All the Places I Explored During My First Week in London

Experiencing the National Day of Catalonia in Spain

My New Favorite Thing: Indian Food in London

A Marketing and Communications Internship at Unbridled in Sydney

How to Pack for a Semester Abroad in Shanghai

How to Start a Blog That Will Impress Your Friends, Aunts, and Even Strangers

Getting Into Gaelic Football and Supporting the Women's Team

Why I Like the Location of My Study Abroad Accommodation in Sydney

Conversations in Brave Spaces: Jews and Black Americans

A Tour of Shepherd's Bush in London

Sharing My Moments From Venice

Understanding the National Day of Catalonia in Spain

The Places I Visited During My First Week in Dublin

Living Like a Local in Florence: Embracing Differences and Adjusting Accordingly

3 Interesting Places I Saw in Downtown Shanghai

Time to Change: Processing and Anticipating My Growth This Semester

Getting to Know Barcelona for the First Time

Get to Know My Roommates and See Our London Apartment

Arriving to a Royal Sighting in London

Understanding the Irish Way of Life, Culture, and Academic System

How I Experience the Global and Diverse Characteristics of Sydney Daily

My Packing Strategy for a Semester Abroad in Barcelona

5 Ways I Prepared to Study Abroad in Shanghai

How I Overcame Several Travel Hiccups On My Way to Florence

CAPA Orientation in Barcelona: Arriving and Exploring the City

My Family Story Behind My Study Abroad and Travel Experience

Attending and Networking at Cosmopolitan's Self-Made Summit in London

Commuting to My Internship on Public Transportation for the First Time

Transitioning from the English Countryside to the Global City of London

Orientation Day in Florence and Learning About the City

Choosing to Study Abroad and All the Stops in Between

My Thoughts Before Leaving for London

The Countdown is On: Preparing for My Semester in Dublin

My Arrival in Sydney & First Impressions

Packing Smart for a Semester in Florence

Pre-departure Thoughts Before Heading to Barcelona

On Taking the Leap Abroad and Returning Home

Preparing and Packing for My Semester in London

Showing Friends from Back Home My New City

How My Packing Woes Turned into Pre-departure Lessons

Leaving Orlando Behind to Secure my Identity

Preparing for a Semester Abroad in Florence

My Global City: A Pasta Making Class at Cookery World

Leading Up to My Decision to Study Abroad in Sydney

Introducing CAPA's Official Bloggers & Vloggers for Fall 2018

Advice: Keep Your Eyes Up and Take In Buenos Aires

Keeping in Touch with Those Across the Pond

Experiencing the Chinese Work Culture Through My Internship at SparkPad

Coming Home: Reflecting on My Experience in Barcelona

Official CAPA Blogger Fall 2018: Lorenzo Corazzin - Sydney

Official CAPA Blogger Fall 2018: Martyn Megaloudis - Sydney

Official CAPA Vlogger Fall 2018: Daniel Powell - Shanghai

Official CAPA Vlogger Fall 2018: Rachel Epp - Shanghai

Official CAPA Vlogger Fall 2018: Ellen Anderson - London

Official CAPA Blogger Fall 2018: Christopher Halka - London

Official CAPA Blogger Fall 2018: Maisie Haney - London

Official CAPA Blogger Fall 2018: Genevieve Rice - London

Official CAPA Blogger Fall 2018: Connor McGlone - Florence

Official CAPA Blogger Fall 2018: Payton Meyer - Florence

Official CAPA Blogger Fall 2018: Casey Rhode - Dublin

Official CAPA Blogger Fall 2018: Jessica Kisluk - Dublin

Official CAPA Blogger Fall 2018: Maya Crawford - Barcelona

Official CAPA Vlogger Fall 2018: Amaia Rioseco - Barcelona

What It's Like to Be a Journalism Student and Magazine Lover Across the Pond

An Internship Experience in the Australian Legal Sector with Holman Webb Lawyers

On Meeting Locals, Blending In, and Stereotypes in Florence and Siena

My Global City: A Summer Dance Lesson in Buenos Aires

5 Ways to Live in London on a Student Budget

Adapting to Social Behavior and Facing My Biggest Culture Shock in Shanghai

How Studying Abroad in Florence Left Its Mark on Me

What It Means to Be a Global Citizen

Top 10 Places with the Best Views Around Sydney

Adventures Outside Florence: Biking to Val Gardena

How I Got from Buenos Aires to Patagonia, Uruguay, and Iguazu Falls

Observing Italian Norms: La Bella Figura

5 Reasons to Attend CAPA’s Global Education Workshop in Shanghai This Fall 2018

5 Reasons to Attend CAPA’s Global Education Workshop in Florence This Fall 2018

10 Attractions You Must See in Barcelona

On Studying Abroad as a Nursing Student and Sharing Stories with Others

7 Takeaways from My Study Abroad Experience

Coping with Mental Health While Abroad

Take Time to Enjoy the Small and Unexpected Moments

A Neighborhood Tour Around Goldhawk and Shepherd's Bush

4 Tips for Traveling by Train in Europe

What My Spanish-Language Internship is Like in Barcelona

My Global City: Seeing Barcelona from Tibidabo Mountain

Eating in Shanghai: A No-Holds-Barred Culinary Experience

Making Friends Abroad and My Favorite Encounter with a Local in Florence

10 Sweet-Tooth Cures You Can Find in London

My Global City: An Evening at the Sydney Observatory

My Daily Commute and Public Transportation Experience in Buenos Aires

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Official Bloggers & Vloggers, Fall 2018 (Up to $650 Grant)

The Consumer and Bargaining Culture in China

10 Restaurants and Cafes to Add to Your Culinary Quest in Florence

Taking Art Classes in Florence is a Dream Come True

Living Out What I'm Studying in Barcelona

My Global City: The Greenwich Boat Tour of London

The Empowering Experience of Studying, Interning, and Living Abroad

Living Abroad: Meet My Summer Roommates

Advice: Spend Your Time Exploring and Becoming Culturally Experienced

Catch Up with CAPA's Official Bloggers & Vloggers for Summer 2018

Adventures Outside Florence: Cinque Terre

My Summer Homestay Experience in Buenos Aires

A Cooking Class and Bonding Experience in Florence

Why I Chose to Study Abroad in Barcelona

What My Post-War British Pop Culture Course Taught Me

Top 10 Dulces (Sweets and Desserts) in Buenos Aires

How I Knew Sydney Was the Right Choice

10 Practical Ways to Fit In Better in Dublin

What My Summer Art Classes Are Like in Florence

Several Ways I Learned About the History and Culture of Buenos Aires

Do These 10 Things Before You Leave to Study Abroad

My Global City: Seeing the Exquisite Yu Garden

A Study Abroad Experience Four Years in the Making

A Local Asks Me About My Overall Experience in Buenos Aires

The Idea of Exploring a New City is Exciting

10 Prep Tips to Help You Have a Great Time Abroad

Official CAPA Blogger Summer 2018: Trisha Sanchez - Shanghai

Official CAPA Blogger Summer 2018: Sydney Alderman - Sydney

Official CAPA Blogger Summer 2018: Marianne Zarzar - Sydney

Official CAPA Blogger Summer 2018: Alice Ding - London

Official CAPA Blogger Summer 2018: Allyson Barnes - Florence

Official CAPA Blogger Summer 2018: Hannah Hardenbergh - Florence

Official CAPA Vlogger Summer 2018: Rachel Howell - Dublin

Official CAPA Blogger Summer 2018: Nora Callahan - Buenos Aires

Official CAPA Vlogger Summer 2018: Julia Schroder - Barcelona

My Global City: Learning How to Tango

Intern Abroad in Dublin: Matching Food Retailers with Local Charities

Horseback Riding at Caballos de Luz in Uruguay

DisGO Beyond with CAPA at the Boston Pride Parade 2018

My Favorite Buenos Aires Experiences So Far

10 Best Parts About Dublin

A Walking Tour of Buenos Aires

A CAPA Chat: Blending In Nicely with Ireland

A Student Experience with the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS)

A Howth Cliff Walk To Remember

God’s Own Junkyard: One of London’s Hidden Gems

Diversity Advocates Program: GoAbroad Award Nomination and Our Spring 2018 Advocates

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Official Bloggers & Vloggers, Summer 2018 (Up to $410 Grant)

