese National Day Holiday: Climbing Mountains & Other Adventures

Volunteering at the International Tourism Fair in Buenos Aires

Writing the City: Using London as a Classroom

A Day in the Life of a Study Abroad Student in Florence

Vlog: A CAPA Sydney Trip to Featherdale Wildlife Park & the Blue Mountains

A Study Abroad Student's Observations on Identity & Stereotypes

50 Florence Quotes We Love

Vlog: A Birthday Weekend in Barcelona

Top 10 Places In & Around Sydney to Spend Free Days & Long Weekends

The Most Common Italian Words & Phrases You'll Hear in Florence

Interning Abroad in London's Hospitality Industry

Vlog: A Charming Cafe & Park near CAPA's Campus in Sydney

Vlog: How to Travel While Abroad - 10 Tips

On Moving Away From Home

The Best Places to Explore Around Sydney

Exploring Shanghai: My First Night Market Experience

Vlog: What It's Like to Live in a Homestay in Buenos Aires

A Trip to Bondi Beach and More

Keeping In Touch While Abroad

La Costa Amalfitana: Blue Waters

Social Issues in Sydney: Sustainability

5 Things to Remember When Traveling Outside of Your Host Country for the First Time

Top 5 Ted Talks to Inspire You to Travel

Vlog: Touring Around London's Famous Notting Hill Neighborhood

Vlog: An Intercultural Communications Class Field Trip to Sydney's Chinatown

Exploring London's Secret Places with a Local

Living in a Homestay Abroad

Top 10 Tips for a Trip to The Cliffs of Moher and Galway

Anti-intellectualism and Employability

The Big City: Just Not the One I'm Used To

There and Back Again: A Short Excursion from Shanghai to Beijing

Welcoming Spring in the Town of Tigre, Argentina

Orientation: Taking Off and Arriving in Sydney

A London My Global Education Event: A Riverboat Tour & Greenwich

Why I’ve Been Speechless Every Morning

Finding Inspiration at Dublin's Culture Night

50 Dublin Quotes We Love

Exploring the Town of Oxford and Its Movie Connection

Studying Abroad in Sydney: What Classes Are Like

Vlog: Budgeting Tips for Study Abroad

Studying Abroad in Florence as a Finance and Supply Chain Management Major

First Impressions of Florence: Tourists vs. Locals

How to Stay Safe When You Study Abroad

Liveable Cities - Revisited

Vlog: 6 Amazing Experiences at Dublin's Culture Night

The CAPA Advising Team is on Twitter!

Vlog: Celebrating French Culture in Buenos Aires

Preparing to Study and Intern Abroad in Sydney

A Chinese Cultural Experience: Visiting a Hot Pot Restaurant

Vlog: Excitement for a Sydney Study Abroad Semester

A London Internship at Beauty and the Dirt: The First Day

What It's Like to Go Back to School When You're Going Abroad

Study Abroad in Florence: We’re Definitely Not in California Anymore!

Arriving in Dublin & First Impressions

50 Buenos Aires Quotes We Love

Vlog: Checking in on Week One in London & Exploring Bath

A Trip to the London Zoo and Primrose Hill

6 Tips for Staying in Touch When You Study Abroad

Two Personal Goals for a Semester Abroad in Florence

Gaining Sports Industry Experience with a Blue Sox Internship in Sydney

Vlog: How to Cope When You Get Sick Abroad

Vlog: Dublin First Impressions & Study Abroad Orientation

#DeeDoesOz: A CAPA Florence Alumna's New Adventures

More Than a Tourist: Exploring Shanghai as a Global City

Vlog: CAPA's Global Internship Program - La Casa de Ronald McDonald, Buenos Aires

Arriving in Florence: Exploring Our Beautiful Home

Interning Abroad in Dublin: Corporation vs. Cooperation

Arriving in London & Study Abroad Orientation

Vlog: Exploring London's Neighborhoods - Goldhawk Road & Shepherd's Bush

On Preparing to Study Abroad in Dublin

10 Career Paths for Florence Study Abroad Alumni

Conserving Money in the 5th Most Expensive City in the World

On Making the Most of a Summer in Europe

The Day Before Firenze

Vlog: 10 Tips to Help Prepare Before Study Abroad

Arriving... and Arrived! The Journey to Shanghai

Vlog: How to Deal With Feeling Down (and a Pizza Tour!)

A New Semester in a New Home

Tackling Those Pre-Travel Jitters

Getting Lost in the Best Possible Way

10 Career Paths for Buenos Aires Study Abroad Alumni

Vlog: Packing for my London Study Abroad Experience

My Classes in Sydney: The First Week

10 Years with CAPA & The Importance of Study Abroad

4 Lessons Study Abroad Taught Me

Adventure Is out There (So Go Experience It!)

