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How the Challenges of Study Abroad Benefit You Long-Term

May 2, 2019 1:00:00 PM / by Claire Shrader

In this post, CAPA Alumna Claire Shrader talks about how the humbling experience of living in a country with a different language and culture will force you to rise to challenges you never though possible and help you better face challenges when you return home. 

I recently found some notes from a lecture we had on cultural assimilation at the beginning of my semester abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This particular quote is referring to learning another language and interacting with native speakers, when it says: “It’s like we’re learning to dance and we’re stepping on each other.”

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What No One Tells You about Studying Abroad in Buenos Aires

Nov 21, 2018 2:08:02 PM / by Claire Shrader

Having noticed that there aren't as many travel tips available for Buenos Aires than say...London, CAPA Alumna Claire Shrader shares her recommendations for those interested in studying abroad in Buenos Aires. 

When you go to London, they tell you to eat the fish and chips. When you go to Spain, they tell you to enjoy the paella and book the cheap RyanAir flights around Europe. So, then, what must you eat, do, and explore in Buenos Aires? I’m here with a few of the best.

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3 Personal and Professional Perks of Study Abroad You Only Realize Once You Return Home

Nov 12, 2018 10:55:00 AM / by Claire Shrader

CAPA Alumni Claire Shrader shares 3 areas in which she's noticed a lasting benefit from studying abroad in Buenos Aires. 

Everyone has a different purpose in spending a semester abroad. For me, there were many, but one of the biggest reasons was to greatly improve my Spanish ability in a way I knew I could only do by being immersed in it 24/7. Man, did Buenos Aires totally surpass all of my hopes in that regard. It was amazing to me to watch my language ability develop from the first day, where I shyly rode the whole way back from the airport without saying a word, to two days later, where I was laughing and chatting with my host family, to two weeks after that, where I was so comfortable speaking, and could understand them most of the time, too, to two months later, when I understood almost 100% of what was said to me, and was able to articulate my thoughts and ideas in a way that made sense, and was actually, dare I say it, almost eloquent.

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What Living in Argentina Taught Me About Myself and About Life

Nov 9, 2018 10:57:30 AM / by Claire Shrader

CAPA Alumni Claire Shrader reflects on some of the most important things she learned about herself while studying abroad in Buenos Aires, and the different outlook on life she gained from her time abroad.

I think those of our friends who have not studied abroad could definitely tell those of us who have that the line, “I miss _________ about studying abroad!” has become a staple in our conversations. Living in another country for 3-4 months is no small endeavor, and processing it once you’re home often hits at strange moments. For me, the smell of exhaust as I wait at the stop light to get to my dorm can take me right back to my 12-minute walk to the subway station in Buenos Aires, where I took subway D to my internship in Belgrano. It’s a small thing—just a stop light and a smell—but that experience is so fresh to me, that’s all it takes to instantly transport me back to that moment. There are a million things I miss about being in Argentina, and most of them revolve around food, ha.

But along with all of the things I miss, every time the word “Buenos Aires” comes to mind, I can’t help but think of the things I learned while there, too.

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3 Reasons to Study Abroad in Buenos Aires from Someone Who Did!

Oct 31, 2018 9:21:00 AM / by Claire Shrader

CAPA Alumni Claire Shrader reflects on why she chose to study abroad in Buenos Aires and discusses what made her fall in love with the city, musing on why the unique characteristics of the city and it's people might just have you falling in love with it too! 

“Why Buenos Aires?” was often a question I was asked in the months and weeks leading up to my time abroad. I thought I knew how to answer it before I went, and I did, kind of.

I told people that I had been twice in high school, totally fell in love with the language, culture, and people, and had been dreaming of going back and delving deeper into the relationships I began six years ago.

That answer only just barely touched the surface of why Buenos Aires was the perfect place for me, and there’s so many more reasons why I think it could be the perfect place for you.

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