On Homesickness, Keeping in Touch, and Being Present

My Global City: Why You Should Visit Belfast

Representing the U.S. While Blending in as a Londoner

El Infinito Silencio: I Attended a Play in Complete Darkness

My Study Abroad Experience Has Changed How I Think About Cities

Borders, Mobility and Migration: Privilege and Pain

My Experience at the London Fashion Week Festival 2018

Social Justice is a Way of Living Your Life

What to Expect When You Shop for Groceries in Dublin

A Sleeper Train and a Shanghai Fashion Week Experience

Connecting Global Cities: The U.S.-China Case Study

7 Must-Try Coffee Shops in London

How Language and Food Can Make You Feel At Home

A Day Trip to the Cliffs of Moher and Galway

5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Barcelona in the Fall

Shoreditch: Discovering Street Art and Beyond

Introducing the 2018 FEA CAPA Scholars

Kindness and Spirituality Can Be Found All Around Buenos Aires

How College in Ireland Works

5 (More) Florence Instagram Accounts to Inspire Nostalgia and Wanderlust

A Day in the Life of a Spring Semester Student in Florence

Missing London Each Time I Travel

Increasing Accessibility for Underrepresented Students to Study Abroad

What My Daily Life is Like in Buenos Aires

10 Helpful Tips for a Stress-Free Break in Europe

The Dean and Mr Schneider: No Laughing Matter

Why the City of London is an Inspiration for Travel Writing

Living Like a Londoner: A Day at My Internship

Academics in Shanghai: From Intensive Chinese Classes to Business Courses

Interview with Buenos Aires Locals

Why You Should Spend St. Patrick's Day in Dublin (and Not Anywhere Else)

Connecting Global Cities: Economic Power of Global Cities

A Social Media and Marketing Internship at a Fashion Label in London

The Movie Theater Experience in Shanghai

A Buenos Aires Internship at the Brincar Foundation

Dublin as a Global Hub

My European Spring Break: 5 Cities in 10 Days

Observing London with All of My Senses

Excursions to Suzhou and Zhujiajiao

The Joy of Writing is the Pleasure of Finding Things Out

Cucuruchus and Cherries

A Tour Around Portobello Neighborhood Near Griffith College

Shanghai: A City Like No Other

Orientation Day in Buenos Aires

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time Abroad with CAPA

Solo Hiking in Glendalough

Solita in Argentina: Studying Abroad in Buenos Aires

Exploring Dublin Through Its History

Imagined Space Revisited: Europe and the Obscene Whisper

3 Ways to Make Packing Easier

Irish Sports: Gaelic Football and Hurling

Connecting Global Cities: Celebrations and Tribulations of Chinese New Year

A Trip Down Memory Lane in Florence

A New Environment Full of Promise

Meet My Florence Roommates and See Our Accommodation Abroad

How Study Abroad is a Forever Experience

All About My GANZO Family in Florence

How Studying Abroad Can Spark the Flame for an International Career

Theatrics Back Home: How We're Doing After Studying Abroad

Why Now is the Right Time for Me to Study Abroad

10 Questions for CAPA Florence Alumna (and My Former Roommate) Audrey Detmer

7 Ways to Keep Calm and Carry On Upon Arrival

Traveling is Great, But Studying Abroad is Even More Wonderful

Arriving with a Sense of Curiosity

How Studying Abroad in Sydney Taught Me to Embrace Life

From Studying Abroad in London to Helping Others Get There

How to Create Interesting Vlogs

What I'm Packing for a Semester Abroad in Sydney

Imagined Space: Inventing the East and Creating the West

How to Solve Your Overpacking Problem and Survive a Long Flight

Why I Traveled After My Semester Ended Instead of Going Home

London is Where I Want To Be

Thoughts Before Studying Abroad in Florence

Packing for a Semester Abroad in London

On a Quest to Understand My Heritage

Connecting Global Cities: Expats Away from Home

Introducing CAPA's Official Bloggers & Vloggers for Spring 2018

Official CAPA Blogger Spring 2018: Claire Shrader - Buenos Aires

Official CAPA Vlogger Spring 2018: Bridgman Sellers - Sydney

Official CAPA Blogger Spring 2018: Brandon Mooney - Dublin

Official CAPA Blogger Spring 2018: Jolena Hou - Shanghai

Official CAPA Vlogger Spring 2018: Andres Hoberman - London

Official CAPA Blogger Spring 2018: Katelyn Henzy - Sydney

Official CAPA Vlogger Spring 2018: Michaella Estevez - Florence

Official CAPA Vlogger Spring 2018: Gabriella Dance - Dublin

Official CAPA Blogger Spring 2018: Rachel Cholewinski - Florence

Official CAPA Blogger Spring 2018: Kelly Allen - London

Official CAPA Vlogger Fall 2016: Felipe Perea – London

Official CAPA Vlogger Fall 2016: Emily Lambert – Dublin

Official CAPA Vlogger Spring 2017: Sarah Kaplan – Dublin

Photo Roundup: 6 (More) Pictures that Bring Me Back

Returning to American Suburbia

My Advice on How to Get Yourself Acquainted with Florence

Grateful for a Semester and Internship Abroad in Dublin

Does God Like Christmas?