World Tango Festival in Buenos Aires

A Homecoming: Reflecting on My Study Abroad Experience

Top 10 London Bucket List for Fall 2016

Westering “Home”: Arriving in Sydney

How to Build Relationships with Locals in Florence, Italy

Study Abroad Life: When You Miss a Flight

Dear Future CAPA Dublin Students: A Letter from an Alumna

Why My Shoes Were Dirty at NAFSA: Someone and the Boy

National Dog Day 2016

How to Make the Most of Your Time at School

Exploring Museo de Arte Moderno in Buenos Aires

Top 10 Questions to Ask at Your First Study Abroad Fair

The Last Summer Days in London

Top 6 Reasons I Would Study Abroad in a Heartbeat

Leaving Home: The Flight I Never Thought I Would Take (& The List Taking Me There)

How Study Abroad Taught Me to Be Present in Everyday Life

Vlog: Study Abroad in Sydney - Packing Tips & Pre-Departure Thoughts

An UnBalievable Trip

Olympics in Global Cities

On the Importance of CAPA's Global Internship Program

Vlog: Visiting the Impressive Iguazu Falls in South America

Introducing CAPA's Official Bloggers & Vloggers for Fall 2016

Taking an Elective Class Abroad in London

Top 10 Questions You Should Ask About Financial Aid

A Digital Media Career: From CAPA London Vlogger to Video Production in NYC

A Letter to Future CAPA Dublin Students

Vlog: A CAPA Buenos Aires Visit to an Estancia

How to Leave Your Small Town Comfort Zone & Study Abroad

Eating in London on a Student Budget

2016 Summer Olympics: Athletes from CAPA Locations

Vlog: Reflecting on a Summer Abroad in Dublin

5 Ways to Overcome Language Barrier Fears & Study Abroad

Reminiscing About a Study Abroad Summer in Sydney

5 Sites to Prepare You for Study Abroad

Vlog: Study Abroad Orientation in Buenos Aires

10 Reasons I’ll Return to Ireland

Exploring England's South Coast: Brighton, Bournemouth & Portsmouth

Shanghai Contradictions: Ancient & Modern, Bustling & Calm

Vlog: Your Life, Your Journey

Top 5 Ted Talks to Build Your Confidence

From a CAPA Semester Abroad to an Internship at CAPA Headquarters

Disintegration: When the UK voted to leave the European Union

Vlog: The Journey to Study Abroad in Buenos Aires

Study Abroad: 8 Things I Bought in Dublin

How a Family in Florence Helped Me Escape My Comfort Zone

How to Spend Your Free Time Near CAPA London

Vlog: A PR Internship Abroad in Dublin

12 Movies to Inspire Your Study Abroad Location Decision

Exploring Florence as a Psychology Major Abroad

Media Towers in Global Cities

Study Abroad: A Day in My Dublin Life

Vlog: Melanie's Top Study Abroad Pre-Departure Tips

A CAPA London Excursion to Stonehenge & Bath

Vlog: Walking from Bray to Greystones & a Few Lessons from Ireland

10 Awesome Sydney Instagram Photos from Spring Semester 2016

How Studying Abroad Shifted My Career Trajectory

A Reflection on Study Abroad, Race & Changing Perceptions of the US

4 Reasons to Consider an International Internship

One Year of Meeting the World

How Studying Abroad in Sydney Changed Me

A Definitive Ranking of The Places I’ve Been This Summer

Vlog: Reflections on a Study Abroad Summer in Sydney

Vlog: Returning Home After a Study Abroad Summer in London

Arriving in London & A Neighborhood Tour

10 Awesome Shanghai Instagram Photos from Spring Semester 2016

Vlog: Reflections on Family, History & Politics After a Trip to London

Interning Abroad in Dublin: Lessons in Irish History & Culture

Sydney for the Senses: City Observations

The Benefits of Travel

Fashion Trends & Street Style in Sydney

Study Abroad in Dublin: 6 Cliffs of Moher & Kylemore Abbey Bus Tour Tips

Vlog: A Weekend Trip to Melbourne, Australia

Vlog: CAPA London Study Abroad Academics

Study Abroad in London: Thoughts From the Plane

10 Awesome London Instagram Photos from Spring Semester 2016

Vlog: Exploring Dublin - Urban Markets

Matthew's Top 10 Favorite Places in Sydney

Career Spotlight: Global Education Specialist & Registrar

How to Overcome FOMO & Study Abroad

My First Post-Study-Abroad Voyage

10 Things Ireland Does Better (& 10 Things It Doesn’t)

Exploring Sydney: Café 1812 in Darlinghurst

Vlog: A Waterfall Tour in Cairns, Australia

Vlog: Exploring Oxford - Hogwarts Style

Why Is It Important to Have Study Abroad Experience?

