Coping with Mental Health While Abroad

Aug 1, 2018 4:30:00 PM / by Allyson Barnes

Allyson Barnes

Allyson Barnes is an official CAPA blogger for summer 2018, sharing her story in weekly posts on CAPA World. An Anthropology, Evolutionary Biology and Ecology, and Studio Arts major at University of Colorado Boulder, she is studying abroad in Florence this semester.

In this week's post, Allyson opens up about mental health and shares 4 ways she coped while studying abroad.


Going abroad is something that has become somewhat of a staple for the American student. It’s broadcasted all over campus and it is so strongly encouraged for students of any major. As an anthropology major, finding somewhere to go was easy, but it was a matter of finding somewhere that I wanted to go and where I felt safe and okay going.

CAPAStudyAbroad_Florence_Summer2018_From Allyson Barnes - With My RoommatesMe and my awesome roommates!

I am one of many people with diagnosed severe anxiety and depression and I am being medicated for it. The stigma in our society is real and it exists, and it makes it difficult to talk about sometimes but I know that it is necessary. As a study abroad student, that poses an extra difficulty for me when making decisions about my program location, length abroad, etc...

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How I Recovered After Falling Sick Abroad

Nov 16, 2017 1:30:00 PM / by Irene Kanthan


Sarah is an official CAPA vlogger for fall 2017, sharing her story in weekly posts on CAPA World. A Fashion Retail and Merchandising major at Lasell College, she is studying abroad in Shanghai this semester.

In this week's post, Sarah talks about her experiences at a Chinese clinic and pharmacy and shares how she recovered after falling sick abroad.


Thanks Sarah!

Sarah's journey continues every Thursday so stay tuned.

Learn More about the CAPA Shanghai Program

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4 Places to Run or Walk in London

Aug 22, 2017 12:30:00 PM / by Regan Charie

Running or walking around a city is a fantastic and free way to see the sights. With a little research done before you head out and a good sense of direction (or a GPS), you’ll be able to master a self-guided tour. London is one of many cities around the world with great places to run or walk, but lucky for you, we’ve figured out the best routes that not only to pass by some historic landmarks, but are a great way to get some exercise as well.

4 Places to Run or Walk in London.png

1. The Thames

There really isn’t a better place to run in London than on the River Thames. One of London’s most well known features, the river runs through the heart of the city and is located near many world-renown landmarks. Whether you want to go on a serious run or see landmarks such as the London Eye or Big Ben, the banks of the Thames are a great place to not only workout, but also see the city.

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Why Staying in Shape Abroad has More Benefits than You May Think

Aug 2, 2017 12:30:00 PM / by Regan Charie

While you’re abroad you’ll be busy studying, eating, traveling and much, much more. While you are caught up in all the excitement of your new location, you may forget about the importance of exercising and staying in shape. Even though you may think running or biking (or any other exercise you may chose) will take time out of your day, there are plenty of ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, especially in the early stages of your travels.


One of the best things you can do when you arrive in your new city is run or bike. You’ll be able to do two things at once by learning about where you’ll be living while also burning off the delicious food you ate the night before. You may run past a café that you want to try, or you may get to meet some locals to run with! Either way, it’s a win-win situation. Make sure to not get lost, and also speak to your advisors to see which areas are better to run in than others.

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10 Ways to Stay Healthy Abroad

Nov 15, 2016 1:30:00 PM / by Stephanie Sadler

There's no doubt that staying healthy when you travel can be a challenge. Just because you're likely having the time of your life doesn't mean you won't have to face the same sniffles, sneezes and other ailments that you would back home. And let's face it: you're in a completely new environment, trying to fit as much as possible into your days and nights which means there's a good chance you're not sleeping as much, that your diet has changed and that your usual morning jog could have been replaced by the snooze button. So what can you do to keep your immune system happy? 

10 Ways to Stay Healthy Abroad

Here are 10 of the best ways we've found to stay healthy when you study abroad: 

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Carrying Anxiety & Depression Abroad

Nov 2, 2016 8:30:00 AM / by Stephanie Sadler Sides is an official CAPA blogger for fall 2016, sharing her story in weekly posts on CAPA World. A psychology major, she is studying abroad in Florence this semester through the custom program at Norco College.

In this week's post, Kayla talks about dealing with anxiety and depression while abroad.


Time to slow things down and get a little real here, guys. Disclaimer: this post deals with anxiety and depression, and it's going to get a bit personal.

I wanted to write about this topic because anxiety and depression can cause some problems for people who either want to study abroad or are already traveling. It can get hard. So, this post is for those who need advice or a reminder that they're not alone and it's possible to have the time of your life out here even if you do have that little monster on your back. Mental illnesses affect everyone differently. There is not one universal or "right" way to have or deal with them. I have General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and depression. I was clinically diagnosed a few years ago.

CAPAStudyAbroad_Florence_Fall2016_From Kayla Sides - Anxiety and Depression.png

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Vlog: How to Cope When You Get Sick Abroad

Sep 19, 2016 8:30:00 AM / by Stephanie Sadler

CAPAStudyAbroad_Sydney_Fall2016__Elizabeth_Sheeley_-_Profile.jpgElizabeth Sheeley is an official CAPA vlogger for fall 2016, sharing her story in weekly posts on CAPA World. An accounting and finance major at University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg, she is studying abroad in Sydney this semester.

In this week's video, Elizabeth tells us what it's like when you get sick abroad and how to cope.


Thanks Elizabeth!

Elizabeth's journey continues here on CAPA World every Monday. Bookmark her profile and stay tuned!

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How to Study Abroad with Type 1 Diabetes

May 25, 2016 8:30:00 AM / by Stephanie Sadler

Ben_Hicks.pngWords by Benjamin Hicks, a CAPA London alum and business administration major from the University of Florida. 

- - -

Living life with Type 1 Diabetes presents some troubles of its own. The disease can act as a deterrent which makes everyday tasks such as eating, sports and sleep more difficult. Managing diabetes is a constant act of balancing doses with your food and activity level, so deciding to study abroad for a Type 1 Diabetic is a big commitment. You’re exposing yourself to a new environment where you're surrounded by strangers and breaking the routine that you’ve become accustomed to.


A routine is important for diabetics because your insulin is dependent on your activities for the day. Studying abroad or even traveling in general will disrupt this routine and present you with new challenges. Planning ahead makes your time abroad a bit easier. There will be factors you don’t prepare for (the tempting pastry shop on the corner, walking home with a friend rather than your usual transportation, etc.) but if your diabetes has taught you anything, it's how to adapt.

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10 Tips for Staying Fit, Healthy & Anxiety-Free Abroad

Oct 27, 2015 1:30:00 PM / by Stephanie Sadler

CAPAStudyAbroad_Florence_Summer2015_From_Kathryn_LanceWords by Kathryn Lance who studied abroad in Florence as a senior from the Texas State University during summer 2015. 

- - -

Fitness is a big part of my daily life. When I found out that I was going to Italy, I became super excited but also somewhat worried. People kept talking to me about the amount of weight I would gain, but not about the experiences I would have. With these comments coming from my friends and family, I began having a lot of anxiety about my trip. Yet after arriving, I discovered some tricks to help with my anxiety and was able to fully enjoy my time in Italy.

1. HYDRATE! DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Make your water bottle your best friend. It should go everywhere you go. All throughout Italy there are multiple water fountains available to fill up your water bottle. My goal each day was to drink around 64 ounces of just water. It may seem like a lot, but the amount you will be walking each day equals lots of sweating.


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