By Academic Major & Internship Industry


Reflecting on a Semester Abroad in Shanghai

Connecting Global Cities: Review of 2017

A Reflection on My Heritage and Time in Poland

A Semester in Florence: Photo and Video Recap

How to Prepare for the End of Your Semester Abroad

An Interview with Professor David Edye

A Taste of Dublin: My Review of Klaw

Q&A with CAPA Students on Their Shanghai Experience

4 Pieces of Airport Advice for First-Time Travelers

Writing the City: Observational Writing in London

Christmas Markets in Florence

A Dublin Internship Abroad: Alice PR & Events

My Trip to Venice, Italy

Globalization: Perspectives from Students Studying Abroad in London

Globalization: Issues I've Learned from Studying Abroad

When All the Countries Come Together

Chasing Lecoq in Paris

Top 5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Florence

Globalization: Influencing Cultures and Daily Life

A CAPA Chat: The Dublin Difference

Ready, Set, Goal: Seeing a Football Match in Manchester

What is Reverse Culture Shock and Some Ways to Deal with It

Touring My Internship at FoodCloud in Dublin

6 Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Studied Abroad in Florence

Official CAPA Vlogger Fall 2017: Kristopher Boryla - Florence

Official CAPA Vlogger Fall 2017: Celess Valle - Florence

Influencer Marketing, Social Media, and Work Culture in China

The Class Field Trips We Took in London

A Bucket List Location 3 Hours from Florence

The Exonerated: An Unforgettable Play about Wrongful Conviction

CAPA World Blog: 5 Year Anniversary

On the Spot: A Local Asks Me About Florence and My Experience

5 Life-Changing Study Abroad Experiences in Sydney

On the Spot: A Dubliner Asks How Ireland Surprised Me

Beyond our Vision: A Shameful Amnesia

3 Days in Beijing

Getting the Most Out of Our Internships in Sydney

Examining Shakespeare in a U.S. Drama School and on London's Stages

Go with the Flo': One Day at a Time

A Dubliner's Guide to Donuts: Top 10 Places to Try

My Experience as a Theater Student in London

Academics Abroad: An Interview with Professor Diana Pell

From Professor to Student: Study Abroad and Career Building Advice

Seeing and Tasting Global Flavors

How I Recovered After Falling Sick Abroad

Connecting Global Cities: The Future of Globalization

5 Things to Remember When You Travel Out of London

On the Spot: A Sydney Local Asks Me About Australia

Why Studying Abroad in Florence is Right for Us (Part 2)

5 Days Outside Dublin

'Twas 6 Weeks Before Christmas in London

Seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Lucca

Studying Abroad in London: A Global City and More

Academics and Culture Abroad: Top 3 Tips for Studying

Top 10 Things to Consider While Traveling During Your Study Abroad

Where You Can Stay When You Study Abroad

A Shopper's Paradise: Exploring the Fake Market in Shanghai

How Architecture Informs Culture and The Way We Live

Top 10 Places to Visit in Sydney Using Public Transportation

Why Studying Abroad in Florence is Right for Us (Part 1)

Halloween Abroad: The Dublin Macnas Parade

CAPA The Global Education Network Partners with the Fund for Education Abroad to Offer a New Scholarship Opportunity

Top 10 Ways to Cope with Homesickness Abroad

Remember What It Was Like On the 5th of November?

A Tour of Where I Attend Classes Abroad in Dublin

Globalization in Action: Go Beyond. Be a Part of Something Bigger.

Waking Up in the Heart of an Australian Zoo

10 Questions for CAPA Florence Alumna (and My Former Roommate) Rachel Epner

Keeping the Dream Alive at Shanghai Disneyland

Outward Attitudes in Amsterdam

A Sleepover at Taronga Zoo

Gaining Appreciation (and a Few Pounds) for Italian Cuisine

Venturing On an Excursion to Edinburgh, Scotland

Top 10 Highlights of Studying Abroad in London

Meeting My Italian Study Abroad Family

Visiting Kilmainham Gaol and Learning More Irish History

Smile. Act. Repeat.

Worlds Apart: From Idealism to Pragmatism

Exercising Independence and Taking Risks

How My Classes Abroad are Different

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Official Bloggers & Vloggers, Spring 2018 (Up to $770 Grant)