Vlog: A CAPA Dublin Excursion to Belfast, Northern Ireland

10 Awesome Florence Instagram Photos from Spring Semester 2016

Pursuing the Holy Grail: The Problem of Quality (Continued)

Reflecting on a Semester Abroad in Buenos Aires

Behind the Scenes of a Closed-Doors Restaurant in Buenos Aires

Academics Abroad: Learning About Human Rights & Government Policy in Sydney

Connecting Global Cities: The Global Cities Index 2016

Study Abroad in Dublin: A Shopping & Restaurant Guide

A CAPA Sydney Excursion: Blue Mountains & Featherdale Wildlife Park

An Overnight "Roar & Snore" Adventure at Australia's Taronga Zoo

Vlog: 10 Tips for a Successful Internship

10 Awesome Dublin Instagram Photos from Spring Semester 2016

A Day in the Life of a CAPA Dublin Student

Exploring the Magical Scenery of Australia's Blue Mountains

Study Abroad: How to be a Supportive Parent

Lessons I Learned While Studying Abroad in Buenos Aires

From a Sports Internship Abroad to a Career with the Pittsburgh Steelers

Study Abroad Classes: Writing the Global City - Sydney

Why I Chose Ireland and Why I’m Glad Ireland Chose Me

Vlog: Interning Abroad in Sydney - House of Brand

A CAPA London Global Cities Trip to Paris

10 Awesome Buenos Aires Instagram Photos from Spring Semester 2016

Arriving in Dublin & Study Abroad Orientation

On Financing & Budgeting for Study Abroad: Setting Expectations

Career Focus: Life as a Study Abroad Institutional Relations Manager

Top 10 Spanish Words & Phrases I Use All the Time in Buenos Aires

6 Biggest Study Abroad Fears & How to Overcome Them

7 Tips I've Learned from my Ireland Experience So Far

Exploring Sydney: George Street

Vlog: Sightseeing in London

Vlog: Sydney Bucket List - Bondi Beach

The Top 10 Ways to Make Your College Experience More Rewarding

Vlog: Preparing to Study Abroad in Dublin

Study Abroad: What's the Food Like in Buenos Aires?

Study Abroad in Buenos Aires: Two Semester in a Row

Interning Abroad in Sydney with The Fundraising People: The First Few Days

A Taste of Italy: Cooking My Favorite Italian Pasta Dish - Gnocchi alla Sorrentina

Maine to Ireland: Returning Home

Six Worries I Have As I Depart for Dublin (And How I’m Reducing Them)

3 Tips for Getting Used to Your Study Abroad City: Sydney

Vlog: Culture Clash - Differences Between the US and UK

Travel: Sea & Smiles in Brighton, England

Vlog: Arriving in Sydney, CAPA Accommodation & Orientation

International Education: In Search of Quality

10 Resources for Foodies: Sydney Edition

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Official Bloggers & Vloggers, Fall 2016 ($900 Grant)

Study Abroad in Sydney: Arrival and Orientation

Civil Rights Career Focus: On Researching the Roma

Volunteering Abroad in Buenos Aires

Maine to Ireland: Final Farewell & Thank You

Theme Parks in Global Cities

Weekend Trips from Shanghai: Hangzhou

Study Abroad in Sydney: Catherine's Ultimate Packing List

Redefining Study Abroad

Vlog: Study Abroad Orientation in London

Vlog: Study Abroad in Sydney - Pre-Departure Thoughts

How to Study Abroad with Type 1 Diabetes

10 Resources for Foodies: Shanghai Edition

Making the Decision to Study Abroad

Through the Lens: Capturing Life Across the Globe

Study Abroad in Buenos Aires: The Academics

Maine to Ireland: Top 10 Dublin Restaurant Recommendations

On Street Food & the China Art Museum

Vlog: Packing for a Summer Abroad in London

With Love, From Sydney: Finding Balance in Australia

Introducing CAPA's Official Bloggers & Vloggers for Summer 2016

10 Resources for Foodies: London Edition

Study Abroad: The Parents' Perspective

Exploring the Fairs of Buenos Aires

Vlog: So long, Australia - A Compilation of Study Abroad Memories

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