My Route to See Ink at West End

Immersing Myself in the Beauty of Sydney

Italian 101: Phrases I Picked Up While Studying Abroad

5 Tips on How to Start Your Study Abroad Blog

One Girl, One Borough

Let Me Show You Around My Study Abroad Apartment

4 Reasons Why It's Worth Studying Abroad and Other Fun Stories from Sydney

A Day Trip to Glendalough, Wicklow, and Kilkenny

Cultural Insights: 4 Daily Differences Between Americans and Italians

Trekking the Glorious Mount Huangshan in China

Connecting Global Cities: World Skills

Getting Out of London to Greater England

Spending a Very Special Spring Break Abroad

Peeking Outside Dublin: Adventures in Northern Ireland

A Day in Venice

Buenos Aires, Argentina

National Pasta Day: 4 Study Abroad Food Experiences in Florence

Sand Between My Toes: A Weekend in the Amalfi Coast

A Single Day's Journey by Tube

My Room Abroad This Semester

How I Spent My Spring Break in New Zealand

A Look Around CAPA Florence

Savoring Shanghai: 2017 West Bund Food Festival

What It's Like to Intern Abroad in Sydney

Brighton Brings Ideas

Analyzing and Exploring the Global Cities: Unpacking a City Through a Course

An Interview with CAPA Florence Professor Alessandro Marchi

Dublin, Ireland

Differences Between California and Florence

Real People, Real London

Why The Beauty of Studying Abroad is the Unknown

How I Spent Labor Day Weekend in Sydney

Americans Taste Irish Candy

6 Reasons Why I Chose to Study Abroad in Florence

World Teachers' Day: Appreciating Our Study Abroad Professors

5 Tips to Get the Most of Your Weekend Travels

The Different Types of Food I Tried in Shanghai

What I See: Diversity in the U.K. and U.S.

Where We Go to Study: A Tour of CAPA Sydney

Experiencing the Spirit of Dublin

My Global Education Class Trip to Siena

Florence, Italy

10 Interesting Facts About Dublin

Making My Way Through Florence for Dinner

The Sister Cliffs

The Difference Between the Plane Ride There and the Plane Ride Home

My First Gaelic Football Experience

Beyond the Classroom: Studying at CAPA Sydney

An Interview: 10 Questions with Fellow CAPA Student Dana Perez

10 Unexpected Things I Needed to Pack

Finding Ways to Stay in Touch While Abroad

Film Spools Are for Folio Fools

5 Ways to Spend Your Day in Florence

5 Ways to Adjust to a New Semester Abroad

10 Interesting Facts about London

How I Spent My First Weekend Abroad in Florence

Standing with History in Stonehenge and the Roman Baths

On Being a Nontraditional Study Abroad Student

A Trip to EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

Loving Every Square Inch of the City

The Circus

My Visit to the Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Centre

A Typical Day of My Study Abroad Life in Florence

Connecting Global Cities: The Sharing Economy in Global Cities

An Inside Look at the Sydney Opera House

Keep Your Eyes on the Coffee While You Walk Through the Greens

A Homestay Tour in Florence

London, England

My First Impressions of Dublin

Top 10 Travel Blogs You Should Read

Greater Heights: My Flight to Florence

A Proper High Tea in Regent's Park

Interning, Volunteering, and Learning Abroad: You Can Do It All

My First Day in Dublin

Finding My Perfect Internship Fit

A Tranquil Day at Yu Garden in Shanghai

My Arrival in Firenze

Landing in London

Sydney Coffee Culture

Remembering the Essentials for Florence

Shanghai, China

Predeparture Thoughts: Filling My Map

10 Interesting Facts about Florence

How I Packed Efficiently for My Semester Abroad

From the English Countryside to My Room in London

Capturing Study Abroad: Memories and More

Seeing Sydney: Shops, Seasons, and Stunning Strolls

What I'll Be Wearing in Dublin

Just Days Away From Florence

Tour of My Study Abroad Accommodation in Shanghai

Bridging My Hop Across The Pond

What My Study Abroad Schedule In Sydney Looks Like

Sydney, Australia

10 Interesting Facts about Sydney

A Short Goodbye Before Leaving for London

On the Importance of Education and Giving Back

If I Had One More Day in Florence

Establishing the Study Abroad Squad

Prepping to Study Abroad in Shanghai

Study Abroad Accommodation in Sydney

10 Things That Will Remind You of Your Trips Abroad

Why You Should Intern Abroad if You Have the Opportunity

Pre-Departure: Rolling Out My Suitcase

Homecoming after Study Abroad in London

Too Academic: A Therapeutic Approach

U2: A Spectacular Dublin Event

Packing for Study Abroad in Sydney

Study Abroad Won't Be Easy, but It Will Be Worth It

4 Places to Run or Walk in London

Introducing CAPA's Official Bloggers & Vloggers for Fall 2017

On Taking a Chance by Leaving the US for the First Time

Top 10 Free Things to Do in London

Connecting Global Cities: Go East Young Person

The Moment I Knew I Became a Londoner

Official CAPA Vlogger Fall 2017: Tylor Brooks - Dublin

Official CAPA Blogger Fall 2017: Hayley Parker - Florence

Popular Dishes from Each CAPA Global City

Official CAPA Vlogger Fall 2017: Nicole Anderson - Sydney

Official CAPA Blogger Fall 2017: Elizabeth Leahy - Dublin

Official CAPA Blogger Fall 2017: Thaddeus Kaszuba - London

The Things I'll Take With Me from My Second Home

Stepping Out of the US for the First Time On My Journey to Dublin

London Internship at the Center for Brain and Cognitive Development

Official CAPA Vlogger Fall 2017: Sarah Hanegan - Shanghai

Official CAPA Vlogger Fall 2017: Maureen Gleason - London

Official CAPA Blogger Fall 2017: Hanna Okhrimchuk - Sydney

Loving London Lattes: My Top 10 Picks

My Top 10 Takeaways from My Experience in Dublin

10 English Colloquial Phrases or Words to Learn Before You Travel to Sydney

A Trip to Dingle, County Kerry

The Gilman Scholarship: How to Look for Other Ways to Fund Study Abroad

10 Awesome Apps for Studying Abroad in Florence

Vlog: Canterbury, Dover Castle, and White Cliffs

In China, We DO Chat, Don't We?

The Top 5 Trips I took Outside of Dublin

What My Internship Has Taught Me About My Career

Why Staying in Shape Abroad has More Benefits than You May Think

10 Interesting Facts About Shanghai

My Time Interning at Olytico

Why it's Important to Set Goals for Yourself Abroad

Theater in the City: An Interview with My Professor

The Length of Study Abroad: Does it Matter?

5 Tips for Using Public Transportation in Any City

My Global Education Events: Sites That a Dublin Local Would Visit

Why Changing My Daily Routine to Study Abroad was Worth It

10 Interesting Facts About Buenos Aires

My Fascinating Trip to Christiania in Copenhagen

Hop to it: How Interning Abroad Prepared Me for My Future

My Global Education Royal Bike Tour

Connecting Global Cities: The Economics of Living in Global Cities

How to be a Flâneur in your Global City

Learning in London: CAPA's My Global Education Events

Five Places to See Theater in London

Dogs of Dublin: a Deeper Look into Some of the City’s Hippest Dogs

Looking Back on Dublin

What it's Like to Live in a London Homestay

On Being Thankful for the Opportunity of a Lifetime

Top 10 Best DART Trips to Take From Dublin

Exploring My New Neighborhood with My Flatmates in London

Reflecting on Florence: Why I'm Glad I Studied Abroad

The Top 10 Best Things I have Done, Seen, and Eaten in Sydney

10 Mandarin Phrases or Words to Learn Before You Travel to Shanghai

Top 10 Hidden Gems of Dublin: Foodie Edition

Surfing My Way to New Adventures in Sydney

5 Little Pieces of Advice for Studying Abroad in Florence

Pre-Departure to a Summer in London

My Advice For Students Considering Studying Abroad

My Last Weekend in Sydney: Organizing a Mashay Event

Living Abroad: Rooms, Roommates, and More

What I Expected and What Really Happened: Studying in London

Thoughts and Feelings Before Study Abroad

9 Places to Visit Outisde of Florence During Study Abroad

How I Have Changed Since Being Here: the Difference Between

10 English Colloquial Phrases or Words to Learn Before You Travel to Dublin

Terrorism and Studying Abroad: the Reality

How I Turned My Study Abroad Experience into a Career

Top 10 Things to Do While You Are Studying Abroad

My Top 10 Sydney Eats

The Complete Guide to Financing Your Study Abroad Experience

The Top Ten Affordable Foods Found Throughout London

Music Culture in Dublin

What Happens When You Stumble upon a Festival

Finding my Favorite Excursion: an Overnight in the Zoo

5 Tips to Write your Cover Letter

Coming Home: How Buenos Aires Has Changed Me

My Favorite Class at CAPA: Irish Cinema

How London Introduced Me to My Favorite Things

Exploring Buenos Aires Through Its History

Exploring Space: The Streets of Boston

New Friends at the Taronga Zoo

How to Write the Right Resume for Internships Abroad

Vlog: My Homecoming and How I've Grown

A Dublin Foodie's Paradise: Where to Eat

Exploring Fashion in London

10 Little Tips that Will Help You Around Florence

A Journey to New Zealand: Auckland and Queenstown

5 Tips to Pack Like a Pro

What’s in My Suitcase Part 2: a Reflection on My Time in Buenos Aires

A Review of the Taste of Dublin

Wondering Where Home is and What it Means

10 Tips for Coping with Reverse Culture Shock

It's a Small World: Reminders of Home in Buenos Aires

(Surprisingly) Missing Home in Sydney

Connecting Global Cities: One Belt One Road

Vlog: a Farewell Dinner in Buenos Aires

How to Write a Study Abroad Scholarship Essay and Win

Exploring the Global City of London by its Development

Seeing the Priceless Parts of Ireland

Exploring the Uffizi Gallery: My Happiest Moment in Florence

How Not to Get Sick and What to do if You Already Are

10 Tips to Capture Your Study Abroad Memories

Ireland’s Single Story

An Interview: Meet my Roommate!

Appreciating What's Around You During Your Time Abroad

Making My Study Abroad Dreams a Reality in Buenos Aires

Falling Head Over Heels for My Internship at Mashay (Literally)

Argentine Style and Volunteer Day

An Average Weekday in London for a CAPA Student

The Differences and Benefits of Interning Dublin

Reviewing the Past 4 Months in Dublin

How to Cook Afforadble Food at Home in Florence

Official CAPA Vlogger Spring 2017: Michela Mickaluck – Dublin

Interning in a Unique Industry: My Time With FoodFaith

Why I'm the Right Kind of Person to Study in Shanghai

10 Tips to Take Better Photos

An Interview with Erwin Luchtenberg, Professor of Sociology at Universidad Austral

My First Impressions of Very Green Dublin

Life Back in the US After Life Abroad in Dublin

Why Studying and Living Abroad Will Change Your Life

Photo Roundup: 8 Pictures that Bring Me Back

Reminiscing on My Time in Dublin and Making More Memories

Living Down Under- Challenges and Culture Shock

Vlog: A Trip to Iguazu Falls

Transportation Options in Dublin

A Royal Tour: Biking Through London's Regal Parks

The Kindness of the Irish: Dublin's First Impressions

From Florence to Pisa to Cinque Terre: My First Thoughts of Italy

Visiting the KAWS Exhibit at the Yuz Museum in Shanghai

My First Taste of Sydney: Expectations vs. Reality

10 Italian Phrases to Learn Before You Travel to Florence

How to Pack When Traveling Abroad

A Visit to MALBA in Buenos Aires

Last Minute to-do's in Ireland

From Student to Employee: My Life With CAPA

Make the Most of Your Time Abroad: 5 Time Management Tips for Study Abroad Students

Exploring Space: Names and Monuments

A Taste of Home at Jay's American Restaurant

Pre-Departure Blunders: Major Don’ts for Departure

Returning to Europe and Reflecting on the Importance of Study Abroad

Adventures in Edinburgh, Scotland

Shopping In and Around My Flat in Shepherd’s Bush

My Tips to Survive the Long Flight to Your Host Country

Thoughts and Feelings Before Heading Down Under

Want to Buy This? Interning in Sales in Shanghai

Top TV Shows to Watch Abroad

A Taste of Diversity in Buenos Aires

How to Use the DART to Malahide Castle & Town

How Studying Abroad Led to My Career in Higher Education

So You Want to Study at an Irish College?

Global Cities Class Trip to Palacio Borolo

Connecting Global Cities: Commuting in Global Cities

How Not to Pack for a Summer Abroad

My Top Travel Tips and Tricks

The Top 10 Ways to Document Your Time Abroad as a Student

10 English Colloquial Phrases or Words to Learn Before You Travel to London

On a Budget: Grocery Shopping in Dublin

Official CAPA Blogger Summer 2017: Sally Rountree - Buenos Aires

My 5 Favorite Argentine Phrases

Introducing CAPA's Official Bloggers & Vloggers for Summer 2017

From West to East: My Time in Shanghai

A Miniguide to the Griffith College Neighborhood

La Bomba de Teimpo: Culture in Buenos Aires

Rock of Cashel and Blarney Castle

Why I Chose to be a CAPA Study Abroad Blogger

10 Spanish Phrases to Learn Before You Travel to Buenos Aires

Official CAPA Blogger Summer 2017: Seth Neu - London 1

Official CAPA Vlogger Spring 2017: Natalie Emmert – Sydney

Official CAPA Blogger Summer 2017: Maita Ankrum - London 2

A Trip to Salta: Seeing Salinas and More

What My Semester Looks Like: Classes and a CAPA Internship

A Move to the Big City: My Experience Abroad

Official CAPA Blogger Summer 2017: Madeline Messina - Dublin

From Belfast, Maine to Belfast, Ireland

4 Things I Wish I Did Differently During my Time Abroad

Official CAPA Blogger Summer 2017: Cat Gloria - Dublin

Official CAPA Blogger Summer 2017: Jiwon Choi - Florence

Official CAPA Blogger Summer 2017: Shayanna Roman - Sydney

Homecoming: The Unfamiliar Familiar

Observations of Buenos Aires Through My Senses

My Top 10 Takeaways from a London Study Abroad Experience

Official CAPA Vlogger Summer 2017: Corissa Wurth – London

Official CAPA Blogger Summer 2017: Skylee Lawton - Sydney

Departing Down Under: Reflections on a Semester in Sydney

Vlog: a CAPA Trip to Belfast

One of China's Most Popular Tourist Destinations: a Trip to Guilin

50 Shanghai Quotes We Love

Visiting Tigre, a Lush Island Town

Gaelic Culture in Dublin: Gaelic Football and Croke Park

Study Abroad as an Investment in Yourself and Your Career

Springtime in the City of Dublin

What to Do at the Airport: New Landscapes

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Studying Abroad & The Power of Perspective

Stretch Yourself: 10 Recommendations to Make Your Shanghai Trip Worth It

Why We Travel

Embracing Two Volunteer Opportunities in Florence

7 Things To Do For Free in Dublin

10 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Vlog: A Look Around London's Sky Garden

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Gaining Confidence From Exploring a New Culture

CAPA World Blog: 4 Year Anniversary

Dublin: Nature & the City

Innovation Links Global Cities

Exploring Suzhou, China: The Venice of the Orient

Sounds familiar? Roma & Memory

Top 10 Sydney Take-aways

Il Mio Compleanno A Roma: A Birthday Celebration in Rome

Official CAPA Vlogger Fall 2016: Melanie Sweeney – Buenos Aires

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving in London

Vlog: A Visit to Wollongong, Australia

Vlog: Visiting the White Cliffs of Dover, England

Advice for Students Considering a Study Abroad Program

Official CAPA Vlogger Fall 2016: Elizabeth Sheeley – Sydney

10 Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving Abroad

How an Internship Abroad Can Change Your Career Plans

Lessons from CAPA's Civil Rights Conference

Vlog: Tips for Dealing with Culture Shock

Vlog: Homecoming After a Semester in Buenos Aires

Interning Abroad in Sydney: OASIS

Shanghai Disney: American with an Asian Flair

Civil Rights: A CAPA Student Perspective

Vlog: A Roar & Snore Adventure at Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Observations on Cultural Differences & Stereotypes Abroad

Music, food & Reflection at the CAPA Florence Midterm Dinner

50 Years of Campaigning for Civil & Human Rights

10 Ways to Stay Healthy Abroad

Study Abroad in Dublin: When Families Visit

Vlog: Reflecting on a Study Abroad Semester in Sydney

A Universal Love of Coffee

An Italian Host Mom's Prized Recipes: Pancetta Carbonara & Tiramisu

The Joy of Getting Lost in Your Study Abroad Host City

Vlog: Living on Campus at Griffith College in Dublin

Vlog: Looking Back on a Semester in Buenos Aires

You Can’t Come to China…

Academics Abroad in Sydney: Australian Film & Travel Writing 101

3 Different Internship Experiences in London

Actually Studying when Studying Abroad

Vlog: A Short Trip to Italy

Travel Options: 4 Ways to Get Around While Abroad

Civil Rights in Dublin: An Internship at the Peter McVerry Trust

Vlog: Elizabeth's 10 Favorite Places in Sydney

On Receiving a Special Scholarship that Allowed Me to Study Abroad

Spence's Favorite Havens in Florence

Vlog: Building Friendships on Griffith College Student Union Trips

From CAPA Student to CAPA Staff: Seeing ‘The Other Side’ of Study Abroad

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Observations on the Culture of Sydney

Foreigners in China: A Look at Identity in Shanghai

Vlog: CAPA Sydney's Midterm Dinner Celebrations

10 Best Ways to Spend a Weekend in London

Carrying Anxiety & Depression Abroad

Thoughts of a Fellow CAPA Student: An Interview with Aydali Campa

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10 Awesome Hashtags for Study Abroad

7 Lessons I've Learned While Studying Abroad

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On Studying & Interning Abroad in Sydney as a Sport Management Major

Study Abroad in Florence: Expectations vs. Reality

National Cat Day 2016

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Re-Reading the City: Jews and Urban Identity

Vlog: Top 10 Student Discounts in Buenos Aires

Europe & Ancient China: Both in One Place

Travel: A Visit to Cairns in Queensland, Australia

Thoughts of a Fellow CAPA Student: An Interview with Diana Gomez

CAPA's Core Values in Action

Vlog: A Visit to Australia's Gold Coast

Personalized Learning, Cultural Engagement & Academic Rigor in Study Abroad

The 5 Best Podcasts for Travelers

Study Abroad: On Finding Balance Between Work & Play

Vlog: A Show at London's Royal Opera House

Visiting Perugia, Italy, for the 2016 Eurochocolate Festival


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